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  1. CoS dont have a big Shark, Witchelf, Stormfiend, vulk, ark type unit. So generally they get lots of decent msus. of course you can limit the drop, but it would definitely be a more unorthodox min-max all or nothing build. Youre betting on 500+pts to get an endless spell off as your main trump card.Im not saying it wont work. Im just saying its going to fail more than it has to, especially since you dont rate hallowheart who have the best chance in the game to get it off. The other cities struggle to get modifiers. Your also going low drop, Its sounds like an all or nothing solution.
  2. I honestly think Cities is a high drop army. So you will most likely go last, which poses a massive issue for our shooty lists which usually max out at 24" crossbows. This is really bad for Sisters, Irondrakes, etc which need extra help to make use of turn 1. Also greywater getting no love for the +3" range. That is insane for a lot of units that require us to stand still. 3" lets our big shooty units shoot from deployment and really buffs the gyrocopter into T1 levels. My rating T1 Hallowheart Total power x2 spell casts. unbreakable army item. Magic ward. T4. Tempest Eye,
  3. I personally rate them as one of our best units. 280pts = 20 Black Guard. 41x0.67x.67 = 17.9w on the charge. get attacked back by whats left 280pts = 40 Corsairs. 80x0.5x0.5 = 20w on the charge(ie enemy within charge range). dont get attacked back (extra ~5w if you decide to charge) thats up against one of our best melee units in the black guard. Yes they lose their attacks in enemies turn, but if the enemy is attacking you in their turn its probably a lost cause anyway. I usually dont see BG/Pheonix guard surviving if they are already in combat and the enemy has a turn (they
  4. With a lot of units canned from the old City lists, it seems like we need opinions on what is personally accepted as proxies. Simple yes or no is good(accepted). Tourny perspective would be good too. perfectly fine to give an opinion of no to everything. Phoenix guard 1. Swordmasters. (0/3 Votes) 2. White Lions (2/3 Votes) (2 maybes) Shadow Warriors 1. Glade guard (3/3 Votes) 2. High Elf Archers (1/3 Votes) 3. Waywatchers (2/2 Votes) 3. Empire Huntsmen (3/3 Votes) Longbeards 1. Dwarf warriors (3/3 Votes) 2. Dwarf
  5. Higher wounds. I would argue are better for battleshock since you only get -1 for every 2 wounds (though you lose 2 wounds per fail, but at those levels you are either IP or removing your unit anyways). Less susceptible to warpifre throwers and other "1 per model in range" abilities. also smaller footprint has pros and cons. smaller = more in b2b to get all attacks. harder to get enemy models in range to attack. Sequitors get reroll save as a built in ability. no need for castellant. They are 25% more tougher against rend 0, and slightly tougher than phoenix guard at -1 rend. (per 100
  6. So now youre paying 170pts for wizard and bridge and for a chance to get off a game changer endless spell which the opponent will fight. I really dont like relying on getting off a massive endless spell to do things.
  7. I still dont rate Phoenix guard efficiency wise. Sequitors are tougher most of the time. and output considerably more. 16pts is a killer. I agree with restrictive roll of Eternal guard. The big bonus to them is they get their bonus every turn except for the turn they charge. So they are great at securing objectives or anvilling infront of a gunline. This is important to us because our shooting is an anomoly and is far more efficient than our melee. I definitely wouldnt take them as our only elite, but they are one of the best units in the game at what they do Blackguard vs execution
  8. Im saying the irondrakes need to be stationary at 16" to get efficiency. Once they move, their efficiency gets halved. Same goes for sisters and crossbowmen - who unfortunately usually cannot hit the enemy turn 1. Darkshards need to go tempest or burn a ca to shoot first turn. Im just pointing out that with our high drops we will likely have to take first turn so its a real issue for us not being able to hit with shooting for an entire turn. Kite = ability to shoot and move so enemy cannot touch them.
  9. Do you know the wdr calculator? I did numbers and my ratings showed corsairs having a higher efficiency than dark shards. But obvious pros and cons. I feel like Freecities cannot do low drops and will likely go first. So you need some type of way to shoot at 24+ inches otherwise you literally lose a turn of the game which just completely destroys effiency. This pretty much voids the stand and shoot units. Especially 16" range which is basically only 1 turn of double shots before enemy is in. I rate dark shards best because they can kite with 16" range whereas corsairs cannot.
  10. Damage ratings are based off average wounds per 100 pts. For example. Greatswords are 7.62. A 160 pt unit does 20 * 4/6 * 4/6 (20 attacks, 3s to hit, 3s to wound) is 8.888 wounds. In 20a, they will trigger the 6+ mw 3.33 times for a total of 12.2 wounds. 160 pts for 12.2wounds is a rating of 7.62 wounds per 100pts. This doesnt signify the rend and mw, which is very important and i stated that in the post. There is a lot of assumptions for stuff like will the unit typically have a freeguild hero within 18" (I would probably not do this as foot gen is very static and the mounted genera
  11. Did my own efficiency ratings for decent units Damage = unsaved wounds per100 points (doesnt say if rend or mw, but does include wounds) Rend0 = (lower better) Relative defensive value against rend 0 (value for each wound per point) (Rend1 and Rend2 with their rend respectively) Blue = melee ratings. grey is missile ratings. (a few assumptions made - e.g. typical unit size to get bonuses, typical loadouts etc) Melee Conclusions: You pay for rend and mw Cost for movement is effectively ignored. Dwarfs do not get a discount for mv4 vs elven mv6. Saw thi
  12. 6s always hit. unfortunately.
  13. This looks to be the most broken city. Definitely needs the no-charge after the extra move. Also, anyone here not thinking about the ridiculous alpha striking double shoot units? XBowmen and Irondrakes being dropped within range deleting whole units? I immediately saw the same kind of power levels when LoN got their book and gravesites and Skaven got their rules. I feel like this is easily the new aspiring level of optimise hammer.
  14. Gyrocopters seem decent in Tempest. Can move 3x Gyrocopters 26" first turn. Thats like upto 120-130 x rend shots at a 40 man unit before they get their turn
  15. Phoenician Corsairs hit hard and hit guaranteed with the Pheonician CA. Legit tactic imo. Also, someone said corsairs are 80/240 (10/40). Can anyone confirm if the discount for 40 is 240 or 280?
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