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  1. Earthquake - a must have?

    No games tonight. Life got crappy.
  2. Let the blood Flow - How does it work?

    Also, don't forget that a successful attack action is one that causes damage. If the target saves, it was not a success.
  3. Earthquake - a must have?

    Re: 4 cards. Ah. Got it. Re: Those 2 cards. They are in there, for sure. I have tried putting the objectives a little into Skaven territory, but not specifically with these cards in mind. I'll try tonight!
  4. Earthquake - a must have?

    My point is that the 5 card dump is not a detriment to the Skaven player in this matchup. Also, why would they need to discard 4 more? You can have more than 5 power cards in your hand. Also also, they like burning through cards. They can get glory for being empty.
  5. Earthquake - a must have?

    Oh, there is no doubt I am focusing on the Skaven vs. Axes matchup. I don't think I've indicated otherwise. To re-address the "counter with your own ploys" argument - As the Axe player, you can't fish. You need to move and you need Fjul' s upgrades in your hand. This warband snowballs like no other. Let's say you do somehow get to pushes in your initial hand. Those are what you have for the whole round. You move your fighters their 2M to try to reach a few objectives near mid-board (because putting them in your backfield is self-defeating). The skaven player has seen 10 cards to start and will see 3 to 4 more by the end of round one. I say 3 because he may use an activation to push you off an objective with a charge. Sure, that fighter might die later, but so what? Just bring him back if you want. Now it is the 4th power step and the Skaven player has likely got enough pushes (due to fishing more than you can afford to) to keep you off any objectives you did not lose to a combat. You probably don't have enough ploys to match the number of options the Skaven player has. You spent a turn, one of three, stopping on objectives on your side of the board and did not get inspired. You can move 2 hexes next round and only more if you somehow didn't get them in your initial hand and spend them fruitlessly to try to counter the superior number of plots the Skaven had. Either way, you want to stop on them again to try to inspire up to M3 for your last turn, which is still not enough to reach speedy Skaven targets and may not even get you glory from cards that reward advancing. While all of this is going on, the Skaven player has been using power steps to inspire his troops and scoring Glory from cards like Bloodless, the one where you don't move, Holds, alone in the darkness, and others. It leads to Skaven wins of something like 5 to 1 or 2. Yes, you will sometimes get lucky and beat those Skaven, but it won't be by much or often enough for tournament purposes. And all this starts with Earthquake because it affects all your previous Moves at once and pushes you back. It's not at all a case of "everyone is in the same boat." Axes really suffer much more, and in particular against skaven.
  6. Earthquake - a must have?

    Also, this argument is used in sports and by TOs who make their own scenarios for tournaments all the time and it's simply untrue. To illustrate using just one example. If you had a game where you said all wizards got Total Power for each casting, you could not say that it's fair because it benefits all because Khorne armies have no wizards and get extra dispels that they can now not use. (Old rules) Blanket rules do not benefit all equally. They just don't.
  7. Earthquake - a must have?

    I think what is being missed in the counter points is that the Skaven player holds the edge in the odds and can focus on hunting for the card with no appreciable drawback, whereas the slayer player (specifically) cannot. He must use his activations to move into position and cannot spend them cycling. The deck is stacked in the Skaven player's favor because he has more opportunity to card hunt at no or very low cost. Yes, No Time and your own Earthquake exist (although in our games I can get neither as my opponent takes them and we share sets), but they need to come in the initial hand to be of use. The Skaven player has 14 chances chances to get one card and the slayer player had 5 chances to get one or two. Out of curiosity, how many Skaven vs Axes games have folks posting here played? I've had 12 so far with 3 more coming tonight. It's not like I'm speaking from theory only.
  8. Earthquake - a must have?

    But it's not. That's the point. 70% chance to effectively cripple an entire warband, all from the safety of a backfield where you are scoring? Very high reward with minimal risk. Keep in mind, only the initial 5 cards are wasted if you dump them. The next 9 are looking for Earthquake, but along the way you may get a number of individual push cards that can be used in the final power step to knock players off objectives (and one hex back into their own board), so cycling this way has really an even greater than 70% chance of keeping the slayers slow, uninspired, further away, and without glory.
  9. Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    How did you deal with the million ways to get you off the objectives?
  10. Earthquake - a must have?

