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  1. @KingBrodd Are you ready for the royal rumble between the new Stormcast drakes and whatever monsters the Kruelboys have in their swamp?
  2. I'm pretty certain he means the shield in question has a face on it like the metal faces in the email banner image, the totems on Kragnos' base, and the rumor engine pic. I think if you're expecting we're getting steppe hobgoblins you're going to be disappointed. Here's another pic: (I feel like the spikes and tassel are more inline with his head than his back)
  3. I'm pretty happy with the short glimpse of our new green friends that we received today. As a staunch follower of our seer @Whitefang I've been expecting something similar to this. Just like the rumors said we're getting greenskins between an orc and a gobbo, with crude spikey gear, and look similar to Tolkien orcs. I feel kinda bad for my fellow Fimir lovers who were convinced we'd be getting some attention, or those who convinced themselves it was skaven or beastmen.
  4. Stop! He's already dead! I doubt we'll be getting Fimir, but reading these past couple pages has brought a tear to my cyclopean eye. In regards to their old method of reproduction, the very short FW lore blurbs mentioned them laying eggs so a rework has already begun. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course and not everyone likes every army's esthetic, but the notion of Fimir looking too "generic" is confusing to me. If anything they're more unique than the skeletons, zombies, dwarfs, elves, guys in armor, red horned demons, giants, and many other thing
  5. You best be staying outta my marsh then long legs... But as much as my army of Forgeworld Fimir and monsters could use reinforcements, I'm believing it will be greenskins like our prophet @Whitefang has foretold. I'm guessing a new "breed" of evil means a new variety of orc, rather than a new species.
  6. I'm really hoping Thursday has some Warcry reveals, it's been a while since anything new has come out.
  7. Ultimately I'd say mortal wounds have a place but like others have noted I think they're a bit too common at the moment. One point I would maybe disagree with is the idea that they've become so common simply as a tactic to sell new armies. I think the cause is instead that mortal wounds are an easy (and kind of lazy) method of injecting flavor or highlighting the armies particular strength. "X army" is good at a specific thing and so when they do it they cause mortal wounds, proving that they are indeed experts in it. The problem stems from the fact most armies are good at something and t
  8. Personally this thread has devolved into me looking for @Whitefang's cryptic posts and then seeing how he reacts to other comments. So far what I think I've decoded: The 3.0 box will have some greenskins, but not an entire mounted hobgoblin force The "bretonian stormcast" might be Order of Azyr humans rather than true stormcast
  9. Nah you can't take my poor ogors' buddies away. Ogors and gnoblars go together like guts and gutplates! I'd love a Hobgrot army but I think they should have the bigger meaner gobbos and their wolves rather than poaching anything from the ogors. Plus the ogor kits come with so many gnoblars I'm not sure how you could do away with them without replacing the majority of the range. What I think gnoblars could use is a cheap junky hero, either a gnoblar chief of some kind or a discount sorcerer (ideally with a chance to blow himself up or something).
  10. Like others have said its kind of a case by case basis. At independent game stores as long as alternative miniatures are clear in what they represent then you'll most likely be fine. And in regards to GW stores, my local shop is pretty cool with stuff like that. Alternative parts and heads are fine, and the manager even let someone use 3rd party flesh hounds and just asked they they didn't post pictures of them in use in the store. The company line is probably more strict but the managers seem to have some wiggle room, especially the one man stores. Its probably safe to say that th
  11. That makes two of us! I have twenty something of the forge world Fimir and a few other, now discontinued monsters. I'd love to see the direction GW would take with Fimir.
  12. My local GW store and local gaming store have a pretty friendly relationship. Often when the independent store doesn't have something in stock they direct customers to GW, and when people ask about playing specialist games at the GW store they direct them to the independent store.
  13. Cool sculpts, frankly I don't care if they're for an army or collection I have or not. I'm hoping to see some more undead stuff for AoS and a better look at the Necromunda redemptionists. I try to avoid disappointment over there previews by just hoping to see some nice new sculpts.
  14. I don't mind playing a mirror match here and there, but if my gaming group was comprised of only a few people I would most likely pick a force no one else is playing. When I decided to pick a Necromunda gang I asked my flg which gangs people are playing the least, and picked one of them (naturally I did this right before covid so my poor Delaques haven't seen use).
  15. I'd love the addition of a insect race in AoS (ideally for destruction), I just hope they're not too similar to Tyranids. Basically I'd prefer they don't have a hivemind like element, I'd rather they be individuals with a actual culture. Who knows maybe plot advancements might result in Beastgrave awakening and as a result the silent people are let loose upon the realms. Will it happen? Who knows, but I love that AoS allows for the creative space that its a possibility.
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