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Any tips on dealing with Orruk Brutes?


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Hi, as the title says, I'm looking at how best to deal with Brutes with my LoN army. I'm wondering if my best bet is swarming them with skeletons in order to bog them down for as long as possible or whether I'd just go down faster like that?

My list is roughly:

  • Prince Vhordrai,
  • 2 Necromancers
  • Mortis Engine
  • 30 skeletons
  • 20 skeletons
  • 5 Dogs
  • 12 Spirit Hosts
  • 5 Hexwraiths
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2 hours ago, TheAntsAreBack said:

I'm wondering if my best bet is swarming them with skeletons in order to bog them down

That’s pretty much Deathrattle 101.  Take the hit, then hit back.  Some people midigate it with Cogs or command/battalion rules that give a little extra movement.  That stuff can get tricky, tactically speaking.  Don’t hesitate going with a full 40 skeleton unit, one VDM and survivors will hit back.

If Brutes are causing a problem I think it has to do with few “hammer” options.  Your guy mounted on the zombie dragon is it.  You need either Morghasts or Grimghast Reapers for a good counter punch.  That or at the very least more skeletons since your numbers are awkward since unit sizes need to scale with the point value of the match.

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6 hours ago, Mutter said:

Well, it's kinda hard to bank on this, 'cause if there's an opposing character about, that mightn't work so well.

Yes, but that, in itself, has benefits too. Ironjawz are generally speaking very weak relative to their pts cost. One of their few saving graces is the ability to stack powerful command abilities. If your opponent is saving/wasting CP in Inspiring Presence then they are not spending CP on actually making their units hit hard so it is win/win for you. 

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