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  1. When running City of the first Sunrise I like to make a footslogger hero the General then plant him amist blocks of Thindersers and/or Arkanauts. Working from one defended objective and hopefully pushing them (if possible) towards a more important table-center objective. It’s a lot of points so getting the most utility is a thing About the only time I’d consider moving away from that... Whelp looks like you have it all in hand. Carry on. When I get enough ballon boys ready I’ll try the floating Endrinmaster as a general and go for a low drop Barack-Zar list. To be perfectly honest I’m playing my KO more like they are Squats resurrected.
  2. The battleshock immunity isn’t to be sneezed at either. Just this evening my Aether Khemist General held two units of Thunderers (10 & 15 Durin) and 30 Arkhanauts firm after a Beastclaw Raider charge and the following turn giving them enough time to gun down a four Ogor pack of Mournfangs on turn 1 and a Frost Lord by turn 3. The big guy would have died sooner but on my turn 2 shooting he couldn’t roll under a five on his shrug saves.
  3. It certainly doesn’t help that GW uses “dice” for both the singular and plural. Although if they meant “multiple” the following probably would have said “dice rolls” instead of “dice roll.”
  4. Having an issue with the posing. Painting it will require bit of effort with how both weapons are pointed almost parallel. Your kitbash is more focused in design and looks more dynamic. Excellent job.
  5. Each Unit is defined as a single Warscroll purchase. If the Grundstok Thunderers only have one Gunnery Sergeant then they add one unit. If there were two or three Gunnery Sergeants then that is how many units they add for Tempest Eye from Cities of Sigmar, So your expecting them to count from 2 to 4 for the Standing Contracts rule is correct. Godspeed fitting 860 points of KO if you end up needing twelve CoS units in the worst case scenario. With the Double-barrel Aethershot Rifle option I wouldn’t blame you for trying to magically shoehorn all that in.
  6. Before the last point discount and the wound count buff I only used the in that one sub-faction. Four attacks per model with Spirit Halberds seemed to be the tipping point to make them useful in the combat phase. Even then the volume of dice is low enough to make the statistical results “swingy,” fine for anyone who doesn’t mind that kind of gambling. I’ve tried them with Bonereapers forces in 2k+ games. The extra wounds certainly helps with stay around longer but that job seems better handled by the Mortek Guard. The mobility is wasted when battles aren’t at skirmish levels. In a big enough match I’d like them running a TIE Fighter escort with Arkham, a difficult investment to fit in regular games. Currently they don’t have a tactical roll. I’d rather get some artillery. It’s no accident they were included in the Feast of Bones boxset.
  7. I’ve used them at the first discount as point-filler. Most of the roles above/below 150 points could be done better by other warscrolls. I have thirteen Horrors so they’ll get more gameplay before the next General’s Handbook comes out. Their next point value opens some options for point juggling.
  8. Starting preparations for a major midwestern Summer convention and I am seeking input on what people like/dislike for their Warcry tournaments. Some of the basics so far: Of the four scenarios that no more than two will strongly favor any one Warband structure meta. Pre-Prepared terrain layouts. Cards are not practical with what is available. Gaps between matches for bio-breaks/lunch/opponent-sorting Balancing time and material needs on participants. Random Pairing with an emphasis on no repeats or matches with people who came to the convention together. Any insight on what people have found problematic would be appreciated. Anything fun outside what Games Workshop has published would be really appreciated.
  9. Considering the damage from General’s Handbook 2019 they might do some point discounts to fix the mess there. Not that I’m confident. We are supposed to be investing in our new Bonereapers after all. Traditionally changes to the FAQ & Designer notes is to fix printing errors/drafts or nerf material loosely based on the tournament scene. Battletomb:LoN isn’t going to get any AoS 2.0 upgrading there. GW will pitch something when the Devs realize the full extent of the situation.
  10. Has anyone else here joined in the Activation Wars with the Huskard on Thundertusk with perhaps the best mount trait in the game? It can be one delicious trap when the enemy charge also entangles with a friendly Stonehorn or Pack. I don’t blame anyone who sticks with Stonehorns only. It’s more than kool-aid.
  11. I’m rather surprised they haven’t FAQed it to unmodified sixes. Then again GW did delay fixing the issue on the Death side until Battletomb:Nighthaunt was released.
  12. If only I had a nickel for every time... Well for anyone with a pre-AoS 2.0 or even substandard like Nighthaunt will find Bonereapers to be broken. Then again the same can be said about the Fyreslayers, Skaven, Cities of Sigmar, and Slanesh. AoS still has better quality control than 40k but it has been slipping. If they are taking Battletome:LoN stuff out of production I wonder what that means for the majority of the old Death line?
  13. The crafty ones bring MSU of Plague Monks. The guy I know would get the pot on a maxed clan rat battlines. Other than that I’d throw three shots at different elite units and hope to knock them down a unit size buff rank.
  14. Worry not Saxon & Honk. Surely GW will raise the point costs on Direwolves again to encourage Black Knight use as an alternative.
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