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  1. Thanks guys. I went for the 160. Seems right that such a big model should be on a big base.
  2. As title. i have one with out a base not sure what size to put it on. Any recommendations? thanks in advance
  3. Frost sabres for the win!! yeah let us know your plans. Post some pics of your progress an most of all let us know how it does!
  4. I love trolls! Play test it see how it goes!
  5. Finally got some hobby in an got these done. I'm happy with the paint job. But not sure if it looks like they are in quicksand. Any way here they are.
  6. Ohhh that is a nice green!
  7. An a very nice update it is!
  8. Just do one as a tester maybe?
  9. @Chris Tomlin dont count till its painted. You know that right? Lol
  10. Been awhile since Iv got to post. Far to busy at work. Krunk is looking baller mate! An I love the idea of him travelling the realms An space! Krunk cracking heads from here to the eye of terror An beyond the warp! An ork truly living the dream!!
  11. They look really cool. Can't wait to pick some up
  12. Awesome! I have a pink skaven army An loved painting that. Not sure what it says about us destruction players! So many of us loving the colour pink!
  13. Keep it coming mate!
  14. He said he sent you the money also. Cheers mate
  15. Can I add dave pollock to the list please.