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  1. Sleboda

    The Rumour Thread

    Are the birthday items a thing for all store birthdays, or just a few here and there in the UK? I have a Warhammer store 8 minutes up the road here in Illinois...
  2. Sleboda

    Becca Scott

    I think learning about the "other" is an overall, general good thing that is healthy for the development of an individual. I'll not argue against that. I also think that an open an accepting hobby environment that doesn't, for lack of a better phrase, "give a darn" about your age, gender, or color of skin is a good thing. I just don't happen to think that forced diversity in a group of hobbyists is inherently better than not having it, nor do I think we need to make every... single...aspect of our lives a platform for social change. I'm thrilled as hell that my gf is a keen hobbyist. I love that my good friends's wife supports him painting toys and running events. It's fantastic that another friend's daughter has a dedicated hobby room. It's just that I don't care, at all, that these people are women, and making our hobby the next battleground for Social Justice Warriors to fight upon is not something I want to encourage. Yes, please, come one come all, but if we have to artificially warp the experience to make it fit the "all" it's going to be tedious at best and damaging to the nature of the experience at worst. As a super simplified example of what I mean, take the long wished for 40k movie. When I was in GW sales, many years ago, we asked our overlords why we didn't have a big Hollywood movie. The response was perfect and still fits today. They said: "Imagine a squad of terminators assaulting an Ork fortress. The sergeant leads the squad into the thick of battle, ripping limbs from orks and blasting grots by the dozens. The sergeant reaches the warboss and there is this epic battle between the two. The Marine finally decapitates the warboss. One of the other terminators calls out "well done, sir!" The camera zooms in on the head of the sergeant, who removes his helmet ... to reveal Sharon Stone, who says "well done, ma'am, you mean." No. It's not that women cannot lead or fight. They do often in the real world and even in GW fiction (kick butt, Neferata, Tamra, and Blacktallon). It's that Space Marines are male but Hollywood would change that in order to force diversity and sell tickets. It's perfectly ok that there are no female Space Marines or male Sisters of Battle in this fiction, but some folks would see that changed simply to force an agenda or to look "enlightened."
  3. Sleboda

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Wow. Talk about a super efficient way to: - be crass toward women, some of whom are your fellow gamers - be lazy and inaccurate in using a "cute" description of a model - undermine the effort, and end result, of design work by some talented folks at GW. Well done.
  4. Sleboda

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I don't believe that not utilizing summoning is going to cripple armies. It's an addict of the game. That's all. An option. Use it or don't. You pay points for models that enable summoning, just as you do for units that, for example, shoot. With few exceptions, if any, even "dedicated" shooting units have stats and abilities not tied to their shooting, but certainly you miss out if you don't use their shooting. So, if you don't plan to shoot, use your points on units in your army without shooting abilities so that the points you spend go toward things you will be doing. Same with summoning. Don't want to summon stuff? Then take units that don't have summoning powers baked into their points costs. Spend the points in more things you know you will be doing.
  5. Sleboda

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I think you probably meant this to have a somewhat negative tone (which is fine!), but I'll spin it slightly in my response: They will feel great! A reason to paint more models for my model-painting hobby? Yes, please!
  6. Sleboda

    Becca Scott

    If you think that's what the conversation is about, I think you've boarded the wrong train.
  7. Sleboda

    Becca Scott

    That's very true, but I think what makes the choice somewhat suspect is that her delivery makes her feel disconnected from the material. In other words, it feels lke she's not actually into the game. It's not just her, though. There are other reviewers who have a similar style, male and female alike. It harms the presentation by making the viewer focus overly on the presenter since the actual content is seemingly not something they are genuinely into. For a male example, see Rodney Smith of Watch It Played. Polished, clean, good looking person ... but comes across feeling overly produced and not actually someone who has played, or even likes the games he is reviewing. He and Becca may very well be bonkers for their games, but the content of their videos are pretty much just 'person reading you the rules well' as opposed to 'person with a passion for the game who wants to share that passion with you.' I mean no disrespect to either. As someone with lots of experience directing on-screen talent, I can definitely say it's not easy to be on camera and be smooth. I'm just saying that maybe some folks are questioning the selection of Becca because of her apparent lack of genuine interest in, and passion for, the things she is saying. That leaves viewers perhaps overly focused on appearance.
  8. Sleboda

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Oh! Cool! Alrighty then. Where did they say that?
  9. Sleboda

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Dunno if it has been discussed already or not, but there is a pretty big shift in the game with 2.0 - bases matter. The rules now say that you measure from a base unless the model does not have one. This is core rules. This means GW will need to define base sizes for all models. Ha. Like that will happen.
  10. Sleboda

    Points Changes

    That's a bit wishful or hopeful, isn't it? Who says what a good player "should" be doing? They can play however they like, and maybe one reason they are good players is that they can spot armies that are better and get even more out of them than average players can. I don't fault a good player for not lowering himself or herself just for a challenge. Edit: Actually, I would be somewhat upset if my opponent in a competitive game deliberately chose options he or she knew to be weaker. it's like them saying "I can beat you without really trying, so I will go down to your level." Rather insulting, actually.
  11. Would love to support. Do you have a similar relationship with a reliable US retailer?
  12. Sleboda

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I really hope that's not true. For Shadespire, where painting is not really a thing so much, colored plastics are fine. But for a hobby game like AoS, the last thing we need is encouragement to not paint. There is already too much bare plastic on many gaming tables.
  13. Sleboda

    Removal of compendiums

    You know what the Emperor has to say about hope. I feel your pain. There are a lot of hateful people who are far too gleeful at the thought of older models being removed from the current game. It's perplexing, but I've learned over the years that some folks are just mean, or at the very least self-centered and uncaring. Were I you (and to a degree as a Tomb Kings fan I am), I'd follow the advice given here to keep playing with the most recent warscrolls and points you have. Just because they don't get updated doesn't mean the old ones are invalid. What I would not do is proxy. It's confusing and takes a piece of the essence of your army out or twists it. Stay strong. You'll have fun with your High Elves for years to come.
  14. Sleboda

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I understand that desire. All I'm saying is that the irritation over "needing" to take allies to fill certain gaps is not something that people should pin on GW as a bad thing since they made the game to have allies serve this very role. It's a design feature, not an oversight or a slight to those who opt to restrict themselves. In the old days of Warhammer, it was a different story. Army Books were designed to be the full offering for an army, and the attempts to add in allies after the fact was bolted on and annoying to some, much more justifiably.