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  1. Wow that list has some serious meat to it. Hope you do well!
  2. Some bloodgullet foot ogor lists have placed quite well. They had some 12 blocks in them too. They definitely have their place. They just tend to struggle vs stuff like OBR and slayers
  3. Took Stonehorns to EGGS at Element Games. 2 day tournament. Went to 2-3, the 5th coming down to a lost priority roll. List was the 2 frostlords, and a Jorlbad with 3×2 MF. About 70% happy with the result, with it being my first 2 day tournament. But save for a changehost tabling turn 2, I can safely say the losses were down to my own misplays or a better opponent. Felt like I learned a lot for sure. Appreciative to all my opponents for advice or just general chats/banter. Was vs Tzeentch 1st. Daemons plus 6 skyfires and Kairos. No battalion. Shifting Objectives. Managed to table him. Felt like a decisive victory. Was feeling confident 😂 7VP But then... doing so well game 1 put me on the top tables for game 2. I drew vs @Ben and his Morathi led Hagg Nar DoK. I realised uh oh, it's that fella whose forum I'm a nuisance on, he knows how to play. The scenario was Total Commitment. Not knowing how Morathi's transform worked, I 'Totally Committed' 3 stonehorns in one single clump in my deployment and she turn one charged me and killed my beastriders. Some other stuff happened and then I lost. @Ben had some sound advice for me in my games to come, while he went on to win the whole thing! Major Loss. 0VP (7) Game 3 I drew Changehost. Starstrike. I got double turned and was tabled turn 2. Nice guy though! 😂 Major Loss 1VP (8) Game 4 I drew Khorne with an awesome magmadroth mercenary. It was Places of Arcane Power. My Ethereal Stonehorn sat down on my left hand objective and never stood up again. Opponent was great fun. I got tabled as well. Major Victory 6VP (14) Game 5 I drew Beasts of Chaos. Better Part of Valour. 2 drop list with more than a hundred models. Massive footprint. Lots of goats appearing on my board edge. Too many for my backline mournfang to handle. My stonehorns were beasts this game but it was a massive uphill battle with the sheer difference in board coverage. It ended up coming down to a priority roll to see who would get to burn his objectives. I lost the roll. Bit of a bummer! Nice guy though. Major Loss 2VP (16) Going to move back to Gutbusters now I think. These BCR style lists are too stressful for me haha.
  4. I heard a rumour that they're removing men's rights because of this thread. Fair enough 😔 we had it coming boys
  5. Make the thermalrider your general. He'll move 19 instead of 18. Gotta get as much out of the movement artefact as you can.
  6. Walrustaco

    Alt yeti

    Vargheists with Crypt Horror arms?
  7. To be fair he asked for the top ogor lists, not just any. But the names are there at least and I think we can cross reference etc. But effort innit
  8. What a great report, enjoyed the read. You're right about petrifex. I played a 4 stonehorn list and melted them with all the mortal wound output. Although I do keep forgetting my Eurlbad mortals and to roll for the everwinter. I love your bases and conversions btw
  9. Pretty much finished my converted frostlord on stonehorn with thermalrider cloak.
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