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  1. You are right! Well spotted! The arm is on the other side!!! The judge/liche is on one side of the sarcophagus, and the arms are on the other side!
  2. Thanks for the comprehensive report! 👏👏👏👏 Would you mind sharing the warband list/roster you used - apart from the signifier and the two shield legionaries? thanks! AJ
  3. Hi! Sorry for my newbie questions, but since I will have to wait quite a long time for my starter box to cross the Atlantic and land here, and I want to start converting my warband, I would like to ask a few questions about the overall rules, as follows: - do each warband has nominated "leader" types I must purchase? like do I need to buy a Dominar on an Iron Golem warband, or a Heart-Eater on an Untamed beasts one, or I could nomi ate a cheaper mini as my leader? - Do I have restrictions on which minis compose my warband? like for example can I do an iron golem warband only with Ogor breachers (competitiveness aside)? - there is a maximum number of minis on a warband? thanks for the clarifications! cheers AJ
  4. Great! Good to know! So it is safe to convert the minis right? thanks! AJ
  5. Hi! Im thinking to convert a “Nurgle” Iron Golems warband and would like to know if a normal warband can “hire” the beasts that came in the box... I could convert the rot flies to be the winged furies or chaos chickens, and thos lion/wolves could be proxied with Plaguebearers... Thanks! AJ
  6. Really, your work is truly inspiring!!!! those conversions are masterpieces!
  7. I’m a little rules newbie, but by treating both as one model, this allows for much more models to attack my wizard right? For example if a hag casts the cauldron and us attacked by an horde, she will receive much more hits... Of course she will be able to attack more models too, but it doesnt look a good offset... or am I missing something? cheers AJ
  8. Very nice paint scheme! you used a purple shade (maybe Druchii Violet) over the green base? Because some of the shadows look purplish, and it has a VERY nice effect! Can you please share the skin recipe? thanks AJ
  9. oh damn... I already bought an Alarielle for the beetle... Dankhold for treemen, rockguts as kurnoth, a trogg riding the beetle for an Alarielle count as... oh my... kkkkkkk
  10. That's EXACTLY what Im looking for, Skabnoze! I did not thought about the "dietary" options! GREAT ideas, my mind is already churning some concepts, like a crab trogg and a tree one... Thanks!
  11. Actually, this is something I would like to hear too from more experienced players... At 400pts each you can ally a bonegrinder gargant (big melee monster) or a rogue idol (good caster bonus), at 240 an orruk on a wyvern, or even cheap chariots or snotlings to work as cheap chaff... cheers AJ
  12. @a74xhx Thanks for the ideas! will check those. And glad to hear that Aralielle may work... just bought the kit and it was very expensive... need to make it work... for my "Troggs"... 😉😊 @TeddyMadeMeDoIt liked the list, but I think I would change the 2 gargants for the araknarok shaman, as I said above I have already bought the big aralielle beetle for this... but I love gargants! so fun when their attacks hit like a truck! actually I have 8 of the buggers on my Ogor army... Thank you all for the feedback, as soon as I start working on the minis will post some pics. In the meanwhile, if you were a miniatures designer, what kind of new trogg you would do? Flying troggoths? More rocky ones, even more hardskinned than rockguts? sea trolls? would like to hear some ideas from you guys... cheers AJ
  13. Hi, my fellow dank friends! I decided to jump the bandwagon and do a Throgg force for myself, and the plan is having it fully converted, even non-throgg units will be throgg like, with a swamp theme and lots of magic... So the initial ideas are: - using Alarielle's bettle with a Throgg on it as a webspinner shaman on araknarok - mollog heavly converted as a Skragrott count as, the "Bogg King" - using a Dankhold mounted on slimux snail for the Hag count as, on a proper base size - various "squiggly beasts" - walking mushrooms, stalacsquigs, spiders, insects to count as battleline squigherders (love squigs, but will leave them out of this list due to aestethics, what do you think?) - some rockguts (I dont like the fellwater minis, ideas to convert them from rockguts?) - any other ideas of trogg types? not existing ones, but for example how you envisage the ones that are hinted on the book, like those that use farting echolocation or belch darkness? last but not the least, the problem is, how to do a minimally decent list with all the ideas above? which endless spells to use, if any? No need to be very competitive, I like relaxed games and my gaming group is like this, but would like to have at least a slim chance at winning sometimes - my other army is BCR, so you can imagine... kkkkkkk any help on the list or ideas for new Throgg types and converdions will be more than welcome! let's brainstorm! cheers AJ
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