    Yes, exactly. That's what my opponent has been doing, rather smartly. She knows that if she totally eliminates the potential for all Axes to inspire, it's worth trading a Round. Also, she gets Glory for Objectives like not Moving or staying non-adjacent or not taking damage. So, she completely undoes a third of the game for the Axes (and pushes them a hex further back into their own area which their M2 is not going to counter - making the 3 objectives based on getting into enemy territory less likely to get as a bonus), just by playing the odds. It's even worse if she gets the card earlier than the 4th draw as she can then do other things. On the other hand, the Axes must use all their activations to try to advance onto Objectives and therefor cannot math the trading of cards. It really is a sound plan for the Skaven player and one that far, far too easily neuters an entire warband. Worst card in the whole game.
  11. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    I do! I much prefer white primer for colors, but the GW white is an inferior product compared to their black. A shame.
  12. Let's Chat: Chosen Axes

    Three more games in the books vs. Skaven. Lost 6-3 Lost 3-3 on a tie breaker. Won 9-4 when my opponent tried some crazy strategies and board placements, allowing Fjul to charge and kill a thing in Turn One, snowballing the warband. I think the Axes will win games here and there, but not be a good tournament army because they are soooo easy to thwart and they won't score a lot of glory even when they win. Fun warband, for sure, but far, far too dependent on getting Turn One objectives/glory. Thinking about it, it's the same mistake GW has made with dwarfs traditionally for decades - too slow.
  13. Earthquake - a must have?

    Earthquake is one of those cards that nearly invalidates entire warbands, and as such, it is an auto-include. The stunties are screwed with it, and the thing is, it's not hard to get. As an opponent of the slayers, you have a 70% chance of getting it in round one if it's in your deck. No matter how much effort the stuntie players puts into his plan, 70% of the time it fails one just this one card. If the slayers have spent 33% of the game with their M2 fighters trying to get inspired and then you stop them, they are almost certainly going to be totally unable to do anything with the remaining turns to score glory. This card is a very, very poor design.
  14. Shadespire community FAQ

    Rules questions came up for two cards in games tonight. Flee 1) Though it may seem intuitive, it's not a rule, so here goes - What is "further away" in this context? It says both Fighters make a Move action and must end their move further away from all enemy fighters. Does that mean as the crow flies? Does it mean "less able to be attacked by whatever cards could be used?" Does it mean more open path hexes? What does this undefined term mean? 2) If it means more traversable hexes, then does the first one to Move get to count the "blocking" of the second one that has not yet moved? If so, then when the second fighter Moves, it could change the distance for the first one. It's really not well defined. Last Chance The rule book Glossary defines a failed attack as one that does no damage. If I have a card that allows me to re-attack if my first attack failed, does Last Chance trigger a failed attack or, because of the wording ("... ignore the damage from that Attack action ..."), is the Attack successful (it did the damage) but the damage is then not applied?
  15. Let's Chat: Chosen Axes

    Not saying impossible, but Skaven are the clear better warband of the two in our matchups so far. Details later when I'm not using my phone to post. Edit: Home now. To answer the earlier question, I am using these ploys: Treasure Lust Ready for Action Sidestep Shardfall Spoils of Battle The Earth Shakes Piercing Stare Dual of Wits We Shall Not Be Moved Distraction Oathsworn I am about to play another set of three. The Skaven player has swapped out some stuff, and I will be making some small changes as well. The problem with going for a mulligan to get movement cards is that you risk tossing away from Fjul-focused upgrades, and the warband really is 90% about him. Getting him inspired is critical, as this is the only way to handle Heroslayer. My opponent has had it early in all games, and even has had Black Hunger usually as well. If you don't go fight Hungering Skaven every round, the Skaven player gets to choose who she fights, killing Fjul with the 4-damage attack. But! Because you went to him instead of making him move to you, the dilemma remains the same next round. You can't sit far enough away from the skaven side to avoid getting charged because if you do, you will never make it to the other side of the board or even get to kill anything. Skaven movement, so far, has totally dictated the way the games unfold. It's a real pickle.