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  1. Why? What possible tournament-oriented (ie. competion) reaon is there to jettison swaths of models and hundreds (thousands?) of peoples' collections from use as long as they are pointed the same way as current retail armies? Older =/= bad. I know this debate has been done to death, but man, as long as there are current MP rules, I see no reason to tell players they can't use the stuff.
  2. ... and here we see why rumor control and tight lips over release Hi important to sales. I just bought a Nurgle Start Collecting box about 4 weeks ago. I would have waited. Now I'll buy both.
  3. Put them in WD and free download on web until next ghb. They would also be in scrollbuilder.
  4. A good reason to keep point values out of the Battletomes.
  5. My rule of thumb, one I apply to myself and dream that one day others will opt to apply to themselves, is this- If I can place the army on the table, grouped/arranged as an army (so, units, not a chaotic mass of individuals), and my opponent can identify what every single thing is (stuff that's shown, not stuff like which spell a dude picked) without me saying a word or putting down little labels, then it is fine.
  6. ... aaaaaand #5.
  7. #4. One more to go in this batch.
  8. #3. After 2 more it will be plaguebearer time. Actually, I already have 3 washes on one pb ... excited to share results soon.
  9. You already had a "legal" force under the rules of the game that were released on Day 1 and still spply. Now you just get to feed the tournament machine as well.
  10. There is a lot of regression in the name of sales. I don't blame them, but I do worry that the circle will eventually complete back to the bad-sales days because of how it will all devolve to compete-iness.
  11. Good! I firmly believe that if you can bother to paint (nicely - as much as you can anyway) your models, they can stay off the table. If you want Powerful Thing X, then paint it, dad gummit.
  12. Thanks! Here's the thing. I'm painting them using techniques I have not used in the previous 31 years of my painting history. I'm following Duncan's How To video for them The result is a model that looks only about half as good as it should, but still pops on the table and is much, much faster to do. Traditionally, I prime everything white, paint the darkest shade of each color inn the model (black for metal areas), and then highlight about a zillion times up to the high points. This method relies on mid tones, washes, single highlights. It's been very, very difficult to stick to the method, but so far it's going well. My Black Plague experience probably prepped me mentally for this. I have been speed painting and experimenting on those for about a year, and that's made this easier. I have 42 more of these to go, so I'll probably be adding steps as my speed and comfort increase. One specific thing - the tentacles are done with thinned Carroburg washes.
  13. I finished another Poxwalker last night. Man, many of these guys are juuuuuuust a little off from being zombies for AoS. It would not take much to convert them.
  14. I think it's going to be fun to create stories to match what is drawn up. For instance, I think in the Warhammer Comm video on the 40K ones they missed a chance to tie it all together. If memory serves they drew cards saying they had to capture objectives to find one specific thing and that there was random damage from a fleet battle above. Great, but they could have said that the reason the armies are risking fallout damage is that one of the exploded ships had special tech that fell to the surface so the armies are trying to get the tech (the objectives) before the other side does so they have to risk the fallout for the sake of speed. Little bits like that that tie all the cards into a narrative are going to be really neat.
  15. Despite what I did earlier (my new default), i would abhor these in tournaments.