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  1. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Why don't you have any spirit torments/chainghasts? Bladegheists only get full hit rerolls near them. Without those hit rerolls, grimghast reapers will likely do much better job than bladegheists and for cheaper.
  2. 1) Does it look good (rules matter little when model is just pure awesomeness)? 2) Does it have fun rules (note, being good/op does not mean equivalent of being fun)? 3) Does it fit in my initial planned 2000 point list (I usually collect 2k points, then switch armies to buy something new)? 4) Is it part of some battalion as a tax unit (tecnically same as 3 but usually the last thing I buy for my army)? 5) Is it simply just too good to pass (I generally avoid op stuff though)?
  3. The argument I see often popping up in this thread is that "AoS is already rng, full of bullcrap combowombos, why do you now care about some realm rules?" or something like that. Well in my opinion, that is precisely the reason why extra layers of rng are not needed. I've played online tcg hearthstone quite a bit and that game is notorious of heavy rng creeping into the more competetive scene, and that excess rng has never been well received in that game. It's not fun losing game because odds were so heavily stacked against you. Like let's say I was playing duardin force in scorched earth (fyreslayers but with only 1-2 runesmiters) and we roll realm feature "you can't run" and let's assume my opponent has naturally fast army. I can basically just pick up my things and give up there because 4" moving across the board is pointless, or I literally just sit on my objectives doing nothing most of the game. Yeah, real fun. The big issue with realm rules (and spells) is exactly what has already been said in this thread, that they sometimes do too much. In fact, let me "fix" some of the realm rules: "You can't run" -> "-1 to all run and charge rolls" "Missile weapon range max of 6" -> "reduce missile weapon range by 3" to a minimum of 6". If range is 6" or lower already, do not reduce range on that missile weapon." "Extra rend on 12" or more" -> "re-roll wound rolls of 1 at 12" or more" Banishment spell should be changed to: "Pick enemy unit within 8", move that enemy unit anywhere on the table more than 12" of the caster but wholly within 24" of the caster" (that's honestly how I read the ability first time.) And so forth and so forth... I do however like the idea of pre-planned tournament scenarios, where these realm rules have already been picked and players can prepare for them in advance. That is where the real tactical planning and army building mastery comes to play. But rolling dice to see whether you more likely win or lose scenario before it has even begun is not good for the game.
  4. My problem with realm rules is simple: they're so easy to forget. Me and my brother have couple times tried playing with different realm rules and every time we forgot they existed. I see those rules as unnecessary extra layer on top of the core rules. I also don't really buy into this claim that this game is balanced around realm rules. There are so many broken things that can happen with some of the basic realm rules that will help some factions (who don't need any help) far more than others. Take the whole missile weapons get extra rend if you shoot 12" or further as one example. And don't get me even started with those spells. Banishment is broken and so is casting value 6 fire spell that increases unit's damage characteristic by 1. Common defensive arguments I see with these realm spells is that 1. They aid wizards of factions with no spell lores of their own and 2. Everyone can use them, so what's the big fuss. Both of these arguments are flawed imo. First of all, not every faction gets natural wizard of their own. Magic may be one of the themes of 2nd edition but unless I can purchase wizard for my army without spending ally points or ruining my army's theme altogether (think Khorne for example), then it shouldn't be so overwhelmingly strong system. Endless spells I like since they cost points and wizardless armies can still control them. Secondly, the armies without spell lores aren't the ones gaining more power from realm spells. Armies that gain most power are the already magic dominant armies such as tzeentch, LoN and such. Those small fry casters with 1 spell and no casting bonuses have no place on table when the big wizs start casting. I don't see how these realm spells do anything but help guys like Nagash just dominate the table even more. Also one final thing I'd like to point about realm rules. It says in the core rules that "you CAN use these realm rules blaa blaa..." in other words, even GW considers them as optional ruleset. It also doesn't help that they are rules hidden in 2 different books, core book and malign sorcery. I don't know about uk tournament scene but where I live, during any bigger tournament events, you need to use only one hand to calculate the number of people who own both malign sorcery and the new core book. Ghb is by far the most popular book and that book should have had the rules for realms and their spells in it. Or make at the very least realm rules part of the free core rules. But enough rambling on my part. I still like the existence of realm rules and I think they're great for open/narrative/casual games. I just find them to be really badly designed for any tournament games (unless it's themed tournament). The low access for these rules thanks to these extra books was biggest mistake GW did with them.
  5. angrycontra

    Is "Inspiring Presence" too powerful?

