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Found 30 results

  1. Starting a progress log for my Hinterland Chaos war band for our upcoming campaign. My starting list is a pair of goblin brothers(one mutated) which counts as a Spoilpox Scrivner, a Black Orc who has turned to Chaos which counts as a chaos warrior, a pair of Skaven clanrats, a pair of Chaos Dwarf Fireglaives, and a Bray Shaman. First up is the first four models. Only one I've started to pain so far is the first of the Clanrats.
  2. I've started setting up the third season(campaign) of Hinterlands locally(DFW area). So far we've had a decent showing of players who really appreciate the pseudo-Mordheim feel combined with the fast pace of the game. Here is the campaign intro, primer, and first battle plan of seven(last one is a large scale multiplayer battle). I'll be posting the battle plans as I release them and if anyone is interested I can link the files for the 1st and 2nd Season. Cheers! Intro: “The bounties have been posted; the targets listed; and the hunters, trappers, and beast-masters have headed the calls. From all planes warbands have converged on Ghur to trap the most exotic and priceless creatures at the behest of a mysterious patron. Misgivings have been dissolved with either initial payments of treasure; ur-gold, shadeglass, or realm Stone; trained advisors; or additional gear. The Gnawing Sea, already suffused with deadly magics and crawling with dangerous predators, now becomes the battleground for your warbands who seek glory, money, and blood. Overcome obstacles, capture your prey, and stand atop the bodies of your enemies in the realm of beasts!” Battleplan: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13HvrOz6UIMx3d6ddZWb0CFx8ts_9BVZPb2zYYr5YhXk/edit?usp=sharing Primer: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13erkoBftCoEMCAwV9_ki6jFNzCNAgl6x0c-ehYBW9V8/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Just thought I'd set up a page for the Shardsfall Ruleset. So you can post up warbands, let me know what you think of the rules which were very inspired the Hinterlands rules by bottle, and the Mordheim rules of old. Im currently working on an expanded exploration chart, as well as warbands like the old Mordheim warbands (mainly due to the massive changes to Warhammer/AoS) though these may not neccessarily be needed. Hope you all enjoy the rules, let me know if you have any suggestions! Useful Links My thanks to bottle for the Shardsfall Banner
  4. Hello all, I used to host LoTR events down here in Sussex, but have since moved onto AoS. I think the skirmish format is brilliant, and is a very appealing alternative to the typical 2000pt affair we see at most events. A skirmish event means that list building is simpler (and less restrictive), transporting your army is easier, and you can steer your ship in a different direction as the event goes on by recruiting different units between each round. I'm confident in my ability to find a venue, throw together a brilliant event pack, and get drunk with everyone after the event. My only hang up is that I have no clue as to whether or not people are as passionate as I am about the format, much less as to whether or not people would want to travel down to Brighton/Hove for a skirmish campaign. For those of you who never gave skirmish a go, it is a very different experience to typical AoS, and it has a funny meta in which you have a surprising amount of options. A few examples I've seen are; investing everything in one huge model, building a small horde to drown people out, or maximizing equipment options by taking lots of different models from different units. There are some balance issues (you can theoretically take as many night goblins with nets as you want for 1 point each), but we can hammer those out when the time for balancing the format comes. In the interest of creating a diverse meta, the event would support every single warscroll in the game. The way to calculate skirmish points is simply to double the matched play points value and then divide the result by 10. Starting with 35 points seems like a good idea, as it still makes hiring a bastiladon a far fetched dream, but also means that people can play ogors without being priced out of taking a hero. I am a strong supporter of event exclusive rules and out-of-game exercises that affect the campaign, so feel free to spitball ideas if you like to toy with those sort of concepts. If this event sounds like something you would theoretically want to attend, please respond with your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you for your time!
  5. I've started building a small warband based around a knight questor and his retinue of followers,minstrels, squires and scribes. I wanted him to have an old school heraldic knight look, as if he's been away from his storm host for many many years and has taken to the questing life completely. I'm hoping to run a small AOS skirmish campaign in the vein of INQ28 or inquisimunda using either the regiment of renown rules or the hinterlands rules. Let me know what you think and i'll post more as it goes.
  6. bottle

