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  1. The book says; "When you are choosing a Slaves to Darkness army, you can decide if it is a Knights of the Empty Throne army and has the Knights of the Empty Throne allegiance instead of another allegiance.." Slaves is an Alleigance, so by me reading you'd lose them. I hope the FAQ clears it up.
  2. I've got the same, they scale well next to Chaos Warriors and Knights. They'll get replaced with a heavily converted mix of Bloodreavers, Kairic Acolytes and Witch Aelves eventually. What does everyone think of the Fist of the Everchosen army? I know its not technically not a Slaves army, but it has the same base pool of units to draw from. The reroll charge command trait as well as the 6" pile in artefact look very strong, is just the tradeoff to get them is massive. You lose allies, the Marks, spells, battleline options and Archaon.
  3. Soulgrinder, Javelins on Marauder Horsemen, maybe something else. Its more a melee oriented army.
  4. How comfortable are you with converting? You can make great blades from the regular kit by cutting the top/bottom off hand weapons and gluing them together. edit: Not mine, but the ones on the left/right
  5. Be'lakor wouldn't get the Warshrine aura as it only affects Mortals sadly.
  6. aosfaq@gwplc.com Its a longshot, but maybe it was a mistake.
  7. I was really surprised it isn't a sub army like Cabalists etc. I did send the FAQ team an email on the off chance it was wrong
  8. I had a think about this army while doing some tedious jobs at work. The summoning potential seems insane, If you put 3 Gaunt Summoners in you can pump out 40 Pink Horrors turn 1, then 10 more each turn. Throw in Bel'akor and Karanak for debuffs and a bit more summoning, 1x10 man unit of Bloodletters, Plaguebearers and Daemonettes for Bel'akor to hang around with. 9 Bloodcrushers to use the command ability on, that leaves 180 points spare. Its stupid and not something i'd ever do, just a bit of fun to think about.
  9. I've been running 15 Chosen with Mark of Khorne backed up by a Khorne Lord. They hit hard, but they aren't easy to reposition and i've struggled with going through screens, which means they normally get hit with whatever is behind. I've changed my army up, but kept 5 in to be backline objective holders that can swing back at any outflanking or teleporting shenannigans. When I run them in the future, I think i'll run them undivided as they normally get targeted. They aren't very tanky so I tend to lose 4 to battleshock a game, I think rerolling 1s isn't worth having 140 points just run away when they could just be immune. edit: Also sod Finecast Mine are a mix of Chaos Knights, Forsaken, miscellaneous bitz and a lot of Greenstuff.
  10. I'll be going, it'll be my first proper 2 day AoS event, I'm not massively experienced but it should be a good laugh. The heresy event last year was really good and the AoS side looked good when I liked my head in there.
  11. So new Warscrolls are up, i'm interested in The Unmade, they've got a small bravery debuff and stop retreats, but the unit leader has 1"/3/4+/3+/-1/2 which is quite nice for what is essentially a chaff unit.
  12. What would you guys say is the best weapon for chaos knights? I've started a Slaves to Darkness army and plan on running at least 10 of them. While the glaiveslook brutal on the charge, hitting on 4s (3+) with a lord on steed using his command ability) seems a bit too swing compared to the ensorcelled weapons.
  13. Where abouts in the world are you? My "local" GW is having it's birthday this weekend (Reading), if you cover postage I'd gladly sell it at retail price. There is also a group on dakkadakka that does this sort of thing, buying exclusives and selling them at retail price plus postage. Also thanks for walking me through the briar queen, it's a shame as she is a lovely model. I may give her a go while I get the other stuff for my list, I've no immediate plans for tournaments or competitive play.
  14. My gaming club is slowly coming around to the idea of AoS, so I want to get one of the armies I brought up to snuff. Moon clan grots seems a bit sparse so I'll leave them be, so ghosts it is. The briar queen seems like a really good caster, cheap and with a good denial spell, is anyone else using her? What second spell would work best on her?
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