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TOW 1.0 - High Elves

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Was an 1000 points intro game.

(I won, but it was funny with absurdly brave Goblins, a fiery convocation eradicated half his black orks. From there on he was losing hard). His Black Ork Boss killed my hero on Griffon 👌🏻

My horses killed more Black Orks than my regular troops 🤣

some images :)


my phone messed up the order if images x_X




















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So I'm currently doing a little project on making some high elves with some 3d print models I want an excuse to use and doing some conversions and getting use out of lumineth bits as I love some of their models and aesthetic but are far more likely to utilise them in ToW than AoS.

Anyway I'm currently trying to get an idea for which units are really worth looking at as the high elves seem quite different to the bretonnians or chaos that I've played games with. I'm assuming it's best to feature a variety of the different specialist units in lists rather than going heavy on one particular route. In terms of princes/nobles, I was thinking a nagarythe theme might fit what I'm going for but I'm not sure how worth their particular virtue is considering it loses the ability to utilise mounts. I'm not sure if the heroes will hold up too well as foot units.

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High elves are an elite army akind to a glass cannon : they're certainly one of the armies that suffer the most from good shooting armies like dwarves and Empire. Heroes on foot aren't necessarily bad, they just play differently than your almost mandatory prince on dragon (because he's an absolute beast :P ). The main issue is that high elves are expensive and you have rarely the opportunity to take a lot of heroes in comparison to other numerous factions like Empire and goblins.

Nagarythe's style is about skirmish. They rather ambush and trap the enemy than fighting them straight front on the battlefield. That doesn't mean they can't have repeater bolt throwers, archers, spearmen and silverhelms like the other provinces (those units are all present in all the Ulthuan provinces, because it's tied to their universal levy system), but obviously their armies are more based on their shadow warriors than anything else. Not all nagarythe nobles need to take the shadow stalker honour, actually : only those who want to fight like shadow warriors. So you can use mounts if you don't take a elven honour (it's not mandatory, it's just an option) or the Pure of Heart one (it's not tied to a province in particular). If you want to have a nagarythe hero leading your spearmen / silverhelm units, you can do it without breaking its theme : even if Nagarythe is a desolated province and there are plenty of shadow warrior camps in it, they still have villages and cities that demand more regular militia / nobles to protect / manage them. Not all elves from Nagarythe are shadow warriors.

Edit : if you want more information about Nagarythe and what are its official province colors, this page has some :
https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Nagarythe - and it used some pages from official Battle supplement about the different provinces of Ulthuan and their regiment colors (it was such a great book, very inspiring) : that's where we know Nagarythe isn't just populated with shadow warriors. :P

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I don't think we're gonna see Eltharion. Story is focused on the Old World and I'm not sure if he ever left Ulthuan (except to raid Naggarond). I think Lothern Sea Company is more probable. The other one could be "Envoys of the Phoenix King".

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High Elf Sea Patrol makes sense with the focus on Old World. I certainly do hope for the return of the Merwyrm FW miniature.


Maybe having a miniature of Sea Lord Aislinn - he should be able to be around in that time period.

For the other, maybe a high elf colony garnison.

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