    AoS Skirmish Warband

    Here's my AoS Skirmish warband that will be appearing on Warhammer Live this Wednesday (the 17th of May)! One of dozens of warbands I have planned... AoS Skirmish is gonna be a blast! - painted by bottle
  7. Hi all I'm a slow painter but these days I found a club where I can paint at least once a week and I finally made a few progress on various mini waiting for a long time. First, my Blood Warriors from the Storm of Sigmar box. As an eternal Slaanesh follower, I converted them a bit to become Slaaneshi enslavers :
  8. 70 Renown Khorne Bloodbound Warband.
  9. Hi all, I'm hoping to bounce a few ideas with you fine internet peepz. I'm looking to drag a mate of mine kicking and screaming into the hobby. So a cool summer campaign should do the trick. I first wanted to do the skirmish campaign, but having played it I found the upgrade system a bit lacking. At least it didn't make me love my hero. So then I thought what about Path to glory? Very cool.. except only fun if you play the same faction (the current version can be so insanely unbalanced between factions). Hinterlands? Even cooler but ends up with a lot of paperwork after 3 or 4 games for a new player. (Personally like the depth that it adds but... also know my boy ) And both skirmish and Hinterlands don't build up to a full game experience. So I threw everything I liked together into a blender and I love to hear your thoughts! (this is my concept in a nut shell and if other people like the concept i'll write it out in depth). I had some extra thoughts marked with an asterix. Not sure if it's too much or a fun extra. First three games! Hinterlands... - Both players start with 10 Clanrats that are numbered and the goal is to discover what clan your hero belongs to. Hidden in an envelope their is a list which number corresponds with the different clans. (2 Moulder/Skryre/Eshin/Master/Verminus). - The first scenario is to learn the rules, second and third offer you the chance to discover the clan of a couple of rats. Level the rats through the Hinterlands level system and you can recycle every rat but it then loses it's experience) - After the third game you choose a rat to be your hero, reveal the clan and turn the rat into the hero of that clan. All skills or injuries are carried over. * Maybe choose two lieutenants, reveal their clan and note their level. Next three to six games! Skirmish... - Both players start with their hero and 10 Renown/*the two lieutenants turn into a clans unit champion. - All upgrades for the leader are carried over until the next phase. - The winner of the campaign gets a small advantage for the next campaign and all upgrades are carried over. ( i'm thinking in the theme of the rats that the winner can trade a lieutenant as he betrays his master) * The lieutenants can add to their levels in some way. note them down. Path to glory! - Just a regular campaign with the following exceptions - Both players start with their Path to Glory with their hero including all magic items and upgrades. (extra command abilities become a roll on the chaos command table) - Maybe ending the final game as the old chaos PtG with the champion turning into a Verminlord. * The lieutenants get their very own unit to run. Every level (or two) turns into a roll on the unit table to represent their champions skill. I'm a planning to play every set of games before fully fleshing out the details of the next set of games. Depending on the enthousiasme, speed of play and our time limits we may add more games, more points and the like. The backstory will develop from play but in essence it's two rivaling litters of 10 rats with all the bloodshed and treachery involved in that. Sorry for the wall of text and love your dedication for reading this far
  10. The Kilrath of Aqshy A Hinterland Warband Chief Gah'err of the Kilrath The Chief of the Kilrath has taken a dark oath and set out into the Hinterlands of Aqshy to seek his destiny. Eight trials lay before him. But has his path been manipulated by another. The Dark Emissary A twisted oracle of fate whose dark machinations manipulate the Kilrath upon a glorious but damned path. Tu'gash the Cannibal Ravaged by hazards of Aqshy and driven to madness Tu'gar follows the Kilrath feeding like a scavenging carrion on the carcasses left in the tribes wake. Kha'a'a Khak'hyshk From out of the ash wastes he stakes a savage daemonic beast. A twisted brutal thing not of this realm. Pity his prey for he is said to devour their very soul.
  11. This was an idea for a Hinterlands setting which is actually close to Shadespire, in the Petrified Mountains. It was essentially a city during the Age of Myth that lies within Shyish, an was a popular stopping point for merchants heading to Shadespire from the Petrified Mountains. It was prosperous, until a warband of Khorne Bloodbound swept through it, killing everyone. Here is a bit of cinematic flair from the Storyteller's perspective: "Back during the Age of Myth, the Petrified Road was a long and arduous trek through the appropriately named Petrified Mountains, though, many who made the trek were rewarded for their efforts by gazing upon the City of Spirits, Kalii. Kalii was a popular stop for the many merchant caravans heading to and from Shadespire through the Petrified Mountains, a bustling settlement as far as I could see. They paid their respects to Nagash and he let them be for the most part, a fair trade I say. Kalii was the shining jewel in the mountains, and all who lived there knew prosperity. Then..unfortunately, came the Age of Chaos, and with it, the Goretides of Khorne. In merely a day and night they swept through the city, killing everything they found, and eventually, nothing was left except the few that hid in the deepest crevasses. When they emerged, they had seen their city in ruins, their kin slaughtered, and their prosperity fading away to the annals of time. Now the only thing left are Grots, Orruks and Ogors fighting the descendents of the survivors, backward tribals who pine for a past they no longer remember, for scraps of a dead civilization. A pity really, but so to all who perished in that savage age..." I was inspired by pictures of the city of Cappadocia in Turkey, and I hope that I could find time someday to recreate the city in miniature terrain form. But for now, these pictures and my imagination will have to do....as for the Storyteller, he is primed and ready for paint, I'll try and get to him this weekend. Until then, this is Nash, signing off.
  12. Hey everyone, on the 17th of May you've got to scrap all your plans and make sure you tune into Warhammer Live! Why? Not only will you get the first peak at the incredibly exciting new game that is AoS SKIRMISH, you'll also get to see bottle live on air playing the first games of it! It's going to be my Freeguild no-for-goods (and perhaps some other Order mixed in) up against Ben Johnson's Flesh Eater Courts, so it should be a thrilling game as well as a chance to see the new Skirmish rules in action. If you're a TGA member and a subscriber to Warhammer Live, make sure you shout out in the chat box too. Hope to see you all there! twitch.tv/warhammer
  13. bottle

