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  1. This Fun fact. GW so dislikes 3D print scenery they don’t want any used (generic included) for their “recognized” games/tourneys/events.
  2. Well played. You almost got me to put mine in clown make-up. Even my “lows” have limits.
  3. Warhammer Hero Aaron Woolums (year 1) a few years back primed a pile of his Khorne human scum with a can of Retributor. He primed allot of stuff with it. Everything came out great but at the local club we still give him ****** over it.
  4. IKR? Artificial constructs with souls jammed into them. This one was a no-brainer. I’ll have three painting goals for my deathcrons. Make the bone part unnatural in some way. Something red-ish. Work some bone color back in (maybe with a tiny bit of dry brushing or edging). Just enough to remind the observer these constructs are made of people bits. Paint up the armor like a storm cast to give Sigmar the proper middle-finger. That soul stealing ******.
  5. With Grandhost that Grave Guard unit is battle line. Ditch one of the skeletal ten mans units and take the GG unit to thirty without spending a single point. Larger mobs of bones is very narrative. The days of small Wight blocks is from over twenty years ago. Personally I have never enjoyed Morghasts outside the Grand Host. Whereas with spirit halberds inside the legion they are pretty amazing. The choice of two units of two or one unit of four is important. Combat sequencing and casualties can get pretty important for these guys. It depends if they are focusing more as skirmishers or a “hammer.” The Black Knights can work as a more expensive version of Direwolve Skirmisher/objective-camper and maintain your theme. Someone once mentioned a small unit makes a great mobile bravery debuff with their banner. If they hit the same unit as the Morghasts (and survive) that’s a -2 Bravery.
  6. The Nighthaunt release did a very significant thing. It revitalized Battletome:Legions of Nagash. Allot of undead stuff didn’t translate smoothly to AoS. We’re paying a points premium on Skeletons for physiology buff that everyone else gets for free. The Devs tried to fix it with extra arrack dice on unit size and it can work out depending on the circumstances. Power-creep has been an issue, although some might call that “fixing” dysfunctional armies/models. I love Chainrasp battle line for BT:LoN. Mostly in blocks of twenty because they remain tanky even to everything except really massed dice. The point savings going back into high value units is nice too. The extra points over minimal zombie wolves is countered by the fighting capacity and tanking capabilities (depending on other elites the wolves still come out but only one unit instead of two). Grimghasts are often a better elite option to others. Graveguard need a new warscroll because GW can’t lower the points enough to work in this meta (counter-point: with the Grand Host one can go all-in on Graveguard and possibly do something). Other elites that can work are pinned to a specific allegiance. Guardian of Souls meshes well in Sacrament lists. Haven’t cared for the results with the other newer Nighthaunt options. Of course the really big downside has been not using Bladeghiests. I love them, both spooky and kill-y. Being able to pull from combat and swoop back in hits on a supernatural etherial feel. In summation: A few options of Nighthaunt thrive in Battletome:Legions of Nagash. It can be competitive, power creep will make it more challenging.
  7. I’ll be good with whatever approach GW takes. Considering they use a new Tithe mechanic odds are pretty slim any of the models will have the “summonable” warscroll tag. Will it be closer to Khorne’s or the others? Who knows. I’m pretty sure the army will have self contained rules. Unlike the bandaid fix Legions was because post AOS 1.0 rule fixes that crippled most everything Death. Rest assured people will need to dump hundreds of dollars to play them, easily a thousand plus for us completionists. Nighthaunt had to be folded into the current mash because a good chunk of it was already part of Legions. Good thing to because otherwise the line would have been a poorly sold disaster. KO has been badly in need of a book for years, I wouldn’t want Nighthaunt to suffer the same neglect or a worse fate.
  8. The reports on FEC OP are exaggerated hysteria. They got an AOS 2.0 book and that’s it. People who don’t have that are being cheated by GW and not this book. I’ve enjoyed it in multiplayer battles. Select the right kind of mission and they preform adequately. Other than that many an hour has been lost trying to fit deathwatch in a competitive list. Can’t complain about it in the casual narrative lists when both people are pitching underarm. Aside: My Delaque Gangers from the 90s are on red bases. Just red with yellow numbers painted on, nothing fancy.
  9. Hold the Faith fellow undying one. The Great Necromancer raised this Legion so us Old Hammer players could pull out the generic Death stuff for giggles and the kills. Getting around the weak bravery rules and lackluster relics/spells is a fair trade-off for the chance to field some TK & VLoAT. That’s good news in my book (the one bound with undead human skin). Some of the Spectral newcomers have made use of Gravesites in ways normally unavailable to them. Nagash finds it pleasing indeed. LoG may not be showing up in top AoS tournaments but we seem to be having fun in the casual scene. Forbidden Powers is a narrative release after all.
  10. So later Necron books went towards fantasy with a tomb kings vibe. Now Death is moving towards towards the grimdark future. I give it ten years went both armies become one and it can be played in both game systems. ‘Sigmarines,” was a prejorative but some took that ball and ran with it. Thanks to Honk I only call my Nighthaunt, “Bedsheet.” Now all my monies will be going towards the Deathcrons. Hope someone out there will take a kidney as payment.
  11. The closest to that I’ve deal with is Eel Force. Those require more rectangular (square-ish) blobs to manage. Even that doesn’t necessarily work. If you can provide details others and myself may be able to offer more targeted advice.
  12. You don’t stop it. When encountering board crossing super charges I put out a single battleline screen stretching the table. It costs up to 280 points and a CP. Although it does suck if the other guy has first turn and several mid-point objectives are now behind his army. Edit: Controlling where his charge stops leaves options for counter attacks.
  13. Planer is totally on target about hitting that terrible Bravery stat. When playing FEC the Flayers just tore them apart in my shooting phase. Harridans without a banner can knock Trolls a -1 to Hit. A lack of banners and stuff makes it hard on the goblin blobs. An important part of his strategy is where the free terrain goes. An important part of our strategy is to force as much of the fighting outside its bubble. Better yet being able to go for victory while completely avoiding it. I like snuffing corpse candles on Netters. It’s more fun than it should be. Regardless it is going to be a challenge with a book that is more inline with AoS 1.0 against a book that is AoS 2.0 compliant.
  14. 👍 Speaking of BS arguments. 😉
  15. No joke. Over simplification is the worst. “If you don’t support x-policy then the terrorists win,” phrase comes to mind. We’ve had some great threads on optimal circumstances for both skeleton set-ups and unit sizes. Or even using other battleline for whatever reasons. Your 60 blob zombies as a center a part of an army for instances. My favorite is the VLoZD trolling that says battleline is pointless and monsters are the only way to go. The video reminded me of my math and logic course teacher who liked to say, “there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Then proceeded for several weeks teaching statistics. I’ve been running large skeletal spearmen blobs in AoS and have never gotten all 40 of them into combat at the same time. A buddy who does sword and board (only owns 40 of them and never plans on buying another so he doesn’t burn out on painting) hasn’t made full contact either. Either a number are down waiting on revival or the more likely cause is battlefield position. The entire video is based on a logic fallacy. Ignoring the 16.6% hit chance difference to potentially having 1/3 more dice to roll.
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