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  1. Mounted destruction help

    Some great feed back An a lot to think about thank you all. Very grateful!! are wolf riders not battleline? Thanks again
  2. Mounted destruction help

    No it's what I asked for thank you. Well bar the warchanter. Lol im An ironjawz player but I'm really seeing what my options are for a cab army. Thanks again
  3. Mounted destruction help

    Awesome thanks will check that out.
  4. Mounted destruction help

    As title. im struggling to work out the best way to run it. i know it's gonna be no where near competitive. But trying to make it as good as I can. what are must have units. im thinking something built around a gorefist. Can I even include a gorefist battalion in destruction allegiance? an double wyvern maybe? Also thinking msu is the way to go due to very poor bravery. Lots of chariots an 5 man units zipping around Being a pain. thoughts? thanks in advance for any help tips An tricks
  5. Where to start with chaos

    Thank you all!
  6. Where to start with chaos

    As title really. i like a mix of the models An have no idea where to start in terms of creating a list. im loooking for a new hobby project with a semi competitive list. But confused where to start. help!!
  7. [Cards] for Fyreslayers

    This is amazing!!! I have on my to do list make rune cards for fyreslayers. You are a legend.
  8. Awesome event guys. Thanks to everyone I played. Is there a list of final standing at all? Thanks
  9. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    If you was 2 start with a 2k list what would you suggest? I to am starting fyreslayers. I purchased a whole bunch yesterday. Thanks
  10. Fyreslayers help please

    Thank you.
  11. Fyreslayers help please

    Could someone help me with a list so I can start buying/painting. any help An advice welcome. i would like a list I can get using relatively quickly. Then I can learn the army an add as I go. New hand book new army for me. Thank you all in advance.
  12. If you like Ironjawz, check back tomorrow!

    I'm confused. Who doesn't like ironjawz?
  13. Rogue Idol back

    Amazing! Got one built. Needs a little more work An I'll paint it. It's my leviathan for raw. An I get to use it's an idol with my jawz! Double bonus.
  14. Was a great weekend Jon. I really liked the pack. Have we got a run down of final standings?