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Realms at War: Legends - RAW16

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Following on from the hugely successful Realms at War:Legends (#RAW16) event in November 2016, EATMingsFoote thought that we would share some photos of the event.  We have found that AoS allows the creation of lush, elaborate tables full of all sorts of scenery, terrain and other features and this inspired us to create small parts of five of the Mortal Realms over which the players battled for two days.

We will be releasing a series of posts dealing with each of the realms individually.  These posts will include photos of the table after they were set up, some in game photos and also the Times of War that we wrote for each realm.    We hope that these are interesting and useful.  More info is on our RAW HQ page on TGA here: 

We're always more than happy to talk about RAW or anything to do with AoS so please feel free to message on TGA or for a quicker response, on twitter.  We hope everyone enjoys this thread!

Jimbo (@jimbo9jimbo)

Ming @Thornshield (@Thornshield)

Mitzy @Mitzy (@EATBATSMitzy)

Steve @Devilreefman (@tinracersteve)

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Ghur - The Realm of Beasts - Primordial Heartlands

The first area to be visited is the Primordial Heartlands which are part of the mortal realm of Ghur and comprise (from foreground to background) the Outer Cradle of Beasts, the Inner Cradle of Beasts, the Orruk Encampment and Frost-Skull Valley.






Those bison were to cause all sorts of realmgate fun over the weekend!!


Order vs Chaos in the Orruk Encampment!


The Stormcasts' Legend is supported by his cohort as he takes on the Sons of Behemat!


Big bones!


This leyline is mine!

Finally, the Time of War for Ghur is here ToW_Beasts.pdf








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Ghyran - The Realm of Life - Verdhyran Gorge

Blessed with wondrous blooms, giant verdant forests and lustrous vegetation, Verdhyran Gorge is a quiet corner of Alarielle's land.  Plant growth is unnaturally fast and the inhabitants which farm the lands have never known anything other than feast.  However, all is not as it first seems and there are hidden things which wish to remain out of sight.

Verdhyran Gorge comprises of four areas; Ghyranchester Village and Ghyranchester Farmlands at one end and The Skyoak at the other.  They are separated by The Lost Valley, a hidden enclave accessible only by narrow cracks in the valley wall; at least, only if you want to travel there on foot.


Part of Ghyranchester Village with the Farmlands beyond.


The Farmlands are completed walled in.... or are they?


A stubborn adventurer could traverse the fractures in the vertical rock face and encounter The Lost Valley. 


Beyond the Lost Valley, the Skyoak floats serenely in the air, a never ending waterfall cascading from its roots, feeding the lands around.



The Lost Valley is a treacherous place to be.


The Stormcast are ambushed from behind by a mangler squig appearing through a realm gate!


The Skaven lurk in the hay bales but have the Flamers have seen them?  This might not be the best place to hide. 


The Orruks are surprised by a hungry spider.


The villagers flee their homes just in time to escape the clash between the royal legion of Death and the filthy followers of Chaos.


Time to team up!

And finally, the Time of War ToW_Life.pdf



Edited by Jimbo
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Aqshy - The Realm of Fire - Urodela Plateau

A scorched and blasted land, Urodela Plateau is a heavily scarred landscape which has been moulded by recent volcanic activity.   The former township has been blasted to rubble by the eruption of a huge volcano in its' midst.  Little evidence of the former structures is left and much of the plateau lies within the wide-rimmed crater.  Cracks and fissures expose flowing lava and volcanic bombs are launched from the many smokers that dot the land.  Urodela Plateau is much more desolate and sparse realm than Ghur or Ghyran but it is an extremely dangerous place to be.

The Plateau comprises four areas; the Western Ruins, the Western Caldera, the Eastern Caldera and the Eastern Ruins.


The caldera in the centre divides the ruins of the former township.


The Western Ruins


More Western Ruins


The Eastern Ruins are in the foreground


The edge of the caldera - inside, jagged fissures expose the molten rock.




More smokers!



The Stormcast Chamber make their stand!


Chaos and Death clash over unstable ground


Destruction destroy!


It's getting hot in heere

And finally, the Time of War ToW_Fire.pdf


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Shyish - The Realm of Death - The Endless Deserts (created by @Mengel Miniatures)

Sand and dust.  It appears that the Endless Deserts are barren but there is more than first meets the eye...

