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  1. The book says; "When you are choosing a Slaves to Darkness army, you can decide if it is a Knights of the Empty Throne army and has the Knights of the Empty Throne allegiance instead of another allegiance.." Slaves is an Alleigance, so by me reading you'd lose them. I hope the FAQ clears it up.
  2. I've got the same, they scale well next to Chaos Warriors and Knights. They'll get replaced with a heavily converted mix of Bloodreavers, Kairic Acolytes and Witch Aelves eventually. What does everyone think of the Fist of the Everchosen army? I know its not technically not a Slaves army, but it has the same base pool of units to draw from. The reroll charge command trait as well as the 6" pile in artefact look very strong, is just the tradeoff to get them is massive. You lose allies, the Marks, spells, battleline options and Archaon.
  3. Soulgrinder, Javelins on Marauder Horsemen, maybe something else. Its more a melee oriented army.
  4. How comfortable are you with converting? You can make great blades from the regular kit by cutting the top/bottom off hand weapons and gluing them together. edit: Not mine, but the ones on the left/right
  5. Be'lakor wouldn't get the Warshrine aura as it only affects Mortals sadly.
  6. aosfaq@gwplc.com Its a longshot, but maybe it was a mistake.
  7. I was really surprised it isn't a sub army like Cabalists etc. I did send the FAQ team an email on the off chance it was wrong
  8. I had a think about this army while doing some tedious jobs at work. The summoning potential seems insane, If you put 3 Gaunt Summoners in you can pump out 40 Pink Horrors turn 1, then 10 more each turn. Throw in Bel'akor and Karanak for debuffs and a bit more summoning, 1x10 man unit of Bloodletters, Plaguebearers and Daemonettes for Bel'akor to hang around with. 9 Bloodcrushers to use the command ability on, that leaves 180 points spare. Its stupid and not something i'd ever do, just a bit of fun to think about.
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