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  1. Mortarch

    The Rumour Thread

    Which hopefully is followed for Sigmar with a Slaves to Darkness/Everchosen/Conan sort of release... But that's just wishful thinking I guess.
  2. Mortarch

    The Rumour Thread

    Flesh Eater Courts Battletome no longer available on web store... New book sooner than expected?
  3. Mortarch

    The 5000+ Owners Club

    Haven’t done a final count again, but last count was about 5K. Finished the last model there about an hour ago! Which means onwards to the next army!
  4. Mortarch

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    December goal is to finish the November goal. I fly home on the 12th Dec and wanted to take a finished compliment back... think I’ll be working on these bed sheets between courses of dinner on 25th... Cheers!
  5. Mortarch

    The Painting Contract - November 2018

    I managed to build everything, which is the part I struggle most with. Spraying some more of the base coats tonight, so I’ll get some more done while it’s still technically November. Fully aware that airbrushing “wash” base coats is cheating... but sure it’s the scheme. Everything not done will roll into the December challenge.
  6. Mortarch

    Whachu Thankful For?

    I'm thankful I'm not american... and I can capitalise on the Drop of the value of the Euro against the Pound recently. Brexit gave me a discount on online orders!
  7. Mortarch

    The Rumour Thread

    Hi, just for clarity - would White Dwarf photos be considered a leak? It is a published document by GW - if Joe Public has it in their hands, then it is because GW has issued it through their normal channels. Totally different where the case of a GW employee has leaked something - but for WD "leaks" in particular, it is in the vast majority of cases that I have seen, a situation where someone has received info before I have. I'll still get the same info a couple of days later, if i get to the shop. I say all this because i look at it like an equivalent of sharing a screenshot from the community site. I hadn't read their published content until it was put in front of me. Same situation but with digital source rather than print. Not to whinge, but genuine question for clarification for this particular form of "leak". Thanks
  8. Mortarch

    The Painting Contract - November 2018

    Right, little late to the party, but may as well. I’m on assignment abroad, and want to finish these by the time I fly home. Which is 12th Dec, but my stretch goal is end November so my last two weeks can be on something else. - Lady Olynder (about 50% there) - Reikenor (about 50% also) - Spirit torment - 2x store birthday wizard - 500th store Revenant - Kurdoss - Black Coach - 34 Grimghast Reapers Tbh if I get everything but the reapers finished, and the reapers to 50%, I’ll be happy. M
  9. Mortarch

    The Rumour Thread

    I must say, I’m both surprised and not surprised that there is both no Stormcast and Nighthaunt box sets... considering the number of releases for both so far this year. 3x order and 1x chaos. The choices of army for order isn’t terrible... DoK and ID were expected (even before ID was announced), seraphon is surprising, but not a bad call. The chaos set is disappointing. Not on content, haven’t looked at that, but army choice. Great chance for a Legions of Nagash bundle, something for Karadron, or even a mixed destruction bundle. My eyesight must be lacking... can’t really make out the contents... can anyone do a tot up on the savings from these? M
  10. Good article. Very relevant to GW based hobby - a lot of parallels in there.
  11. Mortarch

    The Rumour Thread

    It says on the notes “Spooks” and “Cairn Lord” its the Mounted Night of Shrouds. None of the drawing here contain new information or hints for future. This article was to get more people applying for those jobs.
  12. Mortarch

    The Rumour Thread

    The Orcs sure do have a pedigree of holding their arms above their heads. Must be an on going rendition of WAAAGH-M-C-A
  13. Mortarch

    The Rumour Thread

    Always a challenge to try predicted the movement of a beast such as GW. Ultimately they will have a 2-3 year look ahead for production of new product. Re-runs they can fit into the production schedule as capacity allows (and all the issues we have seen with this in recent years). However books and rules are something that can be managed on a much shorter lead cycle, and they can use that to do a number of things. Gauge interest in an army by improving their rules to see if people's interest (even in old models) is re-ignited, start a conversation/beta test the rules directions of planned army release, Draw a line under an army by giving them rules in the GHB when they have no intent on doing anything with them in the near future, or simply add some more diversity in what is supported. So given all that, GHB rules in and of themselves are not a great tool for prediction (based on inclusion or otherwise). In the larger context we have Slaanesh, Darkoath and Moonclan which have been repeatedly rumoured, With a new set of rumours concerning the Beastmen (wether or not roled into a Darkoath Faction remains to be seen... personnally I think its a possibility) All we can do, is what we've always done... get carried up in it and go along for the ride - place the odd bet on the outcome here and there... As that's as close to knowing the future as we are ever going to get.
  14. Mortarch

