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  1. Im interested to hear how you would all handle Khornes blood tithe in Triumph and Treachery games and Coalition of Death games. Would blood tithe points be generated for every unit that dies (no matter who killed them)? Or just for units lost by the khorne army and killed by the khorne army. How about if two khorne armies allied in COD would they each have a seperate tithe or share one? Would they only generate points for what they kill and lose or points for everything that dies?
  2. I'm in the same boat. Have so much to finish and so little time. Can see two more very late nights for me.
  3. This is interesting looks like I and many of my opponents have been playing this wrong. I have been playing it as you pile in 3" towards the closest unengaged model when clearly having re-read the rule this is wrong.
  4. Dracoth

    Events UK: Alliance

    Fantastic day. Everything ran very smoothyly and from what I saw everyone seemed to have fun. Ben and the team you deserve a great deal of credit for today, well done. I'll be keeping an eye on my inbox for details on the next one. Scott Harmon. ??
  5. This question is with regards to my Bloodletters but may have relevance to other units too. The Bloodletter Warscroll says 'Models (note the plural here) in this unit may be Icon Bearers. Icon Bearers bear either a Gore-drenched Icon or a Bloodsoaked Banner' Can I have one of each banner in one unit or do I have to choose 1 only? I appreciate an Icon Bearer can only carry one Icon but can I have multiple Icon Bearers? Thanks
  6. Thankyou Any chance I could get order and Chaos too please. Don't have any Death models.
  7. Can anyone tell me if leadbelchers are battleline for Destruction. Also if someone could also Pm the destruction points I'd be very grateful.
  8. Dracoth

    Events UK: Alliance

    I havn't decided what I'm taking yet I'm curious to see the rules first before I decide. I know we're all waiting we for the generals hand book but you mentioned in you first post there would be an update yesterday re scoring system etc. Have you anything new to add yet? Really pumped for this and can't wait.
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