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The story continues

Ben Johnson



Hi All,

Here is the next part of the Knights of Azyr's story all based on the game I played against Kev a few weeks ago on the awesome new board at Warhammer World. 

Deep into Ghyran mighty Sigmar sent the Knights of Azyr with the task of bringing the Fyerslayers of the Beal-For Lodge onto the side of Order. Sigmar looked down as the mighty vaults of Sigmarion were emptied of every last scrap of gold as Sigmar know that the Fyerslayers would be absorbed by their addiction to it.

The Auric Runemaster Kalforge sensed the presence of the Ur-gold and contained within his lost ancestor god, from many leagues away well before the Hammerstrike’s knew they were close to their quarry, at the same time Auric Runesmiter Belforge was stirring the spirit of Grimnir resting within the lodge's warrior. With glowing Ur-gold and flexing muscles the Lodge emptied the spirit of the long lost ancestor god Grimnir burning within each of them as with white knuckles the gripped the fyersteel of their axes.

The Drakesworn Temple Annihulus was the first to take the field, not only on the wings of Great Stardrakes but also and for the first time in this already long war, on the backs of lightning wreathed Dracoths. Hard did the warriors of the the Extremis Chamber hit with both Storm Breath and Lightning Hammer.

Many Beal-For warriors shrugged of wounds that would kill most of the inhabitants of the realm but these Fyerslayers fought on, there Ur-gold runes glowing brighter and brighter with every new wave of attacks. The mighty Drake Clasicx was lost in a blur of Fyersteel axes, his mighty body exploding into a thousand celestial bolds and returning to the Great Drake himself.

The Helmgart Lliberators found the very ground that were holding to be fraught with fire, every footfall braking the thin surface and sending plumes of lava flowing all over them. Even the iron hard Sigmarite armour they all were wearing wasn't enough to protect them and many of their number were consumed by fire and flame.

It was only the immovable fire of the Judicators that could slow the rune drenched Fyerslayers, it was at this point that the calming words, that somehow as if aided by Sigmar himself spread through the Fyerslayer ranks like a calming zeffer, of Lord-Castelant Roth Lightborne hit home and the fighting ceased.  

An uneasy truce was made that day, built on a mutual respect and a large quantity of gold.


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Very nice Pictures. The Table looks fantastic. I would like to do a similar thing with fixed terrain across one big board, but i would not know how to store it.

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i love that Statue of a Griifin and Ghal Maraz being held by a long forgotten hero. Think I'm going to make a couple of Statues now.


i had a thought about a game for later. How are the Knights of Azyr going to replenish their store of gold? Maybe a Heist mission from the Tombs of the Dead? Or the unused piles of treasure Destruction has collected? Just needs to be re-distributed to people who will spend it wisely. Or claiming a new vein of gold from FyreSlayer Prospectors. Then they will have to barter with you to access it rather than own it and mine it out? The possibilities for Narrative.

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"Or the unused piles of treasure Destruction has collected"

This is the way I see the Knights of Azry going to be honest, there seems to be a great many Ironjawz tribes springing up at the moment. 

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