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  1. I was more saying that taking only 1 key, 1 Tactical Supremacy, and maybe not all 5 Holds is halvsies. If you are playing Objectives, play Objectives. If you go part way and don't get luck of the draw, then all cards are wasted to an extent. Also, btw, gf and I just finished our game from the other night. I won 9-2. The lesson for me was that Orruks are very forgiving. I accidentally lost 3 Glory because I wasn't paying attention, but still stumbled into 3 more just because I was moving forward and killing. Undead focusing on Objectives cannot do that. One mistake and it's done. That, from what I can see, is the overall issue with Objective-based play - one bad moment and it's over.
  2. How do folks recover from the card that destroys objectives? That card alone negates 3 of you objectives and one of your upgrades. When you have 25% of your objectives become unscorable, it's tough to earn enough Glory to win.
  3. I agree you shouldn't avoid all combat, but man, you have to either be very picky or get the right hand of cards and hope for luck ... and I avoid ever having hope in any part of my life. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment. Besides, some of those Orruks one-stop even the best undead. If you fail, you feed him Glory.
  4. Ok, well, my gf got blotto and could not finish. That said, I had 8 Glory coming my way in Round 3. Bottom line: Undead are fun but soooooooo not good for tournament play.
  5. Agreed. We are between turns 2 and 3 now and I am sleepwalking to a win. She has asked "OMG, how can you possibly win with this?" She credited me for doing as well as I have. I am finding the Orruks to be suuuuuper easy mode vs Undead.
  6. One game in. I got long boards. She got three objectives. I had denial. She pushed 3 orruks into my territory. I could not kill them all, and she killed several of my 2-3 wound models as she advanced. Totally easy win for Orruks. It's not like you can line up a wall of bone to help with Denial. They just kill 3 models along the way and get the points for them PLUS contain. Kinda point and click/pointless, really. A thought- What would counter the Easy-I-Win-Cuz-I-Killed-You would be if when the Warden returned a fighter to action, it earned a Glory.
  7. I am about to play another three games against orruks. My first thought about this is "Um, no. Long boards=bad for undead. And yes, it is difficult to shift models out of your territory when they can send three or four of them 3 hexes (or more) deep into your zone." But you know what? I'll try it. I don't like to dismiss things without trying them, so I'll give it a shot. Some of the cards in my deck are totally superfluous. Spectral Form, Flickering Image. A few others. The only "untouchables" are the 5 Holds, the 2 keys, and the 3 Supremacies. I say untouchable because I totally disagree in a halfsies approach. If you are going to play Objectives, take all the Objective stuff. Diluting just weakens you chance of any of the "right" ones working out. Very curious about your suggestion on Soultrap vs. Undying. One DOES make you more survivable, the other trusts to luck (which I hate). Report to come later. I am dubious that the suggestions so far will work, but I gotta try! Thanks for the input from everyone so far.
  8. Contained and Denial

    My regular Orruk opponent uses both and scores them both about 80% of the time against my Undead. You just can't kill the orruks fast enough, and if even a single one lives, you're giving up the glory.
  9. My deck has minor changes here and there, but for the most part it's the standard stuff: Objectives Hold 1-5 Supremacy Tactical Supremacy - both Determined Defender March of the Dead Skills Unforgotten Battle Without End (The last two vary) Ploys Spectral Form Shardfall Terrifying Screams Necromancer Commands Ceaseless Attacks Restless Dead Confusion Distraction Illusory Fighter Time Trap Dance Macabre Upgrades Frightening Speed Undying Grim Cleave Shardcaller Fatal Strike Lethal Lunge Dazzling Key Flickering Image Shadowed Key Deathly Charge Great Strength
  10. They play all-comers, with maybe a card or two here and there taken with me in mind. The thing is, though, the cards that kill Objective-based play, and Guard in particular, are cards that most decks will have anyway. That's part of the problem. You don't need to customize your deck to mess up Objective-based players. Shardfall, Confusion, Bellowing Thingie, etc. All these are great at stopping the plan and are useful in all decks.
  11. Hi all, Now that my opponents have played 40 or so games against my Sepulchral Guard, they have honed their plans to ensure that the undead's best way to play is nearly impossible to use successfully. I would post this in the Guard thread, but I think it applies to all Objective-based Glory forces. It just hurts undead way more because their weaknesses (slow, easy to kill) are meant to balance them being so capable of playing Objective-based games. Take that away, and you are left with a warband that is crippled. Anyhoo, the problem. Winning by going for Objectives requires much more careful timing and coordination than other styles of play. You have to hold the Objectives at the right time, get to them, hold them longer, etc. That's fine, and is actually fun. Howevz, there are roughly a zillion cards that just automatically derail the whole plan, so most players will have several ways to mess your whole plan up each round.. Push a fighter off a hex. Destroy an Objective. Move or swap an Objective. Shardfall on an Objective. Plus, of course, you can just kill the people who are on the objective. This says nothing about those who like to put Objectives at the far ends of the boards. Now that Sprint got gutted, those far Objectives are effectively non-factors usually. I am thinking that as word gets around, Sepulchral Guard players are going to have a very tough time winning at events, and others that try to go win on Objectives will swap over to better strategies that are not so delicate. One card can truly take 6 Glory away from you, and usually at least 4, as has been happening to me often now. Any advice or thoughts?
  12. Thoughts on Las Vegas Open 2018 Player Pack?

    Another mark against the ITC, then.
  13. Thoughts on Las Vegas Open 2018 Player Pack?

    Simple. TOs have egos and try to make the game their own. It appears this is no different. If you want an AoS tournament, make the players play AoS.
  14. The Rumour Thread

    Actually, yes I do.
  15. Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    Up until the new FAQ that messes up Sprint, I would have said it isn't very hard to claim any deeply buried objective. Now it is much harder. Can still win, but you have much less control over the outcome.