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  1. Those look really good, have you thought about using bones and bits of clubs for old fashioned peglegs for them?
  2. It was taken from a new style instruction book, so pretty much. Unless the Rippafist changes it to a 3+, but we won't know until the book drops.
  3. Thanks! They need a bit of greenstuffing, but its not too hard as the shoulders are mostly covered.
  4. Haha way ahead of you there, I picked up the Snagga box for some more Savage Orruk Brutes, here's the first 3 before I based them. Their arms scale perfectly with Savage Orruk ones, so source those for converting. Edit: before I sold the Squig riders, I noted they're small compared to Gotegruntas. The Nob on Squig is about the same size and bulk of a Goregrunta though, considering you get 1 per box you could easily source a load for a whole unit of Squig riding goregruntas.
  5. Is it a leak if its freely available in a retail box?
  6. That seems pretty solid, hopefully we get more previews.
  7. Thats a fair point, i've got one I haven't used mine yet.
  8. Do Stonehorn Beastriders have much use any more? A Huskard is 10 points more and has some much more utility from mount traits and heroic actions.
  9. Oh the quality of hobby here is so high, this army is amazing.
  10. I'd hold off completely building models until the book drops, everything is so up in the air now. Like other posters have said, 3 sets of Savage Orruks and the Shadespire warband will give enough for a core of an army, i'd personally get that, assemble the command options for 3 units, leave the bodies for Big Stabbas unassembled just to see what changes. Leave the weapons off as well, so when the book does drop you can go with what is solid. That'll give you: Wurrgog Prophet 1 Big Boss from the Shadespire set 4x10 Orruks enough bits to make 20 Orruks, or 6 Big Stabba teams and 8 spare Orruks, if you use the Shadespire models (axe and bow) as unit champions you'll get another 10 man unit. Once the book drops you can glue weapons onto the 40 Orruks depending what is good, then add from there.
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