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The Kilrath (A Hinterland Warband)

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The Kilrath of Aqshy

A Hinterland Warband

Chief Gah'err of the Kilrath

The Chief of the Kilrath has taken a dark oath and set out into the Hinterlands of Aqshy to seek his destiny. Eight trials lay before him. But has his path been manipulated by another. 


The Dark Emissary

A twisted oracle of fate whose dark machinations manipulate the Kilrath upon a glorious but damned path. 


Tu'gash the Cannibal

Ravaged by hazards of Aqshy and driven to madness Tu'gar follows the Kilrath feeding like a scavenging carrion on the carcasses left in the tribes wake. 


Kha'a'a Khak'hyshk

From out of the ash wastes he stakes a savage daemonic beast. A twisted brutal thing not of this realm. Pity his prey for he is said to devour their very soul. 


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A bestial hound faced Khornegor who smashes weakling foes aside with his brutal hammer



Tattered remnants of a dueling shirt and his vicious skill with the ancient blade he wields speak of a past life before he was cursed by the foul taint of Chaos. 



The ungor runt Cur'pug is constantly tormented and beaten by his twisted kin. Though they do not risk killing him for he bears the Mark of Khorne upon his brow and has been blessed by the touch of chaos.


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Drayfor the Prophet of Aqshy

This mad prophet wanders the Hinterlands of Aqshy shouting up at the fiery skies with praise to the god of war. The ashen wastes have taken a toll on his body and his mind for he has seen things beyond mortal dreams in the flickering flames.


Khuhord the Collector   

For every worthy kill the Kilrath make they take the skull of the fallen warrior to be offered up in worship to Khorne. It is Khuhord who collects the skulls of the fallen after battle and carries them into the next as a warning to all who doubt the slaying arm of Chief Gah'err and the Kilrath.


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2 hours ago, WilliamMatthews said:

Just listening to the song now. Know what you mean, it does really fit.

Right?  GWAR is my go-to musical inspiration for warhammer, equally good for orks or chaos.  Let's just hope Oderus Urungus doesn't come back from the dead to eat your ungor with a worm for an arm.  His face is blistered and furry - but not without charm!

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