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  1. Wouldn't mind submitting a little lore either, have a little dispatch from an azurite scholar looking into an ancient age of myth empire mostly written I'd be happy to share.
  2. Fluff Problems

    On the face of it yeah. But we don't know too much about the other elven deities or their intentions (besides Ararielle yet) and the gods in AOS don't seem to be omniscient like the Abrahamic ones - as evidenced by Sigmar not knowing Nagash's plans, Morathi stealing more than her share of souls etc - so they simply may harbour suspicions but don't know enough yet.
  3. New Aelves

    Idoneth Deepkin look likely to be the next (a)elven faction, seemingly the rumoured undersea set. Exciting times.
  4. The Rumour Thread

    Actually I think from that the sea elves are the first (that somehow went astray/wrong/got lost - Atia's French so her translation may not be 100%) elves 'recreated' by Teclis, the Idoneth.
  5. Black Knights vs. Blood Knights

    I used to use 10 Black Knights as a mobile screen/bubble for Nef. Now they hit like a ton of bricks too (on the charge), the guaranteed damage is huge. Took out the medium Khadaron ship with attacks to spare today in one combat phase, lovely and cheap.
  6. The Rumour Thread

    DOK battletomb review part 1 - fluff. Warning, HUGE spoilers and hints for other factions too - https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/
  7. The Haunted Host

    That board is gorgeous, puts the boards in our nearest GW to shame.
  8. So, First unit of Raptors WIP Got first layer on some hunters. Something for me, a test model WIP, will be a DOK affiliated sorceress for (another) possible allied faction... Hound WIP. Will be following the same scheme as the charger and testing freehand on the little fella first.
  9. New stuff The new Legions of Nagash book has had me dig out the army again. Bought the book, and also a unit of Morghast, will be going for a Legion of Blood force, one peeved at the new DOK for knicking their snake cult background. Will try and get some games in with it while I work on my Stormcast project. I've finished the next 5 knights and started on another 10 ghouls. After the ghouls and Morghast are done, not sure what else will be added, hope to start gaming this year and this is my only painted army, so that will likely influence things. Would like some grave guard, but want to secure some Tomb Guard heads for them, which doesn't look like will happen anytime soon.
  10. Idea - matchmaking subforum?

    It's probably come up before, but I would really like to see a gamefinding/matchmaking section on the forums. Subforum where you can post you're looking for a game and the nearest venues to you. Would be handy for those of us without a club nearby enough or looking to play against new players.
  11. Bases! From square to round?

    Depends on the minis. My skellies were often glued quite firmly to their old bases and have weak ankles, so for many I loped the sides of the old square with clippers and just glued the remants of the old base onto a round, worked well enough as a lazy solution and added some variation which was handy.
  12. Promising start, looking forward to seeing how it develops
  13. The Rumour Thread

    I'm a death collector and I disagree with the bolded. From all we've heard and the synopsis on the GW site, we sort of aren't the main men in MP - Nagash is still building up whatever it is he's planning and the other factions are the aggressors/stars of the show and are invading Shyish en-mass after seeing portents of doom - there's no indication Malign Portents finishes this up, I think it might be all build-up for whatever happens after. If so, makes sense we're not so much in the spotlight/get nothing new in light of that, we're almost the NPC in this. Hopefully, once his plan finally is revealed, it will be Death in the spotlight and the plan will be partly in the shape of some new stuff, maybe a new sub-faction. Though goodness knows we could do with a new zombie/blood knight kit to get us by til then.
  14. Are you going to warboar again? Croydon's far for me to attend (no direct connections) but Bromley (and Dark Sphere in fairness) is handy, could do with playing again.
  15. Thanks! Yeah, needed to break up the yellowly brown everywhere and the mini has a decent amount of texture. Actually basecoated everything with ratskin flesh originally (after dark brown) before the (quite thin layers), helped with that and sort of encouraged different textures. I'm terrified on the markings, will have a go on the weekend hopefully.