    Greywater Rifles

    3 Handgunners I converted up ready for going out onto Warhammer Live this Wednesday (17th May) to play AoS Skirmish!
  14. bottle

    Greywater Rifles

    3 Handgunners I converted up ready for going out onto Warhammer Live this Wednesday (17th May) to play AoS Skirmish!
  15. As the rules are written, can you split your attacks between multiple models in range in Hinterlands, or can a given model only target one opponent per combat phase?
  16. South London Legion - Narrative 2017 ─ Background Gael moved along the walkway, being mindful of the slippery wood. A fall from this height may not be deadly, but he would be hard pushed to escape the swamp waters below. During the dry seasons, the forest floor would be covered in foliage, fruits and grazing animals, but the wet season saw the area for leagues around flooded. The tribe’s Elders had said this was the longest Rain Season in a Generation, it was not uncommon for the area to have Rain that lasted a few months, but the this Rain had been going for 900 days now. Gael had almost forgotten what it was like to feel grass between his toes. If it wasn’t for the Sky Folk the tribe would be forced to migrate away from the area, but an agreement made generations before had made it possible for the tribe to survive these long Rain Seasons, and this one was no different. In return for food and supplies, the tribe would harvest the algae from the swamps below. The Duardin paid well for the algae, Gael had been told it was used as a lubricant in the Endrins of the sky ships. This Rain Season had been good business for the Tribe, and now Gael had something else to sell, information. Two days before there had been a landslide to the North of Horn Mountain. Not unusual for the area, but this one had been so large it took a large portion of the forest with it, including some of the Tribe’s stores. When help had finally reached the area, it wasn’t just the cleanup operation that greeted them. Staring out from the mountain side was an eye of something absolutely monumental in size, something that had remained hidden for so long had now been uncovered. But what was it? Scene The Stories of this Hinterland campaign take place in the Realm of Ghur (Beasts), around the body of a Godbeast. Nothing is known about the beast, where it came from, how long it had been there, but it is many hundreds of km tall and has infused the area with unknown magical power. Unknown riches await those brave enough to stake a claim. Rules All the rules and battleplans from Hinterlands are being used, you can find them on the TGA Forums, here. Any unpainted MODELS do not receive XP. If no fluff is written for your Warband, you do not receive any of the ‘Campaign Outcomes’ from the battleplans. Each week, a small amount of fluff should be written to continue your Warband’s Story. You must see 50% or more of the model to be able to target a model with shooting or a spell. Conclusion At the conclusion of the Hinterlands campaign, the club will be moving to a Path to Glory campaign. Your General, will continue with the Stats it has gained during the Hinterland Campaign. If you have 3 models from the same unit, you may take a full unit of these in your Path to Glory. For Example, if your Hinterlands Warband has 3 Bloodreavers, this will translate into a Squad of 10 for Path to Glory. If you have 6 Bloodreavers, you can take one Squad of 20 Bloodreavers.
  17. Hello TGA! I'm pretty new to the forum but not new to Warhammer, I collected and played WHFB from '04 until the End Times. Lately I've been mostly involved with 40K and INQ28 but my first love has always been in the background. So a while ago I pulled my old Empire army out of retirement and started looking at what I could do with it. First thing I want to show you are some models I converted with the intention of using them for Mordheim but that didn't catch on with my wargaming friends. However there seems to be some interest in the Hinterlands ruleset so these guys will hopefully see some action soon: Stay tuned to see some of them painted...
  18. Hello everyone! Felt in love with the Hinterlands and AoS28 theme. As a long date 40k player and 3 editions trying to assemble a fantasy army, this could be just what I needed to finally get in. Hope to start something soon, but in no rush, as my main goal are the models, not the game.
  19. urion

