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  1. I don't think Beast Breakas will be a sub alleigance, isn't the boss on the Troggoth a Beast Breaka Boss? The other three sound likely and would match the 3 sub alleigances the other Orruk armies got.
  2. Thats simply stunning, all the elements work nicely together.
  3. Generic monsters would be sweet. While i'd like more Kruleboys stuff for my future army, i'd love to see modern GW sculpting a Dragon type creature.
  4. There isn't risk though, they need to be within 9" of a unit that charged. If they're behind a unit of sentinels that got charged they can shoot.
  5. I don't mind this in principle, stuff like Horrors will need an FAQ to address the jank. AoS has a level of abstraction to it already, when a monster hits a unit it can kill models outside of its melee range, but thats fine, but the idea of heavily wounded soldiers rallying for one last push is a bit too far though? Thats present in a lot of fantasy stories as well as recorded historical battles. Its also on 6s so its not as reliable. If unit sizes get smaller as well, there is less potential to bring back models alongside a higher chance of units getting wiped out in the first place.
  6. The issue is that negative modifiers don't matter when you do mortals on unmodified hit rolls of a 6, that would need to change to really change the issues shooting presents.
  7. Back painting the endless tide of Savage Orruks i've had waiting for ages, just getting a bit burned out by them. I might make my third Mega and Kragnos whenever it turns up. Trying to sell my Stormcast and maybe my Slaves to Darkness as i've not played them for ages. Any money from them will be going straight into Kruleboyz. I've tried to keep up with the Warhammer Community, leaks, rumours and whatnot but until its all out any conjecture is a bit moot.
  8. It depends if there is a bonus save reaction and how its worded. If its a +1 to roll or characteristic.
  9. It means armies like Gitz aren't tied to heroes or the Loonshrine. Its nice having a unit leader be more than +1 attack to a melee profile.
  10. It'll mean units like those LRL Archers will have more threat projection unless terrain somehow changes to mitigate LOS ignoring shooting. You lose 2" from the width and 12" from the length, so it'll make outflanking a bit trickier as you'll have less room to position. Objectives will be closer together as well for the same reasons. I'm really intrigued to see how this will change moving forwards, I hope it pushes more combat focussed armies up in viability.
  11. Those trees are so grim, where did you get them?
  12. Ah that was my mistake, I was on about Mighty Destroyers in GA: Destruction.
  13. I had a read of Platic Craic's blog on Kragnos, would he even be able to benefit from GA:Destruction's Big Waagh ability?
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