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  1. That’s an expensive point sink. There would need to be one crazy plan centered on the unit for it to even have a reason to exist. Defiantly not a TAC design approach.
  2. Only an AOS-1.0-summon-points reckoning level event that destroys Nighthaunt like it did all death warscrolls could possibly merge the books. There’s so much money in printing Battletombs regardless of army game-play integrity.
  3. After the CA getting FAQ kicked in the balls I’ll be steering clear of that court for regular Match Play. Besides Undead monsters hitting on fours is brutal when playing statistics. Exceptions will be made for planned fluffy battles. Between power-creep and everyone locally upping their game Blisterskin might be on the chopping block next. I really want to call out “praise the sun,” during battle. List building was already hard enough and the nerfs did not help. A ten point drop doesn’t really change anything. Still need to hug a leader. They are about one attack die and save off from a proper warscroll. There isn’t any solid advantage to spamming them. Any squad over six is still eating points. I generally run them defensively with as many synergies as possible. They never get to attack twice in combat because there has always been a better option. My primary motivation for bringing them is the Abattoir Battalion. The first 300 points fits while doubling squad size is problematic for what I want to bring. They’d need to be about 120 a unit before becoming a central part of my lists. Maybe 130 for considerations.
  4. Nor do we want them ever to be errated as terrain with the mew Match Play rules. Never have I ever been so happy about our 1mm table dot gravesites with whacky removal and replacement rules when a 3D gravesites are used.
  5. You bought the right amount Nasrod. Not enough to make them the only option but just enough for options. Over investing in a very specific army/units will always bite one on the **** sooner or later. 30+ Grimghast Reapers (3 box sets and two boxes) is how many I own. Unit size 30 for LoN or three ghostly units of ten bedsheets. No regrets. *** MOD HAT *** Please don't try and "get round" the profanity filter by using dashes in words 😉
  6. My guess is they didn’t play test it much. Then after release behind the scenes epic player meltdowns must have made for some interesting emails to GW. Scared the Devs nerfed it into the ground to head off a years worth tournament tears and rage. I’m just glad they straightened out gravesites for LoG so making 1/4 of the endless spells garbage is acceptable casualties.
  7. True that, never discount the rule-of-cool. Yeah, a single Deamonette unit and a Keeper of Secrets will indeed wreck the zombie unit on a single 2+ roll after the charge phase. Cheaper. In my area a number of us have been playing since the 90s. We can play fun-fluffy or crazy-hard. The later has gotten me off zombies because the investments and limited options tactically. I just can’t bring myself to transition them to the round bases.
  8. Other new warscrolls get all the bells and whistles without the effort of synergies or having a large block with few casualties. You do make a good point Honk. They can have a most excellent modified statline.
  9. Sssssh, please don’t bring up the Cainwrasps. They don’t need to be “fixed” like our other stuff. I really like them as our reasonable priced tanky battleline. The last think Death players need is GW realizing the unit is functioning correctly at its point cost. Large Skeleton blocks with spears are probably still our sold attack dice spammers. It’s gotten a bit murky after fighting reviewed Flyerslayers and Deamonettes. With that said zombies going tarpit could be really cool. I know the following is more in-line with the original goofiness of AoS but I’d like them to feel more “horror movie” focus. Leave them with the crappy stat line but enemy units in combat with zombies are minus one to hit and wound rolls. If that’s too harsh then only enemy models in range of zombie attacks (1”). Cool idea on the Grave Guard. I was hoping for either a more traditional view with wight weapons getting mortal wounds and/or a better shrug-save.
  10. Most of the Battletomb:LoN are a trap, either to buy excessively into models that are no good or subvert people from building a good list. One thing about that book is it is all about force composition. More so than other army books. Manfred won’t excel in any battlefield roll and the vargheists will be an uphill battle to make them useful at their cost. They have some nominal value lurking behind skeletons and leaping over for added attacks. Too expensive to run just as skirmishers and we have better options.
  11. The Devs wisely rolled the three rules-of-one into the core rules. The craziness with games outside match play was too much. It’s also just nice not having to rules switch anymore. Wouldn’t surprise me if the FAQ it for “reasons”
  12. The story in Forbidden Power takes place deep in Shyish. Whatever the Midnight Tomb is it sounds stupid important. Put together that peanut butter and chocolate and even the Great Necromancer may consider pulling a guest star appearance. Millenia spent getting his Nine Tombs back. Millenia spent reading them again. He’s probably ready for some new material.
  13. Basically that. I don’t know how well the point change may interact with fellow older warscrolls. New warscrolls will destroy them via power-creep. Even optimizing them through GHoN doesn’t draw me for standard Match Play games of AoS. They might work in Meeting Engagements, the chatter in the GHoN thread is pretty interesting. If my local hobby group will play that game mode I’ll pull them from storage for testing. The Devs really need to decide on their role and rework the warscroll just like they did for Deamonettes and Fyreslayers.
  14. I’m rather fond of this combo with Legion of the Sacrament. Something to do with how easy it is to fail a casting value 6. Twenty Chainwrasps can be surprisingly tanky whereas twenty skeletons seem to fold to a stiff breeze at 2k. The low cost on this team-up makes it so tempting in other legions.
  15. Been having a similar thoughts after seeing preview rules for Meeting Engagements. It really feels like the very rules reverse the desirability of Skeletons verses Grave Guard. AoS battles already had a different dynamic at 1,000 points. Although at any level of Match Play the Grave Guard were combat ineffective when I brought them. Battletomb:LoN armies were always odd since it is more about list building than other factions. I am cautiously optimistic that doubling down on high-end deathrattle could work. The rules remove much of the auto-wipe possibilities (for example cheaper piles of attack dice on sizable single units). A shared concern was with such a heavy investment that a strategic or tactile slip-up will snow ball everything. Wrong place at the wrong time is almost half the army. Time to concede and congratulate your opponent. Really want to see the battle plans to see if the Wights have a shot. Or see if gravesite tactical shenanigans can cover the slack. - I think Morghasts are going to be a risky proposition. In units of two their attacks are really swingy (with Pirates Halberds) at twenty percent of the points. I’ve had wild rolls good or bad even in units of four. The gambler in me is kind of curious what would happen using over half of the army points on four Morghast Harbingers and a Vampire Lord. The hard hitting mobility is very appealing. Even with the loss of attack dice to points. Although with the general maxed sized units being upwards of twenty models wiping one enemy unit on the charge is doable. So basically a lot of prioritizing charges while trying to avoid quagmires.
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