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  1. With Gimp you could do that, but it would be a lot of work. What was used in the thread you qoted is Battle Chronicler: http://battlechronicler.com/
  2. Why not exchange the GK and one of the courtiers to an Archregent that calls in a Varghulf? Obviously, you'de lose the +1 attack spell, but gain so much more (most importantly, spare points, which this list doesn't have many of). I'd assumed in BJs list that maybe he didn't have a second AR so soon after release.
  3. I think combatwise, the GKoTG is potentially so much better than the ZD, I'd definitely go for the TG.
  4. Check a couple pages back. FEC list from Sheffield (Ben Johnson) was Royal Menagerie. Came second place, iirc.
  5. You have 50 points left over, so you could bring the Chalice - that way, you should be okay without the Courtier. Plus, your GKoTG is going to do most of the heavy lifting (other players will hate you, though), so a Courtier isn't that desparately needed in the list anyway.
  6. Ah, okay then. So the math stays the same. It's a wash ...
  7. If those 30 had 2 attacks, it comes out the same. If you had buffed them to 3 attacks, the 30 would come out ahead. But max unit size is 20, so I'm not sure what you're thinking about?
  8. That would be so boss!
  9. This is correct. If you go back a couple of pages, this was discussed quite a bit, detailing what advantages such a set-up might have.
  10. See, if you would have put a quarter of the energy you just spent arguing with me into your intital post, this would have never happened. But really, this is the last I will say about this. It isn't really worth it, you know?
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