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  1. Walrustaco

    The Painting Contract - February 2019

    Forgot to post them but here’s my 6 finished Leadbelchers, as promised. Another pledge successful!
  2. Walrustaco

    The Painting Contract - February 2019

    So freakin’ cool. I’d love to see them painted up.
  3. Walrustaco

    The Rumour Thread

    Never seen more ellipses in my life... .
  4. Walrustaco

    The Rumour Thread

    We fought and died for the right to post in the rumour thread
  5. Walrustaco

    The Painting Contract - February 2019

    Thank you so much!
  6. Walrustaco

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    I converted some custom Ironguts. My gutbusters have a sort of loose sun/fire theme and I love to take my Firebelly along as often as possible. A few of the are just Mournfang riders on Ogor bodies, but some of them I have them warpfire braziers from the Thanquol kit. The Gutlord ended up looking like a badass, so I'm especially happy with him. Let me know what you think.
  7. Walrustaco

    The Rumour Thread

    Full of bigots too. A real garbage dump.
  8. Sorry, but only the Warlock Engineer and warlord are still available
  9. Walrustaco

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    God, I'd love a plastic Tyrant kit with lots of customisation. I'd buy like... 3. But yeah, I don't really like any of the resin butchers. I was almost considering using the female ogor maneaters as a butcher. But like a baker instead, cause rolling pin lol
  10. Walrustaco

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    I thought they did that because the other weapon options weren't on models that are currently available to buy from GW? Unless they phase out our lovely finecast models (better not gw I'll find you) then the option might remain. It is kinda weird how the tyrant warscroll has a weapon option based off the magic weapon of an older WHFB special character and the only model truly representing that option is said characters model under the label of an entirely different unit. Golgfag too. I use both as tyrants. £23 each, hell yeah I'm using them as characters.
  11. Walrustaco

    The Painting Contract - February 2019

    Pretty much finished this guy. Ran out of ink in my micron pen for the tattoos RIP. Also pics aren't the best sorry Let me know what you think: My converted butcher with cauldron. He likes to kill big beasties as tribute to the Great Maw using his knives and his trusty hooks and chains.
  12. Walrustaco

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    One of the smaller things that might be nice about having a battletome is that we would have battalions. Hopefully they would be useable, but unless some other way to do so appears between now and whenever (or if ever) our battletome appears, then battalions are the only way we get more than 1 artefact. Right now most of us just load up a single tyrant with gutgouger and ghyrstrike, but we could end up having awesome butcher cauldron artefacts or other cool stuff. Btw while I'm here talking artefacts. Has anyone tried the Hysh artefact 'Blade of Symmetry'? Specifically on a dual weapon tyrant to give them 6 damage 3 attacks? I know the range is lower and rend too, so I guess you could do it on a massive ogor club instead and be hitting as hard as a mawkrushas fists. Then put wild fury into the mix and well, you get the idea. Our head fatties hit hard.
  13. I bet many ogors are less evil than a lot of idoneth deepkin. We're an order army now.
  14. Walrustaco

    Paint equivalent of Corax White?

    I use ulthuan grey. It's pretty much the closest match I've used against a properly sprayed corax white surface.
  15. Walrustaco

    The Rumour Thread

    Let Runelords pray away the endless spells