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  1. Interestingly, the date on the Pitched Battle Profiles in Soulblight did tie up with the month it was released so I think it was always intended to come out then.
  2. Absolutely! Chaos Duardin will always hold an appeal, but updated Ogors (thoroughly enjoying painting the Cursed City Ogor atm) and getting rid of the last couple of finecast Khorne models are on my wishlist 😊
  3. Would agree that it's fairly army dependant. I loved the look and feel of a huge unit of 40 skeletons in my old Grand Host army - there's something really cool about a silent unending wave of bone slowly but steadily marching upon it's prey. Equally units of 5 or 10 Blood Warriors feels like a group of savages bound together through sheer force of strength, but equally as likely to turn upon each other once their target has been destroyed.
  4. On the talk about Nurgle not getting a new wave, I'd not be so sure. We know that GW are trying to phase out all finecast/resin miniatures from their core ranges and Nurgle still has some. We have a rumour that AoS3 is only going to introduce 2 or 3 new factions, if you combine that with how much GW actually managed to release over the last 3 years (even in the midst of a pandemic) it does leave them with a fair bit of capacity to expand each faction a bit. I don't think we have enough information to be able to say that categorically. It's possible that the physical books weren't re
  5. As I read it, aura command abilities aren't "received" by a unit, so a unit could benefit from it and also receive a Rally. Nagash will still count as issuing a Command Ability though, so wouldn't be able to issue the Rally (as they're both Hero phase Command Abilities). I would imagine this will be clarified in an FAQ though.
  6. +++ MOD HAT +++ Not impressed with the tone in this topic . Please don't be rude to each other - most of you have been here long enough to know that now.
  7. In all honesty I fear that would break my wallet... Would be happy with just a new BB team
  8. +++ MOD HAT +++ Feel that we may have exhausted the discussion regarding the new points as they've barely been mentioned in the past 3 pages and now veering off track. If there's nothing else to add, I'll lock the thread later on today.
  9. We got an update to them after AoS 2 came out. It's speculation but wouldn't have called it wild 🤷‍♂️
  10. It's about how you put your unhappiness across that's the biggest factor. If you want to make a complaint about anything you need to be clear and concise, not angry and offence. Humans are funny creatures, but if you greet somebody with hostility you're likely to get hostility or avoidance. Greet somebody with a smile and a balanced argument and you're much more likely to get the same response in return. This applies to face to face and the internet in equal measure. This has been my Saturday morning TED talk 😁 I'd best get on with something that isn't on the computer now 🧐
  11. My issue is that I'd be pretty miffed if I went somewhere and read comments where strangers were telling me that I was rubbish at my job and it was "obvious". It's one thing for people to point out problems, it's another for people to be rude about it. Hope you can see where I'm coming from - ultimately if we want the devs to identify the issues we believe we've found, it's best to not start off telling them they're god-awful at their job.
  12. +++ MOD HAT +++ Could I ask people to steer away from comments about "the devs have no clue" please? There will have been some logic behind the points changes even if we don't (and never will) know it - that logic could be flawed, may not necessarily work and need changing in the future, but there will be logic!
  13. +++ MOD HAT +++ And back onto rumours folks! Have said it before and will say it again, if you want to rant please go somewhere else to do it, there's ways to express your dissatisfaction without heaping it with salt and posting in every thread. AoS is at it's core a hobby that we do for entertainment, if you're finding it's raising your blood pressure, step away from the computer for a bit to cool down please.
  14. Honestly - I've not got a clue what's going to be in an FAQ. I do know that it's not uncommon to see them clear up and resolve certain things though - certainly god marked units have been tackled like this in the past. Is it only battleline that you've lost?
  15. Slight curveball - what's people's thoughts of including a mega-gargant in a soulblight army?
  16. I'd perhaps suggest waiting for any accompanying FAQ's that will inevitably come out rather than deciding not to play AoS3 based on half the information. There may be a monsterous arcanum update coming along and possibly a legends at some point. One big issue with people doing reveals of preview copies is that they only have a portion of what's going to be released.
  17. +++ MOD HAT +++ Could I ask that people take discussion about new points over to this thread I've just created please 😊
  18. Rumour thread was getting chock-a-bloc with talks about points, so here's a thread to discuss them. Ground rules as ever: Everything has been increased in points pretty much across the board We've not played a game yet, some point increases may actually not be as bad as we think If you wish to rant and rage, please do it somewhere else Many of us suspect that there will be some FAQ & errata coming alongside the new books The sky is not falling
  19. In truth I think the same approach will be taken as has been over the years. GW event/venue - make sure the model identifies as GW using GW parts. Outside a GW event/venue, fill your boots! If you do chose to use off the shelf 3d printed stuff and take them to WHW or somewhere, just be prepared to be asked to take them off the board.
  20. The new AoS rules state (section 1.2 🤓) that a "model" is a Citadel Miniature on a plastic base and that scenery should be from the Age of Sigmar range. What this means is that if you're following the Core Rules to the letter, you shouldn't be using any third-party parts- 3d printed or otherwise. My feeling is that GW have done this for a couple of reasons. Firstly because it's a lot easier to define a "Citadel Miniature" versus a miniature for a fantasy game. Secondly, when they run one of their own events, they don't need to clarify that you must only use citadel miniatures because i
  21. +++ MOD HAT +++ Just nudging rules discussion over to the AoS3 rules discussion thread please 😊
  22. +++ MOD HAT +++ Reading quite a few "the sky is falling" comments in this thread. Just want to point out that it's highly likely we'll get some kind of FAQ/errata/update document when the game lands on the 3rd which will hopefully resolve some of the bits that don't appear to work as we think they should be. A follow-up FAQ once the full rules and handbook appear wouldn't surprise me either. In short it's too soon to start burning those models So let's try and stick to some objective posts about how your own armies fare rather than how X, Y, Z is rubbish please.
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