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  1. Can’t find it. I can see Facebook but no WhatsApp.
  2. Do we start one? Or ask about some more?
  3. Does anyone know if there is a Skyre WhatsApp group. Cheers
  4. Tom


    Oh ok thank you. Makes sense.
  5. Tom


    Thank you.
  6. Tom


    Hi probably a stupid question. but can I give an artefact to a unit leader? Also can I give a ironjawz artefact to an allied Grot shaman. tganks in advance.
  7. Awesome thank you. i have all the cards so that’s not a problem. Or maybe that is the problem an is why I can’t choose lol. Confused myself. thanks again.
  8. Hi can anyone give me any advice on a good starter agro deck for the orcs please? just getting started with shadespire after a friend has badgered me to get into the game. Have zero clue what I’m doing lol. After a starting point that I can tweak as I go along an get more Idea what I’m doing. thanks in advance
  9. Tom

    Skaven help

    Great thanks for the help. Get clan rats use what I got....... till new skaven..... hopefully
  10. Tom

    Skaven help

    I have this Lot I just put on rounds but not sure how to run it. Can anyone help? Happy to add to it etc. Really want to get my skaven up an running again for AoS. Just not sure how. Haha. Can I make any of it work? Thanks in advance. 2x warp cannons Abomb Screaming bell Doom wheel Vermin lord deciver 2x Tunnel team 3 stormfiends 2 Ratling 1 grinder fist Warlord 4 Engineer 5 Pack masters inc special char Grey seer 15 gutter runners 40 storm vermin 40 clanrats with spears Poison wind mortar Sorry for font size. Copy paste an not t sure how to change.
  11. Some great feed back An a lot to think about thank you all. Very grateful!! are wolf riders not battleline? Thanks again
  12. No it's what I asked for thank you. Well bar the warchanter. Lol im An ironjawz player but I'm really seeing what my options are for a cab army. Thanks again
  13. Awesome thanks will check that out.
  14. As title. im struggling to work out the best way to run it. i know it's gonna be no where near competitive. But trying to make it as good as I can. what are must have units. im thinking something built around a gorefist. Can I even include a gorefist battalion in destruction allegiance? an double wyvern maybe? Also thinking msu is the way to go due to very poor bravery. Lots of chariots an 5 man units zipping around Being a pain. thoughts? thanks in advance for any help tips An tricks
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