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  1. Understand that at their core GW games are designed to be shared narrative experiences, enabling cool-looking models to play out epic conflicts and awesome stories over an evocative tabletop. Winning or losing is really a rather small part of the whole game experience. I lose the vast majority of my games but I enjoy them all.
  2. Had anything much been written about the nature of Sigmar's armies during the age of Myth or Chaos? I'd be interested to hear of they were human, and if so, humans of what nature/culture. Assuming that they were not Oldhammer Holy Roman Empire inspired Empire soldiers, does anyone know who or what they were?
  3. Cheers, I have those dice but that's not what I'm after.
  4. A good while ago, during first edition I remember stumbling across a PDF of some nice tokens/reminders for marking mysterious terrain on the table. They were a fairly long rectangle (portrait) in shape, pale brown in colour and had a wee reminder of the terrain rules on each. I cant find them anywhere and I'm really hoping that whoever did them might have updated them for second edition. Would anyone remember the ones I'm referring to? And know whether they are available for 2nd ed rules? Alternatively, does anyone have any pointers for some good printable ones? I've seen a lot of quite poor examples and I'd really like something other than the scenery dice I use at the moment. Cheers.
  5. Hi, as the title says, I'm looking at how best to deal with Brutes with my LoN army. I'm wondering if my best bet is swarming them with skeletons in order to bog them down for as long as possible or whether I'd just go down faster like that? My list is roughly: Prince Vhordrai, 2 Necromancers Mortis Engine 30 skeletons 20 skeletons 5 Dogs 12 Spirit Hosts 5 Hexwraiths
  6. No, unemployment levels hadn't been this low since the early seventies.
  7. Gnome Battletome confirmed though😲
  8. Personally I'm not too happy about having to go to a WD for rules. I don't want to be flicking through various WDs looking for rules and I'd rather not have to subscribe to a mag that's put over in part to 40k and LOTR. I'd happily pay for a new Skirmish supplement but I'd not be happy with having to buy WD to get it.
  9. The app has the Suffocating Gravetide rules as "place wholly within 4" of the caster" which must be an error, so can anyone confirm the correct distance please and its there a contact place to report errors? Cheers. Edit - actually I see the scroll also has 4" so maybe that's right? Just painted it and it seemed unlikely I'd fit the model within 4" of the caster. Best I check.
  10. The model I'm working on is the one on foot so I'll not have the steed option at the moment. Perhaps I'll leave the sword intact.
  11. I am sat at my hobby desk with a pair of clippers in hand about to snip the sword off the Wight model to replace it with an axe. However, perhaps I'm missing something on first reading of the warscrolls. The Black Axe option seems straight-out better than the sword but could anyone advise before I get stuck in with the clippers please?
  12. I'm thinking of the Nighthaunt battalions that can be taken in a Legions of Nagash army. They have to be taken as allies even though they gain the appropriate keyword. Perhaps this will be different?
  13. If that's the only way then it would entail taking a hero and three units of gors, all as allies, which is a shame.
  14. I think I remember someone from the Warhammer Community team saying that there would be a way of putting the mark off Nurgle on a unit of beastmen in the new Beasts of Chaos book without having to take the whole battalion. I've got the book in front of me and I can't find an option anywhere. Can anyone confirm or otherwise whether it's possible? Cheers.
  15. It was the "1 wound" part of it that had me scratching my head. The two rules are almost the same in this regard but phrased very differently.
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