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  1. +++ MOD HAT +++ A reminder to older members and a note to new members. TGA has a strictly "no leaked photo" policy. As excited as we all are for the new battletome please refrain from posting poor photos where somebody has likely broken their NDA
  2. I'll be genuinely shocked if the 3.0 starter isn't push fit - 40k Indomitus was (and was just as good as Cursed City). Quite often there's a sprue breakdown when models go up for preorder so we should find out about the skeletons and zombies then (20 in a box too). I'm not sure much of the rest of the range will be push fit, but you never know - Reikenor being push fit still surprises me.
  3. +++ MOD HAT +++ Please can we focus on talking about toy soldiers, specifically Age of Sigmar. I have attempted to tidy up the thread and the mods will review the various posts removed and take any action necessary.
  4. I think you've identified most of the push fit models already. Underworlds is certainly a good one to look into as they're great little standalone projects and the game can actually be played over zoom/skype etc. Nighthaunt currently have the largest range of push fit models as far as I can recall - I get the impression that they were a bit of an experiment to see how popular push fit are. There isn't a list that I'm aware of, but I think we're going to see push fit become the standard. Pretty confident that the new AoS3 box will be push fit and the new Skeletons and Zombies look like
  5. Probably worth throwing my usual comment in. The WarCom website is notorious for giving us slightly incorrect rules. We also don't know the exact interaction until we get the battletome in front of us, it may be there's an additional clarification text or examples that we've not seen yet. It's always worth waiting for the FAQ for clarifications (give them a month rather than 2 weeks). The term "replacement unit" is a new one for us. The way I read it is that I replace a destroyed unit with a new half strength one - that means I cannot summon it a second time because it's been replaced
  6. Although Alan was the driving force behind much, Neil Green is still there who worked with Alan pretty much from the start. Alan also left a mass of notes behind mapping out pretty much the whole of the black book arc. Genuinely an amazing bloke in truth! I'm inclined to agree that I don't think we're going to get all the way to 15, but I do think we're going to see them get up to the Siege of Terra in some form. Afterwards - who knows! At one point there was a line of thinking to do the Siege of Terra as an independent ruleset (more akin to 8th ed 40k). Bringing it back on topic, Th
  7. I think you're misreading this one. There's still plans for a number of more black books (think they worked out up to book 15) and The Old World has a separate design team to Age of Darkness.
  8. Just to clarify a point that you've both missed - my comment was talking about new players to AoS, not experienced players picking up a new army. For a new player all you require is models, the core rules and warscrolls (probably dice and a ruler/tape could be useful too!). Get the core rules nailed down and then look at adding allegiance abilities and other bits once they've grasped things like moving, charging and combat. Look at it in the same way as a child learning to ride a bike - you wouldn't stick them at the top of a hill without any stabilisers and give them a shove... I woul
  9. The group I'm gaming with completed our second test journey yesterday - scavenger journey this time (first one was a hunt). The thing that we've worked out is that it's really important to actually work out a plan of action, if each player blindly goes off doing their own thing then they'll run into trouble pretty quickly. Looking at how the encounters level up as the game goes on suggests that the journeys will actually increase in difficulty quite a bit, especially if you're unlucky and get Gorslav with zombies on the board or the watch captain with skeletons. More things to kill also mea
  10. I think the original hope may have been 2022 (possibly taking that specialist games November slot), but we don't know the impact that the pandemic has had on the design team. I don't think I'm on my own being happy to wait an extra few years for a ruleset that's polished rather than rushed. I fear you may well be waiting for this one! A new player doesn't have to buy the generals handbook or even the battletome to play either. There's free battleplans available and all of the points and warscrolls are available for free. The battletome will add additional rules and things like
  11. There are various trade agreements in place that prevent GW from picking and choosing where they sell products. It also covers that (almost*) every single plastic product needs to be made available to third parties, even limited edition ones. * This excludes store exclusives such as the birthday minis which are only available in store and not online
  12. Because Sigmar took so long creating the Stormcast that Chaos was able to get more reps in down the gym 😉
  13. +++ MOD HAT +++ OK, I'm going to come across as a right sourpuss here. I've just removed a number of posts relating to to the 40k preview. I've done this because TGA is an Age of Sigmar forum! There are plenty of other places to discuss 40k out on the internet, but it was decided that TGA should stick firmly to the mortal realms at the forums inception 😊 k thx bye!
