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  1. angrycontra

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Interesting thing to note about command abilities that from nurgle book onwards, there are some command abilities that specifically can only be used if that model is your general. Lord of afflictions is one such model, akhelian king/volturnos has it for idoneth, LoN allegiance command ability, morathi and maybe some others. And this is clearly not some random mistake or just poor wording for new heroes, because lord of blights can use his ability no problem and he is new hero.
  2. angrycontra

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    The panic mode here is quite ridiculous considering that people haven't even seen the full picture. Couple pointers here: 1. We don't have army points. For all we know, all these summoning armies could end up seeing small points increases across the board. Tzeentch has basically been begging for nerfs for quite some time now and I wouldn't be surprised to see their points go up. 2. Community team is not reliable. They have read rules wrong in the past and sometimes miss the obvious. They've also deliberately left out important details. 3. Most warcsrolls and other odd summoning mechanics are likely either changing or simply not working with the whole "free summons"-mechanic. I doubt gw is so stupid that they'd allow free blue/brimstone horrors to come out of pinks atleast not without massive point increase for pinks. Armies like FEC need to simply wait and see what gw has in store for them. 4. Most of those new summoning mechanics aren't even as bad as people make them out to be. Just to throw some examples here: - Khorne. Saving those blood points for summoning means you aren't using them for anything else which is balancing khorne's allegiance ability. - Nurgle. I calculated the average points you get by turn 4 (turn 5 is mostly meaningless for summons) assuming you have horticulous in your army (for free tree) and sure you get free guo at turn 4... who can't cast magic, can't shoot anyone, most likely fails charge too. You can do small summons earlier but I don't see single extra plague drone unit or 2 beasts of nurgle breaking the meta. Nurgle's menagerie battallion makes summoning easier but currently it's the most expensive battallion in the army so it's not exactly free summoning then. - LON. First of all, your general is the only who can use that ability. Secondly since it is command ability, you also use command point plus you waste possibly usefull command from your general (nagash command ability is super powerful by itself for example). Third, since your general is the only one capable of using it, that general will have massive target painted on them and you can bet that any army that can destroy that general with relative ease, will do so. Finally as mentioned, leaving units just alive with few models in it will ensure that nothing comes back (nothing big at least). Yeah sure, gravesites/heroes bring them back with invocation but killing heroes has always been priority against death armies and stacking too many graves on one area leaves other areas exposed. Now I'm not saying that these armies aren't gonna be powerful or that these summon mechanics don't have the possibility to break the game in a bad way, but we simply don't have the whole picture yet. Wait for the full revwals before you grab your pitchforks.
  3. angrycontra

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Well considering that blight kings cost only 160 points these days and have access to more buffs/other boosts, I would hardly call it a nerf.
  4. angrycontra

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Well at least it's just 1 extra point per battallion so it's not some super massive bonus but yeah I'm bit disappointed that they tied those command points to battalions. I like though the fact that c.points are given 1 per turn. This ensures super 1 turn kill combos early on won't work (unless you have billion cheap battalions).
  5. angrycontra

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    I agree with these point changes but mass bonus for beasts is useless. Reason for this is the acidic trail ability for beasts, because that ability only activates once per beast unit not per beast model. Because of that beasts should always go solo.
  6. angrycontra

    Kharadron Overlord Allies

    Well malign portents lord-ordinator for stormcast have hit-buffing aura for warmachines. Him along with knight azyros could be nice buff to kharadron airships (+1 to hit with hit re-rolls of 1). Only issue is that he's slow so he needs to run behind those ships constantly.
  7. angrycontra

    How balanced is AoS now?

    I think aos is reasonably well balanced game. In fact, I kinda hate it when some people argue against some balance changes by saying "there's always gonna be the top tier army that everyone picks/people will just adapt to next best thing". Now sure, yes there's always gonna be that one army that has higher win rate than others, but the question is not whether such army exists but rather how much better it is than the rest. There's a big difference between winning 55/100 games and winning 70/100 games. The biggest issue I see with aos though is the lack of counterplay tactics for some armies. Ideally healthy meta works something like this: army x is powerful, and a lot of people are playing it. Army y however counters army x and thus army x slowly drops out of fad. Army z (previously dominated by x) counters army y and so the wheel keeps spinning. Healthy meta is not that there is 3-4 tzeentch changehost lists in every damn tournament top 10.
  8. angrycontra

    AoS 2

    I don't think that it's going to be aos 2, more like aos 1.5, where they add rules of 1 stuff to core rules, clean some of the outdated rules no-one uses (model to model measurement as an example) and add maybe (hopefully) some small restrictions to shooting such as look out sir rule and shooters have to shoot enemies that are within 3" or something similar. All of this stuff could easily be added without destroying any existing battletomes (and if some units are expected to become too much stronger after any changes, ghb18 should add some points to those units). Also I personally don't like the whole "4 pages of rules for the sake of 4 pages of rules"-idea. What I want is that they give clear ideas how certain rules work. I wouldn't mind if it took 1 whole page to explain properly (with pictures) how pile-inning works and so worth. I would gladly read 10 pages of rules as long as they are well written and leave nothing open for speculation (note that I'm not asking for more rules (other than the shooting ones) I just want clearer and less vague explanations). I also wish that any of these faq/errata changes will be added to rules.
  9. angrycontra

