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  1. When it comes to tournaments, count me among them. Solidly. Simply put, I don't trust the results that most TO egos end up with. Plus, consistency. Variety for basement gaming, consistency for competitions.
  2. I didn't need more drones either, but as part of the Collecting box, they are pretty much free.
  3. They're really, really good. Git 'em! 😁
  4. Just got my Start Collecting for them. I look forward to be scuplts to expand my historical range of every version of plaguebearers ever. ☺
  5. That's awesome! Really, it is. Story matters to you, as it does to so many others. That's my main point - that this hobby is grounded in story, not rules. Not that this is possible, of course, but if we could go back in time and erase all the story of Fantasy and 40K and just have GW release a black and white booklet entitled "Miniature Gaming Rules" it would be DOA. A few neckbeards in a dusty backroom would scoff at it, dismiss it, and get back to playing Star Fleet Battles and Advanced Squad Leader. Edit: And Black Plague. And Cards Against Humanity.
  6. It seeps in to all of it. Do you know the names and areas of influence of the chaos gods? Do you know what realm gates are and why they are important? Do you know what color orruks are? How about a little understanding of why there are types of aelves and not just one army? Who created vampires and rules the undead? Why are fyreslayers so into gold? How do stormcasts "teleport" into battle? The list goes on, and I'll wager you know the answers to all of the above without ever reading the fluff. You may not read the fluff, but many, many ppl do and it pervaded our shared experience. It generates enthusiasm, inspires creativity, results in awesome themes for armies and battlefields, and generally defines The AoS Experience, making it distinct and compelling. Strip all that away and leave just the rules and this whole hobby of ours would dry up and blow away overnight.
  7. Easy. I refuse the game.
  8. GW tried this with 40K codexes a few editions back. It was a major misstep and was quickly corrected. Yes, we need the rules, but I think ppl don't fully appreciate how much the other stuff actually matters to them as well, even pseudo-subconsciously. GW's rules writing has never been a strong suit. It's the fluff and art that grounds us and keeps us, even if we don't think about it.
  9. Wow, man. Just wow. Thanks for the insight/honesty. I truly feel for you and will account for that in other responses to you. Need a hug? Damn, that sucks. Ppl really need to stop treating AoS this way. I wonder how many other "hidden" experiences other posters here have that are coloring their posts without everyone knowing. Wow.
  10. And in mine ... not one person has complained about it a single time, ever. Perhaps as leaders we influence those around us ... ?
  11. This is a highly disappointing, but accurate, reality.
  12. No offense, more in the category of "insight" really, but this really puts a different light on many of your other posts. I wonder if Killax and some others are in the same boat. Playing only "kill" will give you a very different opinion of the game. For instance, in WFB 8th, if I played just killkillkill, my TK were hopeless and the games were boring and unbalanced. When I played Watchtower or Blood & Glory it was another matter. Scenarios/battleplans matter. They are part of the balance. Skip them and you are only playing part of the game. Do you use turn limits or play to the last model?
  13. No unit that is not battleline may be taken more than once. Nah, that would limit model sales.
  14. Soooo glad this isn't happening. I really don't want battletomes that are a year or so old to be invalidated, and reworks to core gameplay would do that. I pray that we don't get a 2nd edition, in effect, for several more years. That said, the most exciting thing for me in the announcement is the overtly stated commitment to an annually updated publication. That eases a tonnnnnn of concerns.
  15. Yep. One look at DakkaDakka made me realize how fortunate we are. If nothing else, the sheer amount of pseudo-l33tspeak over there (way too cool abbreviations and the like) is maddening. You need to have a special lexicon just to understand half the posts.