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  1. 6s always hit. unfortunately.
  2. wow. wish I saw this before painting my death rattle. the grey looks better than the earthy brown yellow skeletons
  3. Brainstorming ideas based off what we know. Fluffy CAs - armywide 5+ ignore pain(ala necrons). this may be a ward or built in resurrect/resummon or even both. With supporting modifiers in items and characters. They have to be just as tough as nighthaunt if they want to be the elite of undead. - ignore battleshock. Elite troops. plus the fact they will be very expensive troops so unlikely to need to take many if at all. Mortek guard. Gotta be expensive and tough compared to GG. Im thinking there is going to be a lot of sequitor fighting styles in this army because they have multiple personalities/owners. They may even rock 2w and be very expensive. The biggest question mark is their movement. Skeletons rock a disastrous mv4. not sure if these guys will follow suite. 3+/4+/-1/3a. Deathriders. I honestly cannot see these guys better than bloodknights. Vampire > construct. Knights for the most part are not statistically good in AoS unfortunately. Bonereapers. Probably take an ogre, make it better, tougher, add the army rules. then add 3 abilities that can be switched on or off. im expecting 3+, 4+ 3a. -1, 2d and stances like +1a, -1 to be hit, reroll armor saves, reroll hits and wounds Morghasts. Im expecting a point drop to around 80 Crawler. this is huge. Im expecting this to be like 36" range. D6mw + X per 10 models. They specifically stated it destroys fortifications. So might have an effect on custom scenery. katakros- im expecting the Morathi x damager per turn cap rule. I also expect some amazing CA and CP generation. Wouldnt surprise me if he got a bonus to turn order.
  4. Kataros reminds me of Kotal Khan. Even sort of sounds like his name. hes also a warlord/king/leader type guy. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=kotal+kahn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwisw_jms6nkAhXFfisKHVnNBMIQ_AUIESgB&biw=1889&bih=1012
  5. "Necropolis Stalkers, for instance, are infused with the souls of four legendary warriors apiece, giving them the ability to shift personalities mid-battle in order to change their fighting style. "
  6. It can be stacked and i dont see why it should be frowned upon. Youre paying points for it and spells are iffy at best. Also cannot be used with endless spells unfortunately.
  7. a new fluffy back story and army to host all the old and new non-affiliated undead models ? Goes around to each continent/country/culture and takes payment which becomes part of their army.
  8. The worst thing about IP is the 2 most cowardly armies prolly have the most access to it in Gitz and Skaven. We had similar issues in wfb where crown of command was in nearly every list.
  9. Ogors are Mongolian/eastern in appearance and fluff. So thats more supporting evidence of the eastern cathay undead theme. Horse archers as well. And undead Ogors can fall under the re-animate keyword.
  10. November. wow. dont hold your breath
  11. Filth is filth. Min Maxing is part of the competitive scene. and expected Take for instance FeC, outside of their GG/BK lists they are prolly bottom teir. Idoneth outside eels, non WE DoK. The only army in the game imo which can be successful multiple ways is Skaven. Every other army requires streamlining combinations.
  12. Dont like it at all. Both from balance perspective - too much emphasis on random dice roll and gameplay perspective- players sitting idle for too long, You can add from a theme/fluff perspective too. Anyways, i still play the game. but I think its a stupid mechanic. Not a surprise people try to one drop armies to control it
  13. You may be right. Definitely sounds like tithe here. Horrible Asian accent getting mistaken for multiple ethnicities lol. I think we are getting undead cathay now too. Lots of shooting? Mongolians were the master horse archers. Possibly some relation to Eshin? - Horseback archers + archers on mass - Terracotta warriors - Oriental dragons/lions - lots of staves/spears
  14. thats silly. You can use enemies to leapfrog 36" across the battlefield. Charge 12-24" with no intention to roll combat dice. Move another 12" in combat. Cap
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