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  1. I like heroes being vulnerable. I would prefer to keep shooting as is. In fact, it is the independently survivable heroes that need to get tweaked. A Forest Dragon is, in my experience so far, the most powerful model in the game. If he gets to the "safety" of combat it's game over. He needs to stay shootable.
  2. It actually is Thrudd. He made his way from White Dwarf to Black Plague. In our game last weekend, he killed 126 zombies.
  3. I swear I'll get back to AoS at some point. More speed Black Plague...
  4. 🤤 New GW indeed! Awesome!
  5. A-freakin-men! I hear the complaints that terrain doesn't matter in AoS and think "bull." Make it matter. Yes, it's hard to hide a mawcrusher, but my mounted heroes hide just fine on my tables, thank you. To add on, the other shooting issue is the assumption that shooters can always see. It has crept into the mindset so thoroughly that I've played tournament games recently where the opponent shot over a hill to a unit down-slope he could not see. In a later game another player didn't bother to check individual models' line to a target behind a building and rolled for all his shooters. It may be uncomfortable, but we have to have the courage to politely say "hang on, they don't have that target available" instead of letting the LoS be assumed to be all-clear, all the time.
  6. Heck, Adepticon allowed borrowed armies. You don't have to paint, or even own, your own armies in this competitive "hobby" anymore. Damn sad if you ask me.
  7. Procrastinating the duardin and hunters ... two more speed paint Black Plague survivors:
  8. It may matter to have a base, but since there is no ruling at all from GW on what sort of base any of their models are on, it truly is up to you. Pick something that "looks right" and you'll not go wrong.
  9. So, 25mm bases. Neat. Maybe this will help silence the "IT ALL HAS TO BE 32+" crowd. Go with what fits and looks good.
  10. I just read the FAQ. Holy smokes the tone and approach are refreshing! The question "Why should I trust you" alone speaks volumes. Nice job, GW.
  11. WHOOO HOOOOO! Soooooooooooo glad I learned the lesson that End Times taught and resisted buying all that cool Magnus related stuff and the 3 Storm books. I feel so vindicated! And, also, yay - I really want a new 40K so I play my Necrons again.
  12. Whatever looks pleasing to you. Not trying to be smarmy or start a debate - honest. It's just that there truly is no base size for it, so you might as well do what looks nice to you.
  13. Well, they can do it, but it would be really, really poopy of them. @others They mandated base size in 3rd ed. I miss that. A lot.
  14. 25mm on those skeletons?
  15. Pre-recorded message?