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  1. Shearl

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah the leg armor is definitely of a chaos space marine. These teasers are almost assuredly a build up till they reveal the new possessed models.
  2. Shearl

    The Rumour Thread

    If true that would be great. I just hope any new models for Warcry are decent stat wise in normal AoS, unlike the shadespire gangs.
  3. Shearl

    Thunderstruck. Kev's Thunderscorn Plog

    Really great, I look forward to seeing your army progress. I've been tempted to pick up some dogers myself, but have a few too many projects to finish.
  4. Shearl

    FW Fimir Size

    You can definitely fit them on 40mm bases, but they fit on 50's better. Here's a quick pic of one on a 40:
  5. I haven't seen it posted here yet, so I figured I might as well do it. Among this batch of "Warhammer Heroes" our own @Ben made the list! Thanks for keeping this site going and providing a pleasant hub for AoS enthusiasts.
  6. Shearl

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    While the scenery in the video is very chaos, I really don't think they'll limit this to chaos only, I imagine its AoS kill team.
  7. Shearl

    The Rumour Thread

    Just for reference, this was last year's LVO reveal. Now of course we might get or less this time, and I imagine with a heavier 40k focus this time around, I'm crossing my fingers for some Black Legion reveals. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/01/26/new-codexes-factions-our-heroes-and-more-breaking-news-from-the-las-vegas-opengw-homepage-post-1/
  8. Shearl

    The Rumour Thread

    Giant Rats -> Endless Spell -> Rat Swarms
  9. I feel like this most recent release needs to be looked at in the context of the previous year’s 40k releases. By and large they pushed out a bunch of codexs with little model support. This was done to get away from the indexes and bring all the armies in line with 8th. I think we’ll be seeing a number of these quick battletombs with terrain and spells, with the occasional big release thrown in. Once they clean up the existing armies they might transition back to a previous method of rotating out big releases, or maybe they’ll go with a new approach, it’s hard to say. I also understand the complaints over the “mandatory” terrain, especially if you don’t like the sculpts. This might sound like I’m some GW apologist but at least they’re not priced to poorly. The gloomspite piece is huge and is only 60 USD, and I think the highly decisive FEC throne is like 35 USD. And yet again I know you might say, even if it’s not too much it could have gone toward other stuff (that you like). Basically to wrap up what I’m saying, I see this as an attempt to get things on equal footing and not necessarily GW’s approach forever.
  10. The old Empire was 16th century fantasy, and it had this sucker running around. From what I've read the freeguild and ironweld of AOS are a bit more advanced than their old world ancestors. To echo some others, the tech shouldn't be too streamlined and should ideally be somewhat quirky.
  11. Shearl

    The Rumour Thread

    I love the FW heads, both because I like the sculpts and hopefully it will be a sign of more FW products coming. Regarding the price keep in mind two things: 1. It's Forgeworld, it's gonna be expensive 2. You're not supposed to replace all your heads with them, sprinkle them around or use them for heroes
  12. Shearl

    The Rumour Thread

    Looks like some AOS subfactions might get some attention. This is from "Garro" on Facebook who attended the event: "General white dwarf news. Specialist games and forgeworld will have content going forward in the 'non 40k/aos' section. Necromunda battle report coming soon. AoS will be getting an 'index astartes' style segment adding new sub-faction rules like what we got with crimson fists this month. The new rules section will alternate between AoS and 40k. So 40k got crimson fists this month, next month sees AoS get a new stormhost. Regarding 40k, these rules will not be locked to only loyalist chapters but will include chaos and xeno factions; basically anyone with a sub-faction rule will be looked at in time. (Remember there will only be six new sub-faction per game system each year and Loads of armies to cover.) WD team excited by the suggestion to look at the FW chapters that use to have rules like the badab war chapters. Also there will no longer be a 'new releases' section at the beginning as the community site has that covered."
  13. Shearl

    Xerox Chaos WiP

    Great job on that huge model, I think I like your dark scheme on Skalok more than the typical red as the skulls and bones really standout.
  14. Shearl

    Andrew Yells' 2019 Daily Hobby

    Great stuff! I really like your banners, what is your technique? *very cute dog too
  15. Shearl

    The trap of wanting to be unique

    If you want an army that you won't see many duplicates of, give Forgeworld a go. I can almost guarantee you'd be the only person showing up with a full Tamurkhan's Horde army. Another option is to pick a less common theme within a popular army. In 40k I have space marines, but they're Mantis Warriors and as a result somewhat unusual. Naturally creating your own lore and color scheme is one way insure your force is unique.