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  1. #1: Models I enjoy looking at, if they're not I am probably never going to finish painting them. #2: I enjoy the play style of the army. As for you, since you haven't played the game before and it will be really hard to know what kind of play style you are looking for. I would just pick the army with the coolest looking models. In either case before you have played a lot of games to know the ins and outs of your army and the game in general you will probably feel like the army you have is underpowered or just bad.
  2. You are totally right, those are some awesome conversions. Thanks!
  3. If I could recommend one hobby blog it would be massivevoodoo.blogspot.com. They focus on display quality painting. Which at a quick glance you might think doesn't relate to what we do as army painters. What I have found is that it has given me a better understanding of how colors work and interact with eachother. How small changes in nuance of a color can change the whole feel of a model. It is also useful to look at advanced tutorials and try to break them down into simpler steps and apply them to my own hobby. What do hobby blogs do you find yourself coming back to again and again, and more importantly, why?
  4. Well to be fair the game is not only about your enjoyment. Try to look at it from your opponents perspective, if you came to the table with an army you put effort into you want to see the same from your opponent. I get that you don't like that part of the hobby and that's fine, I'm just saying that if you do paint your models it will make it a better game for your opponent which in turn should effect you positively as well.
  5. This was a really good tip, I will definitely buy some cheap brushes and paint.
  6. I am having my first child in January. I am already trying to figure out how to work out the hobby situation with a newborn. Maybe a playpen fence around my painting station? Like that prison fence in the walking dead
  7. My own problem is resisting the urge to buy new models, I only have so much time to paint and I know this. Still I buy more and more stuff until I eventually have to sell most of it off on eBay. It's almost like an addiction, plastic crack indeed What is your problem? It would be really interesting to hear what ppl in this community struggles with.
  8. Thanks DeadlySarcasm! That's exactly why I decided to write something about the subject, couldn't find anything like it.
  9. This is the 2nd part of the series and this time I will show you what sources I use to find inspiration for upcoming painting projects, read the full article for at least one hidden hobbygem! Read the full article here
  10. Do you want to take your army painting to the next level? Then you're in the right place. This is the first part of a article series aiming to help readers plan and paint a great looking AoS army. In this first installation we are looking at what a theme is, why you should have one and how you go about figuring out one for your army. Sounds interesting? you can find the full article here
  11. @Ben Johnson: Awesome terrain! I especially like the floating altar. I was wondering though, what are the name of those tufts you use?
  12. Hi! My name is Mathias and I have been painting miniatures since 2010 when I was exposed to Warhammer fantasy by a friend. In the beginning I used to look amazingly painted miniatures and I remember thinking to myself, "I could never paint like that". But as time passed and I got more experience I eventually got to that level. I have decided to start my own hobby blog were the goal is to teach others how to become better painters. The focus will not be on techniques and such, there are already many resources online for that. Instead I want to teach the strategies and mindsets that will help you become a more efficient painter and take your models to the next level. I want to focus on efficiency as most of us always have a few painting projects in our heads that we want to do, the problem being we don't have enough time to actually put it into reality etc. By reading the blog and using the information I provide you will know what you should put your effort into when you are painting and as a result your painting output is sure to increase! You can find my blog at: http://miniaturemodelpainting.com Please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm here to help. Looking forward to hearing from you, Mathias mathias@miniaturemodelpainting.com
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