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    Hi guys, looking for some feedback on the below list ahead of a tournament in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions? Allegiance: FyreslayersMortal Realm: AqshyLeadersFjul-Grimnir (100)- GeneralAuric Runesmiter (120)- Runic Iron- Artefact: Ignax's Scales Auric Runesmiter (120)- Runic IronAuric Runesmiter (120)- Runic IronAuric Runemaster (80)Celestant-Prime (340)Battleline20 x Vulkite Berzerkers (240)- War-Picks & Slingshields30 x Vulkite Berzerkers (360)- Pairs of HandaxesUnits30 x Hearthguard Berzerkers (480)- Poleaxes3 x The Chosen Axes (40)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 118
  15. Mortarch

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    I was the other Fyreslayers player during the 6 Nations weekend. What I had during the event was Runeson on Magma, 2 Smiters, 2x30 Vulkites, 10 Vulkites, 30 Hearthguard, and 5 allied Evocators. First game vs England was a Nurgle List on the Orb Mission. I got first turn and dropped one unit to the near side of where the orb can go, and charged the centre. Got tangled in the centre with some drones and heroes. The orb moved to where I had no bodies, but I dropped my second unit near it, charged some plague bearers and caught up on points. The orb moved to no mans land and it was his turn. He got a bunch of heroes with artifacts sitting on the objective, I moved what I could to the area (Evocators, Magma) and took out one of the heroes with the Evocators. His combat scored some wounds on the magma and on my strike back I scored only 1 wound... but it was enough to kill the hero, capture the objective and win the game in the dieing seconds. Easily one of my favourite games that I’ve ever played. Second game was vs Scotland and a croak list. This list featured 12 ripperdactyls. Mission was Shifting Objectives. I dropped my units on the objectives and hoped to weather the storm as I had no way to get in at his heroes to take them out. He used his skinks to great effect to keep me pinned down away from his squishy important things. I got an early lead but then came the aerial bombardment. 12 Rippers came down and took out a full 30 guys in one swoop to claim the primary objective. I hit back but they teleported away to between the other two objectives, swooping in to my 10 man unit and Magmadroth. With my mother large unit pinned down I couldn’t get to support in time to make a difference. I ended up tieing up on points and then taking a minor loss on kill points. Some serious lessons take. Away here. This was the first time Evocators helped me out as they dispelled something at the right time. Third Game was vs Wales and another Nurgle list; three GUOs. mission was Focal Points. He set up his army thinking I had 7 drops, but didn’t take account of the Runesmiters, so I took first turn and got Objective 4 and the centre. It was attrition vs attrition, and even though he send down some drones to try shift me off objectives, I was too far ahead in points. Major win. If he had realised the set up, then this probably would have been much closer if not have gone in his favour. The dispell from the Evocators was crucial to block Rottigus’ spell. Fourth Game vs Northern Ireland - Death mixed. Focal Points again. Took the first turn, but should have gone second. Charged a line of cavalry. Got myself tangled in with -4 bravery bubble night haunt and battleshock did a lot to me. Silly error. He moved his skeletons forward and I tunneled and charged his VLOZD. That pinned him for a while but ultimately didn’t do much for me, he deleted pretty much all my units one at a time. Lesson learned here about hanging back was hard learned. The bravery bubble loss was really felt here as a big chunk of my losses came from battleshock. This a MAJOR major loss. Last game was Versus Sweden, into Better Part of Valour against a Sylvaneth list. I knew this was going to be tough and I was right. My right hand objective had a block of 30 guys on it, opposite a load of dryads, centre with magma and 10 vulkites, left with Evocators. He had first turn, threw out some trees and got drycha down the table and straight into my 10 guys. Took them off straight away. My turn one had my Hearth Guard drop to assault opposite my left objective. That was ground down. Meanwhile drycha finished off my magma to claim my centre. I dropped my second unit to the same place and popped the super rend rune. The roll that sealed my fate... failed the charge, and on the reroll got the same result. When they eventually charged the next turn they just got mulched. With those guys down, there wasn’t any mathematical way to even play for the minor loss, so I conceded. For me, there was some good take aways from the tournament- flat shoes aren’t a great choice for two days of standing up, a rework on my list is required, and as always... a few more examples of what not to do collected. I’m looking at two possible lists at the moment...Either: Option 1 - 3 Smiters, Runemaster, Fjul-Grimnir (G), Celestant Prime, Chosen Axes, 30 Heartguard, 20 Shield and Pick and 30 Double Ax Vulkites. Idea being that one Smiter gets Aqsy Iqneous Plate to go with Hearthguard for extra durability, and I drop the three units with tails back to General as his ability is with 8 not wholly within. Option 2 - Father on Magma, 2x Smiters, Battlesmith, Vulkites (2x30, 1x10) and Hearthguard (1x30). With the coronet on the runefather and Exemplar on the BattleSmith. However, what both of these lack is a dispell, which I found extremely useful. I’m trying to focus on keeping the blobs alive longer, but that might be less useful than just focusing on aggression. Welcome any feedback, and hopefully the above is useful to someone. Thanks, M