    Azoth the Black

    This is Azoth the Black, Chaos Lord of Tzeentch. He is the co-leader of my Hinterlands warband. I converted him using parts from a Stormcast Eternal and a Tzaangor.
  20. Hello everyone. I am new to the community, but not to AoS. I am currently playing AoS and AoS: Hinterlands in my local community. I have a Hinterlands campaign going right now and I also play regular AoS, mostly 1000 point games though. I am working on two Chaos armies as well as a Death army. I am also in the process of rebasing a Nurgle army that consist entirely of metal chaos miniatures from the 80's, with a scratch built war altar thrown in for good measure. I recently collected and painted it for playing 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle, but it turned out to not be to my liking so I am converting it over. I enjoy the AoS28 aesthetic very much and also enjoy gritty and realistic paintjobs. I consider myself more of a painter/modeler than a player.
  21. urion

    Tzeentchian Warband

    Here is my Tzeentchian warband for AoS: Hinterlands. The leader is Aeos'aelios, the Summoner, followed by Azoth the Black, lord of chaos, Zer Zeki, chaos warrior, Greygav, Tzaangor, and Ippix, the Horror.
  22. -=- The soldier in front of Arkos screamed, whether in fear or rage he could not tell, and lunged at him with a spear. The point glanced harmlessly off the towering knight's tarnished golden armour, and Arkos's eyes narrowed in cold contempt as he stepped towards the man, swinging one of his two hammers, the narrow, blunt edge of the weapon crashed into his enemy's helmet, crushing it like paper and instantly killing the man with a satisfying wet crunch. Shoving the corpse out of his way, Arkos surveyed the scene of carnage before him, as his brothers in arms finished off the last remnants of the village militia. Screams and smoke filled the air, and behind the flames of a burning hovel, he saw one of the pack of raiders that followed him roaring with laughter as he chased a peasant woman. Arkos shuddered, the scene before him vanishing as he remembered another time, a different screaming, one of an adulating crowd as he was first presented with the weapons he had just used so brutally against his own people. He had been a different man then, so innocent, so naive. Men had called him a hero, the greatest knight in the realm. He had spent his life fighting to hold back the endless tides of darkness that threatened the kingdom he served. Fought battles and slain monsters and daemons. When the Storm of Sigmar had come, it had seemed that hope at last could bloom. But the shining Stormcast Eternals had come and gone like the lightning they rode, appearing for a brief instant, leaving just a dazzling afterimage of their passing. To celebrate the newfound hope these heroes had brought, Arkos' king had commissioned a new suit of gilded armour, and a pair of elegant hammers to mimic the appearance of these heavenly knights. Before the gathered city, his king had knelt and presented them to him, proclaiming that he, Arkos, was the liberator of his people. Arkos could recall happier moments of his old life. His marriage. The birth of his daughter. But not a prouder one, as he stood before the crowd in his dazzling new armour. He shuddered as the vision passed, and the burning, hellish vision before him came back into focus. He wondered if these vivid recollections were a punishment from heaven, or a twisted torment from his new dark masters. It did not matter, not anymore. That man had died years ago, when he has broken the sacred oaths he had sworn. When he had embraced survival, at any cost. Even his soul. Striding forward, Arkos casually stove in the chest of a wounded child who lay screaming in the mud. The destruction of this village would sate the appetites of his men for now, but