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A Realm to conquer

Ben Johnson



Hi everyone,

To go along side my shiny new Stormcast force I wanted some of the new Age of Sigmar scenery for them to fight over. I have always liked making and painting scenery, it real quick to do and can look great with very little effort put in.

Before I started I needed to have an idea of where this terrain was going to be set, the Realms of Life and Beasts where the front runners and I didn't decide 100% until I got in to the painting. Life won out as I liked the greenery I could add in to it all.

The more games of Age of Sigmar I played the more I like the freedom of terrain that it allows over Warhammer where you had to allow for ranked up units, you can also get away with 'scatter' terrain that is just to make the place look cool ?

There was a bit of kit bashing going on with most of my stuff, the new Age of Sigmar terrain kits are very interchangeable with each other and look great with a simple drybush and wash. 

The brown and gray are painted exactly the same as the bases on my Stormcast (so they look like they are really fighting there) but with a little more foliage added. The spare levels from the tree kit are a cool bit of color and really help hide any gaps.

Enough rambles from me here are the photos. 



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That floating plinth in amazing man. I really like the color scheme that you have applied. It gives all the scenery a great feeling. I like the color palette that you've chosen better than the ones GW did! Aside from the Realmgates, I've always thought that the AoS scenery was pretty lame. Now that I've seen it painted in your colors, I'm reconsidering!

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