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  1. Fast - FEC - double dragon or Slaanesh. Hold the line and also top tournament - Skaven. The above all do well in Tournaments in the UK scene in the current meta. Cheapest to transition to is FEC, as its just Carrion Empire + Start Collectings. If he goes FEC and gets a hand on any carion empire boxes, will help (maybe) with skaven tide aswell.
  2. It was confirmed at the Fest that there's one more Battletome per GA this year. What is not confirmed is: If it is ONLY one per GA or min per GA. And if the one for Order includes Slvaneth (unless I missed something)... so there may only be three more announcements this year. My guess: Order - Sylvaneth. If not including Sylvaneth, then Kharadron Overlords Chaos - Slaves to Darkness, Everchosen, Darkoath soup. Destruction - Ironjawz Death - not sure about this one... Death Rattle or Soulblight...
  3. He does have 9 books wholly devoted to spells grudges. My view on Stormcast is that they may have the parts for it, but the ability to see anything to term would be influenced by how many reforgings they have been through.
  4. Maybe we're not being literal enough - a range of 50 new grey paints.
  5. Probably rolling out coloured sprues per army like they have in the shadespire ranges.
  6. I've heard a few rumors about Gutbusters as well. "Friend of a friend who knows a guy who saw something he shouldnt" sort of stuff, which is why I wouldn't post it as a thing on its own... and certainly shouldn't be taken as any form of confirmation of anything. Main point being there is a general low level buzz formed from multiple people talking along that line, as well as peoples interpretation of the current GW pattern. With supposed evidence being used including the layout of the AOS website (that Skaven and Grots were souped in descriptions, but Gutbusters were not)... etc. At this stage there are rumors of "X faction is next" for pretty much all of them. Personally im more inclined to believe rumors which argue for a delay in releases for one reason or another (Slaanesh later as with the current Chaos releases Everchosen and STD soup would come before Slaanesh)... We're in such speculation territory that we're talking in circles until we get that sweet sweet reveal announcement. Bring it on!
  7. Mortarch

    AOS waterford?

    Hey guys, looking to see if there’s a group in Waterford or knows anyone involved in a gaming scene in Waterford. thanks.
  8. These new black legion guys will be a very easy "Death StormCast" conversion
  9. The new FAQ released today has confirmed that Zombie Dragons and Terrorgheists when taken as battle lines are NOT behemoths... meaning more than four FLAPPIES in an army. Could this mean something similar to BCR in their hopefully new book?
  10. Guys. Rumors... Was there any hints or slips from the GW content this week?
  11. Which hopefully is followed for Sigmar with a Slaves to Darkness/Everchosen/Conan sort of release... But that's just wishful thinking I guess.
  12. Flesh Eater Courts Battletome no longer available on web store... New book sooner than expected?
  13. Haven’t done a final count again, but last count was about 5K. Finished the last model there about an hour ago! Which means onwards to the next army!
  14. December goal is to finish the November goal. I fly home on the 12th Dec and wanted to take a finished compliment back... think I’ll be working on these bed sheets between courses of dinner on 25th... Cheers!
  15. I managed to build everything, which is the part I struggle most with. Spraying some more of the base coats tonight, so I’ll get some more done while it’s still technically November. Fully aware that airbrushing “wash” base coats is cheating... but sure it’s the scheme. Everything not done will roll into the December challenge.
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