    I think it's good that it's as powerful as it is. In case you haven't noticed, not every army gets these "+1 to attack" or any other similar good offense command abilities (or even good defensive ones like harbinger of decay). Fyreslayers is perfect example of one such army. To have these base command abilities powerful enough (even the charge reroll and quaranteed run of 6 are both nice) means that command points become actual resource that you have to carefully distribute. If you spend everything on boosting someone's attack, you might regret that when you fail that 3" charge or take massive b.shock damage. Also, if your opponent doesn't feel like spending more than one c.point every other turn on battleshock immunity, that might be more telling that your army isn't aggressive/powerful enough to force him to use more or give him/her multiple battleshocks each turn.
  6. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    Engine of gods is pretty easy to fix. Just make it like screaming bell, in other words, that summoning works only once per game (regardless of how many engines you got) and if you roll the summoning result later, you get to pick the result of your choice (lower than 18 obviously).
  7. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    Although pickaxes + shields are generally considered the better, axes are so much more reliable at actually hitting stuff, plus with nighthaunt released, rend isn't that great thing against them so having one unit of axes is pretty good imo.
  8. angrycontra

    Casting Someone else's Endless spells

    Although it probably requires faq, I'd argue no, because you're meant to pay for those spells. Even if it was possible RAW, I think it's obvious gw would errata fix that.
  9. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    Anyone who can unbind can unbind endless spell, but only wizards can dispel them. They're 2 different mechanics. Dispelling means spending one of your casts to remove active endless spell from table.
  10. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    Couple thoughts about that list: First of all, the current allies rules prevents you from taking more than 1/4 of your units as allies in addition to that 400p limit. Since there's no 12 units in your list, this list would be illegal. Obviously easiest workaround would be to just fuse both arkanaut units in one big one. However second thing is that I honestly feel some dispossessed infantry would work lot better than kharadron since you have runelord. Problem I see with runelord is that his unbind ability isn't good enough for justifying his point cost. Those buffs he gives are very strong but they're only for the dispossessed. Obviously if you don't have any dispossessed (and no intention of getting any) then I guess there's nothing much to do.
  11. One of the issues I came across was that the fyreslayer stormcast allies were not showing up. Could be due to the imminent sce book release but still annoying. Still, buggy or not, I massively appreciate that gw finally is fixing the warscrolls. What's more, I love that the app no longer requires warscroll downloads like before.
  12. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    It says "increase damage characteristic of the WEAPON by 1" weapon implies the entire weapon for that model which in turn would mean that all attacks benefit from that damage increase since all attacks happen at the same time. But hey what do I know, I'm no rules writer. Maybe this ability is just crappy massive nerf to the original but the wording used is pretty terrible either way. I'm not trying to powerplay here, I'm just showing that there is multiple ways to interpret this ability. Anyway, until faq comes, I'm going to play this ability assuming that it buffs all the attacks made by model but not as permanent effect, because if it is literally nothing more than +1 damage to the total, it is literally the worst allegiance ability in the history of aos period and I'd like to believe gw doesn't just shat on skyre just for the sake of it.
  13. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    Ok I just got the ghb 2018, and got to have a proper look to see how skyre allegiance ability was changed. Before I begin any analysis, here's the changed part in the ability (word for word): Add 1 to the damage characteristic of a weapon used by a friendly skyre model that has made a successful attack. This obviously replaces the old double damage thingy. Anyway here's few points: 1. Based on core rules, successful attack is when enemy fails save roll so that is when this ability triggers. 2. Nowhere in the ability could I see mention that this is temporary effect. I'm not sure if that was intended or not (or if I missed some key detail) but I'd assume wording for temporary effect would be something along lines of this: "add 1 to the damage of each successful attack this turn" or similar. This could mean that you can stack the damage boost for single model at the time for every shooting/combat phase. (So even without the spark you could shoot 2 damage with each succesful ratling gun shot next turn for that model). 3. Regardless whether the effect is temporary or not, 1 thing is clear: it affects all successful attacks made by that model (so ratling guns and shock gauntlets are amazing with it). This however creates one rather annoying thing: you have to roll every single model seperately until you choose to boost the damage. After all, if you roll all at once, how do you know (without different color dice) which model made which attacks. This is somewhat cumbersome and a slow way to do things. So anyway there's my analysis. What do you think? Is it temporary effect or permanent buff? If you ask me, I wouldn't see permanent buff be a op in any way (not with all the other crazy allegiance abilities coming with new armies) but I think this is something that needs faq clarification (or someone better reading rules than me). Edit* forgot to mention, kickback damage for using spark is now only d3 mw instead of d6 if it triggers.
  14. angrycontra

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    Also magmarunesons ability is now simply full charge reroll aura instead of the roll 3 dice and pick the 2 highest results. Ultimately though, fyreslayer command abilities never were really worth stacking in the first place. The only real disappointment to me was that they made that change for runeson on foot. Nobody is ever gonna pick that guy as their general so his ability is just pointless (again).
  15. angrycontra

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Well I'm glad I guessed my stormfiends' 60mm bases correctly. My heroes are also on 32mm because I like their bases to stand out. Doomwheel is also in correct sized base so my skyre army is good to go.