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  1. I heard a rumour that they're removing men's rights because of this thread. Fair enough 😔 we had it coming boys
  2. Make the thermalrider your general. He'll move 19 instead of 18. Gotta get as much out of the movement artefact as you can.
  3. Walrustaco

    Alt yeti

    Vargheists with Crypt Horror arms?
  4. To be fair he asked for the top ogor lists, not just any. But the names are there at least and I think we can cross reference etc. But effort innit
  5. What a great report, enjoyed the read. You're right about petrifex. I played a 4 stonehorn list and melted them with all the mortal wound output. Although I do keep forgetting my Eurlbad mortals and to roll for the everwinter. I love your bases and conversions btw
  6. Pretty much finished my converted frostlord on stonehorn with thermalrider cloak.
  7. Old artwork? And on a tournament ticket?
  8. Yeah but they aren't soul-eating eyeless boogeymen though 🤔
  9. Changehost needs adjusted. The teleport should be more limited or the perhaps, the battalion should just not allow a teleport at all. Flamers could need something like a range reduction. Some kind of nerf to their shooting anyway. Or just a steep points hike. The Destiny Dice interaction with battleshock needs to change. As it is, using any kind of destiny dice to substitute a roll for a battleshock test auto passes it. An exception should be made to allow modifiers to apply to destiny diced battleshocks. Or just disallow those dice to be used on battleshock. Host Duplicitous is bullsh*t. Blanket prevent retreat is not okay. You get tagged by a horror unit, you're stuck with it forever unless you can chew through 50-150 wounds. And they probably cant fail battleshock either, because Destiny Dice. They just aren't fun to play against with these tournament builds.
  10. How about Winterbite? Drop fleshcrave and blood feast if you're insistent on debuffs. Yhetees and Thundertusks have inbuilt -1 to hit.
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