he was in no mood to waste time indulging in diversions. There could be no rest for him, not any more. On the horizon, many leagues distant, azure lightning crackled across the stormy sky, and Arkos shuddered. -=- So Age of Sigmar Hinterlands really caught my eye a month or so back. I like the AoS rules and setting, but don't really plan of getting any large armies for it. Small skirmish games are my jam though, so Hinterlands provides the perfect excuse to paint some randoms. Dunno if I'll get a chance to ever play with them, but I've never let that stop me. So, anyway, I dug out some old Chaos looking dudes I've had for years and painted one tonight. Wasn't really sure about the colours, but they're growing on me. Thoughts? Opinions? I wanted to give the impression of fallen knights whose armour and weapons was reminiscent of the Stormcast. Presenting Sir Arkos the Golden, Forsworn and Oathbreaker - Exalted Hero of Chaos Feedback and critique always welcome
  23. Hi all. I'm planning on running a Hinterlands Campaign day in May, playing through all five of the scenarios in the pack. To help with planning the timings for the day, can anyone offer advice as to average game length for the various battleplans? I'll have played through each of them at least a couple of times before the event, although not enough to get a sense of how long each 'should' take to play. Any advice/ thoughts greatly appreciated.
  24. Below is a photo of my WIP Glade Lord turned Vampire conversion and my progress on his base. Used some Slyvaneth parts to help keep it in keeping with both the wood elf and Vampire vibe, the main part of the model is the Eldar Visarch which is about a head taller than a normal elf but i thought this would make him more imposing and also given that the rest of the warband is made up of beasts i'm not sure how much more noticeable it'll actually be.
  25. I've recently been really inspired to start up a warband for AOS28/Hinterlands and even more so as a few friends have shown an interest! This topic will act as a combined narrative/fluff/painting/modelling progress log. I really wanted to play something of a papal type force that is quite clearly corrupt but holds power over the masses and warring houses of the region. So here goes: The Background: During the Age of Chaos, the city state of Virelli stood firm against the evil outside its walls but found itself on the brink of implosion. Power hungry nobles, bitter family rivalries, greed, lust and arrogance made Virelli a breeding ground for pleasure cults and chaos worshippers. These emerging cults grew ever bold; in some districts even practising their dark rituals openly in the streets. Salvation came in the direst hour from the holy order of Sigmar; men of purity, steel and fire. The order, which traditionally kept out of the state politics marched upon the council of nobility and forcefully demanded a directive be signed that handed immediate powers to the order’s Arch Lector. Having assumed the title of Lector Magnifico, the city state’s new supreme leader declared martial law, unleashing bands of witch hunters and holy warriors to burn and purify all those found, or even suspected to be in league with chaos. Now, at the dawn of the Age of Sigmar, the wider peninsula has been liberated by the stormhosts, but even after a century of aggressive witch hunts within the city state, the taint of chaos remains in the darkest corners of Virelli. The saviours have become the tyrants, as each subsequent Lector Magnifico sought to strengthen the position of the order of Sigmar under the guise of the holy mission. In truth, power has corrupted the order; any who question the Lector Magnifico’s divine authority are quickly put to the sword, tried as heretics or dispatched in the shadows
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