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  1. Clear bases

    Agreed. My GF (TwiceIfILikeIt - check her hobby threads in the painting forums!) and I are making a skaven+overlords frenemy army for Adepticon. Bases + color schemes unify the army. Btw - Not a fan of scenic bases. At all. Not for gaming models anyway.
  2. GW/Wizkids

    Yeah, I liked Dreadfleet too, but it really had a chance to recapture the glory of MoW and they opted not to do it. Missed trick, in my opinion. Ah well, good luck to them on the license. Open mind here.
  3. GW/Wizkids

    True, but the Epic I enjoyed included orks, tyranids, squats (land train and overlords airship), guard, and elder. Mortarion and Magnus were huge demons already. It was not just marines in blue vs irritable marines in red, all wearing outdated armor. That's what HH is, and it bores me to tears as a table top experience. How freakin' cool would Necrons be in Epic? The giant floating machines FW could make would be, well, epic. 😁
  4. GW/Wizkids

    If it's HH only, I'll pass. That era holds no interest for me. It sounds like a Dreadfleet error repeat. Man O War was awwwwwwesome, and GW out-clevered itself by trying to evolve, so to speak, the game when a remake with modern tech and design advancements would have been much better.
  5. GW/Wizkids

    Dear Skycake, please no. I am planning on taking out a mortgage for Epic. It would crush me if it turned until a KiddieClix travesty. GW - Give Epic Death Guard and expand to Necrons one so I can field thousands of soulless death machines and their monolithic sky barges, and you can name your price.
  6. GW/Wizkids

    All of those are games that come with models. Card games and other non-model games really sort of belong with an outside company.
  7. GW/Wizkids

    If they do a 40Clix game, I just really want them to keep it 100% incompatible with 40K, and that no GW resources are diverted from GW games to support it . If they can make a killing with a license, great. If it hampers the main "real" hobby and game production or experience in any way ... not so great.
  8. GW/Wizkids

    Should help move those wanting pre-paintd models out of the "hobby" and into something more their speed.
  9. The Rumour Thread

    Hmm. I LOVE Arcadia Quest and Black Plague, so maybe that explains a thing or two.
  10. The Rumour Thread

    Except that, you know, I gave examples (common ones) that are true. Also, just as an example, the Numinous Ocuthingie blocks Los nicely, as does the archway (for hiding a key single character- incidentally addressing the common moan of characters being too easy to kill). I get that AoS frustrates you in its differences from Old School Real Wargames (tm), but I think that frustration is leading you to gloss over some valid counterpoints or dismiss rules applications as pedantic when if we just take those rules that are there and understand that they are for AoS and not trying to recreate any OSRW (tm) then the happiness quotient would be much higher. TLDR - AoS is its own system and it's fun.
  11. The Rumour Thread

    Then that's a problem with the players, to be blunt. Curious, why would walls "exist as an area?" A wall is just about the most straightforward bit of terrain (with rules handled completely in the 4-pager) I can think of on the table.
  12. The Rumour Thread

    So not so much rules for terrain, which we already have, but stealth ways to step the simplicity of the system back to old WFB complications? (Area terrain -does- block Los ... If it actually does.) Also, terrain already does hinder movement. You pay the inches to move around a tree. A large enough model cannot fit between two trees in a citadel wood and thus must not only go around, but cannot end movement there. 1" tall walls take 2" of move plus their width to cross. The rules in the 4-pager provide. It's just that players are sometimes inclined to ignore them.
  13. The Rumour Thread

    They are already in the 4 pager.
  14. unit fillers

    And photographed. And presented only from the one angle in the photo. But we digress. ☺
  15. unit fillers

    100% with you. I don't see the bogging down of the AoS game with high model count armies as a flaw in AoS. I think the marketing of the game as being able to handle them, while factually accurate, is a bit disingenuous, especially with the recent (last year or so) not-so-subtle push toward tournament gaming. AoS, especially now, is a low model count game. Playing with scads o' dudes is a bit of a square peg issue and will probably lead to all sorts of burbledeebits.