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The Warlords at Warhammer World

Ben Johnson

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Hi everyone,

The 10th-11th of September brings a fantastic new event to Warhammer World, this event will be a great introduction to the Generals Handbook and one of the new ways of playing it should also see Warhammer World full to the brim with Age of Sigmar players.

I will be there and will also be looking to make a long weekend of it with a day of gaming in the Friday, I hope I will be seeing lots of you over the weekend. 


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Would love to attend but don't expect to have 2000pts ready. 

All depends what force size will be required. Will see when the leaks start hitting end of the month (or store gets an early copy in a few weeks). 

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13 hours ago, pforson said:

Anyone else notice that the start time on the ticket is 8:30 PM. That can't be right...

Where is everyone staying? I've booked into the Premier Inn Castle Marina. 20mins walk away.

Why can't it be right? haha....I hope its wrong, but probably it's when registration starts. First game might not be until 9-9.30. I honestly haven't looked at the schedule yet.

We have booked Castle Marina as well. Was always a decent shout for the old GT's, nice brisk morning walk down the canal to WHW to blow away the hangover!

Looking forward to this one!

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1 hour ago, Ben Johnson said:

The pack defiantly says doors open at 8.30AM with game 1 kicking of at 10.00am

Is anyone down on the Friday and do they fancy a game or two?

I'd be up for a game, I land at East Midlands at 11:15 so I should be at Warhammer World around 13:00 hopefully.

Although if you're after 'tournament practice' then I'm probably not your man. I haven't got much experience, having only found one other person here in Berlin who plays AoS. So it'd only be a 'fun' game.


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