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  1. I heard about (Warhammer Tv's) Diarmuid's moonclan from Shyish idea which sounds pretty fun. Has he posted pictures anywhere?
  2. The white dwarf scans leaked make nurgle seem pretty interesting! The tree gives run and charge within 7" and we have some kind of summoning allegiance ability where we earn points based on where our units are (points for in our territory, points for in their territory, points if no enemy models near our tree)
  3. Has anyone started a nurgle whatsapp group yet <.<
  4. So amazing, I'm hoping nurgle doesn't get as popular as Tzeetch though I guess the more battletomes there are the more people will spread out.
  5. Hoping the flying nurgling we saw might have something to do with the fly sacs on those trees
  6. He's pretty good for 200 points, though I feel like new beasts (hoping on updated rules) will see that 200 points justified a bit more. He is 3+ save with a 5+, and isn't a behemoth/monster so scores/heals a lot in duality of death (or whatever the hero one is), and can get cover saves. He's pretty choppy (but don't rely on him to clear something, mine has fluffed dice rolls A LOT)
  7. Saw that also Would be nice if it was a slip of things to come, but just as likely it was a mistake or someone not massively into nurgle wrote it. I'd originally thought they would have a spell each also!
  8. Miniwargaming reviewed the new DG codex and put this picture up from the book as they talked about the Beasts of Nurgle!
  9. I'm really excited for the Nurgle release! It's not going to be that big a release it seems, so I wish people would just be happy for other players. Kharadron hasn't been out that long! How often do you think GW should release an army with your interests specifically
  10. Looks awfully similar to the teethy rumour engine post?
  11. That's interesting actually, rereading the spell it needs to be wounds of mortal wounds so battleshock wouldn't work? Or do we have access to abilities that damage people in the battleshock phase? Worth pointing out that Horticulus can cause wounds in the movement phase, and some of the big beasts in the charge phase!
  12. He looks amazing, I'm just starting but my more nurgly friend has made good use of him! He says you just need to commit though. Seems like it would be great for VS Sylvaneth and other elite armies
  13. Thanks for the post I was wondering too. Ben, I only use it for the updates and lower net use (less pictures) but maybe that's a way forward. The mobile experience has been nice while it is down!
  14. Just baseless rumours... But sounds awesome.
  15. https://ttgamingdiary.wordpress.com/2017/08/30/review-blightwar/ For the impatient, this guy actually went through everything in the box already! There is a formation with Horticulus and 1 unit of everything in the box that gives the units rerolling 1s to hit, and brings back D3 blaguebearers a turn. Comes in at 180 points for matched play, might be good if you scale up those unit sizes!
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