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  1. Glory Records

    Yeah, we never would have believed it. It's just the chaining/sequencing of objectives. It has a nice roll to it.
  2. Glory Records

  3. Glory Records

    In my house we have a few goofy gaming records. One is Shadespire Glory Total. Tonight I played a game and beat the old record of 17 Glory with a 21-5 win (Chosen Axes vs. Skaven). So, 21 is the new house record for Glory. What records do you have? What is you best Glory?
  4. Let's chat: Magore's Fiends

    It's just crazy to me that one of the warbands with the easiest Inspire coditions gets a faction-specific card to do it and the hardest one, the Chosen Axes didn't. On the other hand, because it is much easier for other warbands to inspire, including the Fiends, it doesn't seem like as big a boost for them, so it doesn't bug me that they get it. If my opponent wants to fill her deck with things she doesn't really need badly, fine! Meanwhile, the Chosen Axes got a big time boost from the generic inspire card. I would like to see GW sell a pack of extra cards for the game that contains maybe 3-6 cards for each warband and a dozen or so general cards. They could address imbalances this way without having to modify existing cards (such as inspiring Axes if they were on an objective at the end of the model's Activation instead of at the end of the Phase). This would really help us to see more Axes, Guard, and Reavers on the table (why do I always pick the worst "armies" as my favorites? lol )
  5. Let's chat: Magore's Fiends

    Ta da! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hear you on the Reavers, but more movement and more fighters are good things, too. Also, since they Dodge you don't have to feel bad about "wasting" your Shields when you are hit by a Cleave attack. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. Gorefist vs. Gorefist

    Thanks, all. I'm convinced! Much appreciated.
  7. Let's chat: Magore's Fiends

    Now that the card actually is available to the Reavers (the generic version) have you tried them again?
  8. Let's chat: Magore's Fiends

    Since I put aside my Undead and went dwarf, I've had the same feeling. High per-model wound count, lots of killing ability, no worry about having to sit in multiple specific hexes .... It's just more fun, not to mention easier. Can't wait to try these guys out!
  9. Gorefist vs. Gorefist

    The warden has two distinct rules in his 'rules box' as indicated by each having a bolded "Action" listed, making them two rules. Ghartok does not. If the Warden did not have two bolded Action items, he could, per your reading of Ghatok's rules box, spend one Action to bring a guy back and move two guys. That's not the case, though. Ghartok's rules are all one thing under the Reaction. The Warden's two Actions are two different things.
  10. Gorefist vs. Gorefist

    I saw that at first, too. But. The whole of the text is inside the Gorefist shaded area. It's a function of the weapon as opposed to a basic rule for the model. It's also under Reaction, with no other bolded text defining a new rule. It's all the rule for the Reaction attack of the Gorefist. See what I'm saying?
  11. Gorefist vs. Gorefist

    Two fighters in the Fiends have Gorefists. For some reason, the rules are for them are written differently, but they both end up being (as far as I can see) identical effects. Anyone got any ideas one what the reason in "for some reason" might be? Am I missing something?
  12. Let's chat: Magore's Fiends

    No one -not even me- is arguing that it's not better to have cleave than to not. I think we all agree that having the ability to bypass shield defense is good. The argument is around "massively" noticing the value. I will review the data presented, but I think my earlier post highlights that in nearly all practical situations, cleave just doesn't change outcomes enough to place a premium on having at - certainly not at the expense of having something else. For instance, if I could give a fighter +1 damage or cleave, I would take the damage 95% of the time. Cleave is squarely in the "nice to have" category. Useful here an there, but nothing I'd ever make part of my plan for success. That said, I'm painting my Fiends now and look forward to some games soon!!!!
  13. Let's Chat: Chosen Axes

    I've practiced a lot. Refined board and objective placement. Really, really honed my deck for rapid fire scoring that builds on successes. Better use of the fighters. And, being honest, my opponents refuse to take advantage of all the pushes available to them. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  14. Let's chat: Magore's Fiends

    Cleave is, factually, relevant. I'm not arguing that. I'm just relating my own experience. I could have two or three attacks that all hit and have cleave. My opponent rolls one crit, and they all go away. My opponent rolls no crit, and cleave doesn't matter because I got too many hits to stop with one die. The above covers nearly every attack circumstance I've seen. Now say I only get one hit with my cleave attacks and none are critical hits. This is usually the case with single-die attacks. If my opponent crits, my cleave is ignored. If he does not, he takes damage. This is where cleave has its greatest impact - one hit vs. one not-crit defense. Then we have all the Dodge models out there. Skaven and Undead are pretty happy to ignore cleave most of the time, making built-in cleaves "wasted points" so to speak. All I'm saying is that cleave, while a nice thing to see work when it does now and then, has not been noteworthy at all for us.
  15. Let's chat: Magore's Fiends

    Nope. I mean in general. Cleave had been statistically meaningless for me.