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  1. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Ok thank you.
  2. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    If you was 2 start with a 2k list what would you suggest? I to am starting fyreslayers. I purchased a whole bunch yesterday. Thanks
  3. Fyreslayers help please

    Thank you.
  4. Fyreslayers help please

    Could someone help me with a list so I can start buying/painting. any help An advice welcome. i would like a list I can get using relatively quickly. Then I can learn the army an add as I go. New hand book new army for me. Thank you all in advance.
  5. If you like Ironjawz, check back tomorrow!

    I'm confused. Who doesn't like ironjawz?
  6. Rogue Idol back

    Amazing! Got one built. Needs a little more work An I'll paint it. It's my leviathan for raw. An I get to use it's an idol with my jawz! Double bonus.
  7. Was a great weekend Jon. I really liked the pack. Have we got a run down of final standings?
  8. Rudder boys are here to help. So drinking round one it is. What do you fancy?
  9. Rogue idol base size?

    Thanks guys. I went for the 160. Seems right that such a big model should be on a big base.
  10. Rogue idol base size?

    As title. i have one with out a base not sure what size to put it on. Any recommendations? thanks in advance
  11. My stupidest list idea, of all time

    Frost sabres for the win!! yeah let us know your plans. Post some pics of your progress an most of all let us know how it does!
  12. Fellwater Moonclan

    I love trolls! Play test it see how it goes!
  13. The idol hunters BLOG- ardboyz done!

    Finally got some hobby in an got these done. I'm happy with the paint job. But not sure if it looks like they are in quicksand. Any way here they are.
  14. Ohhh that is a nice green!
  15. Ghorfang's Headstompaz Blog

    An a very nice update it is!