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  1. Thx but worry not, ironjawz models are great as they are!
  2. thanks a lot! next on the line are the 4 gore gruntas that go with durotan and orgrimn. After that an infernal for guldan (rogue idol) and then a unit of 10 brutes (the 2 big sword will be kind of blademaster)
  3. Long time no see, here is the last of the leaders, Durotan, wich will take the role of a champion of a goregruntas unit all conversed from mourfangs and ogors (in his case again from a tyran t), next will be the 4 other goregruntas 2 will go with durotan and another 2 with orgrim
  4. While i doubt we need to get into nerfs just yet, as i said before, the meta is in a very premature state with very little count of events and with the events been small. But in any case, if nerf is needed it would be on the WLV or the spell in the bottle or the zilfin one trick to place the endless, its just a alpha list that could need to be addressed on the rest we are fine
  5. worst momment for gw to do a meta breakdown, with very little tournaments and very small ones due to covid. That stat list is biased as hell, in fact they should forget about a december point adjustment and ghb 2021 as there wont be enough data to collect. They should focus on making aos 3.0 meanwhile.
  6. Ei mate, can we get a new link, it expired. Thanks!
  7. Exactly, and the charge is considered a move so in that scenarios where you capture after a move, you will be able to meet the requeriments, for example consider this. Green is the objective, Blue square is your unit, red square is an enemy unit and little blue squares are your unit miniatures after doing the charge. In 1 of the scenarios, to capture, you must end a movement 3'' of the objective with a battleline unit, as charge and pile in are valid movements for this, you can charge the enemy unit, leaving the first miniature 0.5'' of distance to the red unit, and then the res
  8. Well the faq says the "this count as their movement text thing" means they did not make a move, independent of if they are or arent in the battlefield. So i would say no, you cant capture the the objectives that need to finish a move to be captured i think :(. This and the fly high and drop the batallion arkanauts needs to get faq fixed, its just stupid imo.
  9. Hi mates, i have a question about the iron sky command attack squadron, what is the general concensus about arkanaut leaving the frigate after flying high. As general FAQ flying high is not a move and vessel doesnt count as moved, since the batallion lets you get arkanauts after frigate has moved then you cant do it after fly high. At least its what i read, have i missed something?
  10. Well guys, im starting with kharadron and i usually read all posts from new codex release till now. I just looked at this post and this guy practically nailed the points changes of ghb 2020 seven months earlier and he got blamed and called things like bad player, i dont usually do this kind of things but i though it was a nice idea to show him some respect, i would like to add that im not looking to make any trouble of discussion, im just recognizing a good eye that was treated badly so at least for me ill say GOOD JOB SIR!
  11. Next on the line: Ner'zhul converted from a normal bonesplitter orruk, this one in going to use it as a wardok or an allied fungoid cave shaman.
  12. Bululu


    I guess the warscroll changed with the last battletome, so what now is perfectly clear maybe wasnt back on that time
  13. Thanks mate, ill get you updated, next on the line is nerzul converted from a bonesplitter!
  14. And mounting on my second mawcrusha, no other than Grommash Hellscream
  15. Lets continue with Orgrim Doomhammer mounted on a Garn Wolf, he will lead a converted unit of 3 goregruntas, this was made using an ogor tyrant and a ogor mourfang.
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