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  1. I may catch some stick for this but I haven't seen the Lord of Plagues anywhere on this list. Maybe it's because he's pretty low costed when you consider that he's brimming over with "powers'" but his powers effing suck. Nurgle's Rot is feeble and it can't be relied upon to produce, it can't even be relied upon for some of those happy moments that make things click for you. It's usually a complete non-factor in the game, so having it, and having the ability to dole it out, is worthless in my opinion. On top of that he doesn't hit hard. He's fine as a support character I guess, but I'
  2. There's no doubt in my mind man, Chaos Warriors are earners. They are a very reliable, incredibly non glamorous unit that, with a little bit of support, will hold your line and get things done. While they are kind of expensive for a battleline troop, in Chaos their points, to wounds, to save ratio is pretty effing good. Fight on.
  3. @Dez @Kramer @hobgoblinclub Thanks gents!
  4. Hey guys, haven't posted in a while but I've been checking in from time to time to see what's up. Just started a Skaven force with three units of 10 clanrats as my Battleline Tax. What do you think is better, spears or handweapons?
  5. Dude, that was a very enlightening breakdown, I have been entertaining the idea of Chaos Chosen but I'm not really sold on them yet. Thanks as always for you insights.
  6. @Arkiham Dude, I totally feel you! Nurgle's Rot is a pretty garbage Command Ability. Most of the time it does a chubby fat lot of nothing. I've been running a Lord of Plagues because I haven't been able to get my hands on a Harbinger of Decay. But my Harbinger is supposed to be down at the shop on Friday and after that I don't think i have much use for my Lord anymore. Which is a bummer because I put some time into converting him and he looks pretty good on the table. But his crappy abilities and lackluster output will not be missed. I'd rather have another Chaos Sorcerer. Personally
  7. @The Jabber Tzeentch I take your point. It's like, Blightkings: core infantry, or heavy infantry? Both at the same time? I dunno.
  8. Yeah that's how I thought that each one of those read respectively. After I met this guy who was rolling twice for Nurgle's Rot I just wanted to make sure that I had it right. Thanks guys! In the meantime I don't know if I'll be able to explain it to the dude down at the FLGS. Any advise on how to word this so it makes sense to him?
  9. I intend to be there! I will be bringing some other chaps from Phoenix! We are looking to have a lot of fun and rolling some effing dice! Yea! (Winning optional.)
  10. So I having been looking at the wording on both Nurgle's Rot on the Lord of Plagues and Virulent Discharge on the Blightkings. It seems to me that the wording on Nurgle's Rot indicates that it does not stack with other instances of Nurgles's Rot in range. Like, you only roll for it once per effected unit. Virulent Discharge on the other hand seems to pretty clearly indicate that it goes off once for each unit of origin in range, so it would stack and you'd have the potential of rolling multiple dice per unit in range. This is, I imagine, why the two abilities have different name
  11. Once again I find myself agreeing with my pal @Nico. Stormvermin wreck face. A block of Stormvermin benefiting from the various buffs available due to unit size and proximity to heroes will crew through lesser powered units and has the ability to overwhelm objectives. Because you have to play to objectives models like Stormfiends with high output but few actual bases on the table will be limited to annihilation style rolls because they simply don't have the manpower to exert control over the board. The old tank and flank strategy has not gone away. List building is going to based on balan
  12. @Nico yeah, that's the list! I think that Allan could benefit from seeing it. Thanks for the heads up on the Balewind Vortex warscroll! I didn't even know that was a thing. Where so you find points for that? @Josh Meads Yeah sorry man, not trying to be negative as much as honest. I'm not saying that Rotbringers doesn't have anything at all in it's arsenal, just that you are facing an uphill battle and need to find other outlets inside the hobby that you derive joy from because you aren't going to be winning scads and scads of games. It's a totally fine deal, if you are willing to make it
  13. FullMetalRPG


    Fantastic! Best color scheme I've seen on Ironjawz yet! You really brought out the black with the distressing and made the whole thing pop! Very cohesive.
  14. FullMetalRPG


    This is amazing.
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