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The Painting Contract - November 2021


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So since I was able to finish my pledge a bit early (and since I’m currently stuck home with one of nurgles many blessings) I was able get some painting done on my converted Clawlord on brood horror (or verminlord warbringer? In matched play)


He isn’t quite yet finished, but at least he looks quit decent for a battle ready painted model.

Although I will keep working on him.




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I wanted to explore a few different materials, so I made a sniper. I have no use for a sniper.





I'm no fan of the brown moss thing, but really like the wiry plants.

I wasn't in a good place this month, so I didn't commit to the projects I wanted or any larger projects. I did paint about 20 cultists, 15 civilians and some 20 monsters (gnolls, orcs, goblins etc) to keep my mind from wandering.

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Didnt get to finish the Squig Hoppers this month so i will try to finish them next month. I did manage to get a game in with me playing GSG vs Nighthaunt (i own both armies). I did get destroyed but it was fun. My Dankhold Troggoth got erased by a unit of Spirit Hosts rolling 10 6's out of 18 attacks before rerolls. Also set up a table with trees i gathered from a model train store and some rocks i build myself (still need some more paint). It was the first time i got something nice set up at my own place, really happy about that. 





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Very successful month, painted up 7 Necrons Warriors, 2 Bloodreavers and finished up a Canoptek Spyder. I also built a unit each of skullreapers and wrathmongers plus I built the 3 skorpekhs, plasmacyte and necrons overlord as promised, I also got all my models primed that hadn't been already, that's not pictured here though because it's lame. I'm pleased with how the necrons are turning out, this was my first time painting 40k model's and I made my own color scheme as well.



All in all, a great month, on to December!

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