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Thunderstruck. Kev's Thunderscorn Plog


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Recently I've been trying to chase the meta with a Stormcast Evocators list, before that I had mixed order filth and a variety of other attempts at top tier lists. To little success, and even less enjoyment. In an attempt to bring myself more hobby joy I scoured the battletomes, spent hours on Warscroll Builder and Azyr. Finally came across the Thunderscorn in Beasts of Chaos and their Warscroll batallion. 

Going back about 15 years or so I used to have a couple of metal shaggoth and 6 metal dogres in my old Beastmen army and they were and are some of my favourite models and background in Warhammer. 

Eventually decided upon the list attached, and today a big pile of boxes arrived, (attachment 2) along with 30 square bases. So I've now ordered 30 ovals from GW along with a bunch of basing material. 

I plan to have the army ready for BOBO in May. So three months or so to build and paint 30 models. And a herdstone. And options for primordial call points expenditure. Should be doable I hope. 

I was also inspired to write a wee bit of fluff at work the other day, which I will flesh out over time. (3rd attachment)

First proper update likely to be shaggoths. 




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Shaggoths go together a lot easier in finecast than they did in metal. This one will be my general I think. Adramalech the Azyrite. Tried to go for mid-cast on a lightning based spell, gave him new horns off the bloodthirster sprue and a wee Mohican thing. I'll probably tart up another one and have the third pretty much stock. 



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There's something special about armies that go all in on a theme. What they give up in variety they get in a striking appearance and a strong cohesion. I'm sure this is going to look great on the table!

I like the conversions you've done for the shaggoths and as long as you don't paint them identical to each other they'll be an awesome trio. Do you have any conversion work in mind for your masses of dragon ogors?

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Painting and basing will be doing a fair bit of differentiating between models although because I've gone 12/9/6 in Great Weapons, halberds and two weapons the units look relatively different to the eye.

Had a day off today so splurged my free time on building 21 of the 27 Ogors. Might get the other 6 later on. 

Pics are 9 halberds, 6 crushers and 2 sets of 3 paired weapons, then the obligatory herdstone. 






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Got the last 6 dogors with crushers built. That's everything built that is in the starting army. I still need to decide what to invest in for Primordial Call. My 90 by 52 bases should arrive at local GW tomorrow or Monday. But I can start on the Shaggoths and the Herdstone already. Basing and spraying up next, then the fun and exciting (hopefully) painting can begin. 

I think I'm going to go with quite a classic "Battle Book, Red Phase' look on this army. So bright green dragon bits, nice clean bronzed flesh, red and silver armour bits. Think I'll stop short of basing with goblin green and flock though. 


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Sneaking in some painting while wife and child are out at soft play. Bit more done on the Herdstone, waiting on washes drying before layers and highlights etc. And decided to have a very ginger shaggoth. 

Considering basing the Herdstone, but think I may need to order a base down a size from what I have at the moment. 




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