The Temple of the Lost Gods is a place of desolation.  Ancient ruins are scattered through the region, jutting through the sandscape.  These relics are assumed to be places of worship for the long dead Tomb Kings.  The scattered stone buildings lead out to a part of the desert through which the River of Souls passes.  What flows along this river is not water but the ethereal remnants of doomed souls from the Mortal Realms.

A long deceased Pharaohs barge lies landlocked across the River and is another monument of times past.   Beyond the River of Souls, this region opens up to the Shifting Sands, a vast expanse of dunes which cascade across the land.  In the centre of the sand sea, the dune waves break and crash up against a wizards tower, which defies logic and remains standing in spite of the continuous battering it suffers.  

Some of those who escape the Shifting Sands may find themselves on a dusty path in the Blighted Isle.  This arrow straight route leads not to salvation but through all manner of tombs, crypts and burial sites where various creatures have been laid, but rest they do not.

Few will survive in the Endless Deserts...


The Temple of the Lost Gods


The River of Lost Souls


The Shifting Sands


The entrance to The Blighted Isle


The Blighted Isle


The Seraphon protect the temple


What kind of alliances are happening here?


Squeek squeek 


The malignants and their cohorts rise to fight off the destruction force


This Gaunt Summoner claims these tombs and a very nice tape measure

And finally, The Time of War ToW_Death.pdf


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That river is inspired! Well done on everything but that river though ?

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Wow this is amazing, I'd seen some pictures on twitter but awesome to see the full display

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These pictures don't even do the tables justice. It was almost surreal. Great job guys. Can't wait until next year!

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@Jimbo - Wow! Great pics, really enjoyed looking through them and reminiscing...so much so I even braved doing it on my screen (albeit it minimized!) at work haha ;) 

Really liked the photos of my army on that lava mat. Would you be able to tweet/text me them please?

Roll on #RAW17


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Ulgu - The Realm of Shadows - The Penumbral Pass

Unstable is the best description of the Realm of Shadows and the Penumbral Pass is no stranger to both the effects of powerful geological forces and also the bizarre actions of some of its more unhinged inhabitants.  Upon entering the pass, a wanderer would find the Gloomrift Vale which was until recently a sparsely wooded grassland.  Lately, both the Inner and Outer parts of the Vale have been torn and moulded by unseen hands resulting in giant chasms, cliffs and rifts.  Some chunks of earth and rock even float high up in the smoky air; held aloft by unseen energies and gently rotating in the gusting winds.

Beyond the Vale and behind their great defensive wall, dwell the inhabitants of Mitzmanheim.  There is no settlement in any realm which has suffered more than Mitzmanheim.   It has been built, destroyed and rebuilt many times over - each time the residents pray to their gods that this will be last time.  It never is despite the huge number of rituals undertaken and human, animal and, where possible, daemonic entities that are sacrificed in the Temple of Bartholom.  



The Gloomrift Vale in the foreground with Mitzmanheim and the Temple of Batholom in the background.


Some land has detached itself like an iceberg, but rests gently above the Vale floor.



The walls of Mitzmanheim are tall, wide and stong.  But are they strong enough?


Mitzmanheim itself.  Recent skirmishes have left their bloody signatures


The Temple of Bartolom


Can the Aelven airforce reach the higher ground?


Of course it can!


This is no place for an elephant to hide!


Multi-level fighting!


Double Dragon


Matzmanheim's street sweepers will need to bring in the corpse cart again this evening


The Aeleves keep a careful eye on the 'shotglasses o'fun'

And finally, the Time of War ToW_Shadow.pdf



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Well that's the last of the Mortal Realms which were visited during the #RAW16 event.  I really hope everyone has enjoyed seeing how we tried to bring the realms to the tabletop and if we're really lucky, we will have inspired some of you try out a narrative event or even become a Narrative Event Organiser (NEO)!  

If anyone is interested, or has any questions, please feel free to contact any of the four of us!  Twitter is usually the best medium.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to @Bishmeister who provided the Mitzmanheim city walls and to @Mengel Miniatures for permitting us to use the Endless Deserts and for helping the the Shyish ToW.

We're looking forward to #RAW17 now!  At this time, we can't release any details but I can say that it will be bigger and there will be info coming out soon.  




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