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  1. Thanks Tom and Aaron. Final standings are here. Thanks to everyone who has trusted in me and came to any of my events the last few years they have been a blast to put on for the community. Massive Thanks to everyone! Note on placing order - first decider: Grand total second decider: most secondary objectives scored third decider: Most VP's
  2. *** small update 1) Lists do not have to be in until the day - gives you all the time in the world to change your minds. Please ensure you have them ready to hand in on the day (readable) Also include any items, overall general etc on the list. 2) We will be using the current generals handbook even if 2017 is release before the event - I wish we could have used it but not this year- only edit to this is Tomb kings and fyreslayers must use the temporary points. 3) Food - Hopefully Ive sorted out a better option overall without the subway - beige buffet. Saturday will be double
  3. Please can everyone check they are on the paid list now and shout if your not and think you should be. An update is coming this Tuesday. thanks
  4. Ok I'm on holiday this week but next week I'm going to to confirm a couple of small changes until then I'm off to see Micky mouse.... main thing is don't submit lists yet - ta
  5. Just 2 weeks to get payment in for this event please. If you have your names down and still wanting to come payment needs to be in before 23rd of July. Also still places available if other people are still interested. If the generals handbook 2017 is not out by the end of the month we will be using the current edition of the handbook. @Dan.Ford @Terry Pike @ageofpaddsmar @Dorris1988 @#SteveJames @bobby_b2 @spooky @Ekrund Oath Splitters
  6. Tonino they should be in your downloads folder on your computer/phone or tablet. Other than that dont really know why you cant view them.
  7. Will add you to the list of interested, details for payment are found on the first post in the player pack.
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