    Legion of Nagash Path to Glory

    I strongly disagree with this. Sure, attrition plays key part, but I don't see how my harbinger of decay can face off against vlozd, terrorgeist and 2 small units of whatever with only 2 units of 5 blight kings. Even points-wise my opponent has at least 400 points advantage, 400 points! Those death ptg rules are ridiculous, it's basically the return of stardrake with 4 followers or whatever it was. Ptg may not have been intended to be balanced to begin with but the difference in power level here is ridiculous. My playgroup has already decided that we use the original ptg book for building those forces for death, 'cause otherwise death would just roflstomp everyone else.
  10. As a nurgle player I can't understand for life how GUO can even be considered underpriced. Now I will admit, endless gifts is pretty broken and perhaps needs some adjustment in the future yes, but on the other hand, taking that artifact requires artifact slot (and there are plenty other strong artifacts in the book). Saying that guo is good in combat is a joke. Even if he takes massive bilesword and flails, he still has basically worse profile than runefather on magmadroth for almost 100 more points (and as someone who plays fyreslayers also, runefather isn't very good in battle). If he takes bell and blade, he is just terrible in combat and takes full support role. And the whole "but he also adds +1 with his command ability and drones get +1 from their own ability near him" is just silly. Drones' bonus attack has already been factored to cost of them, the unit is terrible without it and GUO's command ability is pretty standard and only good for drones. And finally those spells he gets are good but crippled by their low range.
  11. angrycontra

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    In most games, 2-3 is the most I've ever needed. Once you're stuck in combat, they don't do much anymore since you can't drop them on your enemies (unless you have horticulous). Obviously more is better but they aren't so super important after first couple of turns.
  12. angrycontra

    Quick Nurgling question

    No just 1 model with wounds is healed to full.
  13. angrycontra

    GHB2018 Wishlist

    Here's my wishlist: First of all battalions should be a lot cheaper. Artifacts should also no longer be tied to them, maybe also remove the ability to drop battalion all at once. Artifacts should be tied to matched play size more than anything else. Secondly some kind of hero protection against shooting would be nice. This was suggested in different thread but I thought it was pretty nice: Heroes under 8 wounds get basically 5+ chance to transfer wounds or mwounds to nearby unit within 3". No need to have complete protection but something little to protect those squishier heros. Thirdly, shooting attacks can only be used to enemies within 3" if there are any. This would open new tactical opportunities to battle the whole shooter heavy meta (send verminlord deceiver with his teleport ability to tie that kunnin rukk archer unit, have fun shooting with -2 to hit). Obviously rest of my wishes are simply the point changes. I would like gw to finally get out of their very conservative point changes (such as not changing points of morghast or mortarchs in LoN) mind set and do some meaningful changes. If people aren't playing/buying some models, common sense dictates that something is wrong with the balance. Also, while I can understand that gw wants to promote newer armies over old ones (hence fyreslayer favoritism over dispossessed in ghb17) I would really like to see them try their best to make all armies as balanced as possible.
  14. angrycontra

    The Rumour Thread

    I don't know what gw has said in its millions of faqs but I've been under the impression that negating wound through any way is not same as the wound having already been allocated to the model. I mean in Morathi's case (if that was intended) it would be the stupidest rule they've ever made period. "Oh look I managed to roll 3 lucky 6s, well I guess you can't do ****** against my gal this turn har har". If it does work like this, I'll bet my lifesavings it will be faqed later. In fact, if there ever was a character that might see rules changes/nerfs in the future, it's probably Morathi. Now I'm not screaming nerfs here (yet), she might be very expensive and so forth but I can see her being easily one of the more troublesome characters ever released in age of sigmar and not in the good way. We'll see.
  15. angrycontra

    Being strict with new players?

    I think that against new players it's always best to build sub-optimal (but fun) force. Use simple guys with simple rules that look cool on the battlefield even if they are very ineffective. Leaving some key characters (like blood secrator/battlesmith for fyreslayers/etc.) out can really level the playing field for newer players. Consider it like this: Imagine playing videogame (like dark souls) and just as you are about to leave tutorial area, this super hard endgame boss drops in (ornstein and smough for example). That would instantly kill any interest for newer players to even play the game when they can't defeat the very first tutorial encounter. This is what can happen if you play this super force in aos against newbie who is excited to try out his/her new toys. Too many times I've seen people who just quit the hobby because their army couldn't cut it, or that's what they thought because they didn't realize the full potential of the game and the army they own. As for pointing out rule mistakes, you should always talk about them even if you don't go back replaying entire turn. You can't learn game without failing every now and then. Also I think it's also fair for you to explain how your guys work beforehand to ensure that your opponent can pinpoint your mistakes too (plus then they would actually know how to play against your army). Against first-timers I also recommend warning them about obvious mistakes (like reminding them about spell ranges and where their units are safe etc.)