  14. I reckon that there has to have been multiple problems that cumulatively meant it wasn't cost effective to sort out. Most of the rumours we've heard on their own aren't show stoppers, but if you combine them together, that's where you start getting issues that are a lot more problematic to resolve.
  15. I'll insert the usual disclaimer here - we don't know what units will/won't be included until the Battletome actually lands in people's hands. The picture shown is just one image likely taken for the book - it doesn't even show the new Wight King which we know it part of the range. The mortarch models are something like 5 to 6 years old and originally created for WHFB back when GW didn't really have the technology or capacity to do huge centrepiece miniatures. If we're lucky we may get a resculpt at some point in the future. The different atheistic is really trying to bring
  16. Couple of reasons I've heard. The playtesting cycle involves quite a few rounds of testing & changes going back and forth. On a few occasions a last minute change results in something going in that's not been tested (yay to deadlines) and causes something broken to get included. The other thing (that I encounter during my work) is that you can try to think of all the broken combinations you can dream up, but once that book hits the public you can be sure that they'll spot something you've missed - it's the same as somebody looking over your shoulder and working out the answer to a cross
  17. Probably just worth saying this. Having spoken to various members over the years, the AoS devs are very aware that competitive gaming only accounts for a small portion of all games played. Although it may feel like it on occasion, competitive players don't have a special line to GW and playtesters don't ignore combos so that they can leap into a tournament with a broken army.
  18. Going to be honest and say that I'd not be putting too much credence over some of those rumours. The fact that somebody is talking about charge reactions that wouldn't work with the current charge mechanic, without also talking about a rewritten charge phase doesn't particularly fill me with confidence they've got it right!
  19. I'm not 100% sure of this because the game is called "Warhammer Quest: Cursed City". It's entirely possible that something else within the box has a copyright infringement, but I don't believe it's the name of the game. Could be wrong though!
  20. There's a huge amount of speculation going round on the situation of Cursed City at the moment which has been compounded by the almost complete radio silence from GW. In truth all of these rumours have an element of plausibility. What we do know is that there is now an official line that Cursed City is now out of print and no longer coming back in stock. We also know that we've had no articles/videos on Cursed City since it went on release. What we don't know is the long term implications - are the models/rules being made available at some point? Are we going to see any expansions? e
  21. I think you could actually have a much more interesting mechanic than mortal wounds for heavy artillery 😊
  22. +++ MOD HAT +++ Think it could be time to take a deep breath before posting folks. Feels like the conversation is veering down the "less friendly" route. Always worth remembering that everybody is entitled to their own opinion even if it differs from your own. It's perfectly acceptable to agree to disagree on a subject. AoS is great because it's an all encompassing hobby that you can play in multiple ways, but this can result in people not agreeing on subjective matters like balance.
  23. The Space Marine release schedule was messed up due to the pandemic. Under normal circumstances the Codex & new models would have come out over a couple of weeks.
  24. Tbh, me and my brother have been talking about new Mortarch kits for a while and we weren't convinced due to the age of the models and that it would need LoN to be pretty much replaced. However I'd rule nothing out! From a background perspective nothing in Death is ever permanently destroyed - even Nagash being smashed by Archaeon basically created himself a new body over time, so there's no reason why we couldn't simply see new mortarch kits with newly created "Mega Abyssals" - the bonereapers have the technology afterall. It would also allow a bit more personalisation, I could see Nagadro
  25. I've decided to be controversial and answer no 😁 My long answer (only 2 weeks after the question was posted) is that I absolutely agree with most of what's been said. Personally the mortal wound mechanic itself is fantastic - the proliferation of them isn't. The knock on is that many units now have some kind of ignore damage roll to counteract that proliferation - "naked duardin, aelf, oruk? Let's give them an ignore damage mechanic!" Certainly agree that mortal wounds really should be limited to heroes and mainly magical abilities. If I could have a magic wand, I'd love to s
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