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  1. Point costs on FEC weren’t significantly changed with their 2.0 Battletomb. I think the Dev’s approach on terrain has been the fluffy approach akin to the original game. Changes on point costs seem more inline with encouraging or discouraging use of said units.
  2. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if in the next General’s Handbook all the “free” terrain gained match play costs? That might be giving GW too much credit.
  3. They weren’t doing so well before AoS 2.0 came out. With the rule changes their book is in desperate need of a re-write.
  4. Linking the keyword tag “Nighthaunt” on warscrolls to various allegiance abilities would be a means to slip LoG into Battletomb:LoN and still encourage bedsheet use over others. Ghouls are often limited in joint forces for not having “summonable” and spell lores are locked to forces from that Battletomb. Deathwalkers/Deathrattle are pretty insular as well.
  5. All of your massed units have potential. I’d warn against bringing only 40 zombies. Thanks to the mortal wound spam the Chainwrasps lose some of their value. Battletomb:LoN is still where the strongest Death options are. Skeletons in GHoN are terrifyingly great with a second 6+ shrug and +1 attack. Although giving up the Terrorghiest Mantle against a low Bravery army is almost criminal. Bringing back a unit for a CP leaves me warm and fuzzy inside. I like to bring four Morghasts Harbingers with Spirit Halberds. Normally their positioning disrupts enemy movements (probably less so in your situation unless the furnaces are left open in the back). Executing a Han-shot-first has only ever failed me once and even then it was my fault for not throwing Dread Knight on them and having an epically terrible dice roll. Only use Nagash if you really want to. I generally try to gauge my magic needs from the bottom up (imagining if Necromancers & Vamps handle it - no, can Arkham do it - no, time to bring in Nagash). Those dirty rats are Chaos now so Quicksilver Swords is an option.
  6. Just thinking of setting up the synergies bubble gives me the chuckles.
  7. One is longer and the other wider. Aside the new Dwarf one is the cutest little thing you ever saw. After two strikes on the other Death endless spells GW really turned things around with the FEC option. In this thread there has been some discussion much farther back. I’m happy with them. They seem to fill in gaps. A 40 ghoul unit holds the line extremely well with a chalice. The barrier against a piece of blocking terrain is almost broken. Originally I wasn’t too thrilled with the Stampede one until it started filling the role for sniping boosting heroes, it does’t hurt that it has a huge movement value. My minimum number of potential mortal wound dice has been 15 when it goes off. Not a bad deal at 60 points. The only thing that gets me down on endless spells is the points compete against warscroll battalions & the unit tweeks. At 2k all three plus a battalion is about 1/8th of the points. That makes me very uncomfortable.
  8. What Battletomb:LoN units do you have?
  9. A monster mash-up against a horde army is the worst possible situation. Attacks to point values favor the lowly battle line. The more elite models have specializations or traits to make up for this. Fundamentally a great concept since it avoids an “elite only” mentality. The mortal wound spam on your monsters must have been brutal. I’d be hesitant to solely match them with ghouls, even with the chalice. Unfortunately ranged damage is the general solution to Plague Monks. This might be an exception to not using the Purple Sun. Stampede should be golden. Shackles and Corpse Barrier to slow them down or trap them among predatory spells. He just has to force combat with his big units or park them on objectives. You need to manage the fights for a chance at victory. If he’s running large blocks of units don’t fight them evenly across the board. Try to focus on limited areas and sweep your way across the table.
  10. QFT I find it odd. On paper we are looking at a seriously flexible force when combined with CoGs and/or a 3d6” charge option. Aaaaaaand yet here we are. The alpha-strike-easy-button here seems to require more luck than tactical finesse, surprisingly unexpected. Heaven help those who try a plug -and-play style here.
  11. Yep. It was mind boggling why it was left to build up. Might have been a gross-pride thing.
  12. Between Hobby-time last Wednesday I pulled a quick battle against a Fyreslayers buddy. Two objectives, hold both at the end of a turn to win, ties determined by slain unit values. 980 FEC (Feast Day) Abhorrent Archregent (Dermal Robe & Dark Wizardry) 200 40x Crypt Ghouls 360 40x Crypt Ghouls 360 Crypt Ghast Courtier 60 He had a leader and unit in reserves with a deep strike. My deployment was done first but I had him go first. My strategy was to save the summoned unit until the turn before I thought it was needed. Avoid a big brawl with all of his forces on my forces at the same time. Oddly enough everything worked as hoped and planned. His deep strikers showed up close to my objective so I was able to focus on them first. It resulted in a ghoul unit under ten models before the dwarves were cleared. The rest of his army left his deployment zone and after marching across the table systematically ground a whole unit of ghouls to dust. The sacrifice was worth it keeping him from my objective and holding his dwarves there. It also left me open to summon twenty ghouls in his rear line to get his objective. It was really surprising since he could have easily left one unit of mortal spamming jerks behind. They would have been a scary match up for a unit of unsupported ghouls. A few take-a-ways: Feast Day feels more like the current power-creep meta than an exception that needs nerfing. Any sort of hit or wounding roll penalty really stuffs Crypt Ghouls good. Not being able to get Dark Wizardry with Blisterskin makes me a sad panda. Using Greenstuff to model a Dermal Robe on an Archregent was the best forecasted move of collecting this entire army. Because my forces were being skittish the courtier only returned ten ghouls. Which was still good since it was only by the grace of four ghouls he was delayed by one turn. The alt list had endless spells instead. Dwarf battlelines that get to attack after dying are vicious. Dwarves being able to fight first is terrifying. A unit dropped below twenty ghouls on my turn because of that trick.
  13. Ouch. Try allying a Corpse Cart to make the flubs even more impressive. Although I’m not a big fan of allies considering the importance allegiance abilities have in Death armies.
  14. Breakage is more going to be determined if the plastic was already stressed during assembly or use/storage. At the local gaming store the part-owner used to have a plastic tub with acrylic ooz in it from vehicles that where left sitting in LA’s Awesome for months. If mechanical forces are a concern do multiple baths with a lighter touch. In the end the only metric is how personally perceived quality needs to be.
  15. That really depends if her interest is only Nighhaunt or Death in general.
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