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  1. I would probably suggest just watching the stream game. I don't have a 'strategy' that is cemented, the list is selected as each of the pieces can work well with each other and separately (to a degree). I try and play it so that I'm constantly making my opponent make tough choices and capitalise on when they make the bad choices, or I have good luck. I usually plan what I'm doing at the table for each game. Sorry it's not a more: 'I do this, I do that' answer, but I like sylvaneth cause they aren't like that. Good luck in your games!
  2. I can confirm this was my list. And will likely be my list until new year. Albeit slow it is very fun!
  3. I have never been so gutted on a Wednesday morning... can I borrow his seraphon though? ?
  4. Yeah I'll be up for some of this! Should be able to drag a couple of the chumps along as well! Put carl smith and Pano ridiculoussurname down as well, they'll get involved!
  5. The poll is a bit flawed because if you built your thunderers with all rifles, there is no effect. You will happily use the unit like you have done before the update. But the results of this would be lumped in with units equipped with spammed special weapons (most likely cannons). Honestly as an Overlords player this was pretty much expected in one way or another and shows gw are willing to realign a few errors on their part with the unit guide not matching the product! Happy and impressed they have addressed it.
  6. Barring any issues I plan on attending the skirmish. No painting required for my Doomwheel ? Am excitedly awaiting times as can pack the top many games I will attempt to play!
  7. Yeah big time - was thinking of maybe sorting out a draft Friday night thing, but don't want to clash with skirmish. Gives people a chance to play but not commit!
  8. Hell yeah, totally on board with this decision. Will make for a really interesting event! I'm very happy that you've decided to go ghb2017, even if this may be a detriment to the amount of Kurnoth Hunters I can bring! Now where did I leave those spare dryads...
  9. Hey, I've purchased my ticket today, could you put Liam Cook vs Gary Hennessey as a grudge please? awesome thanks!
  10. Hi Chris, could you be a dear and put me vs Andy down at the opening brawl please? thanks fella!
  11. Mark, Dave Roberts has foolishly agreed to a grudge. Hope that's cool! thanks bud
  12. Mark did you receive my payment/will you be updating the paid list. I sent it across a couple of days ago, let me know if any issues. Thanks!
  13. For New Dawn we splashed out (pun intended) for the Best Western and it was a fantastic idea, little jacuzzi after a day rolling dice was perfect. Most of the guys from Cheltenham/Gloucestershire way have already booked the Rembrandt, so you wouldn't be alone for taxis/walk to town if anyone wanted to tag in there, just give one of us a buzz or find us in the bar or pool!
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