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  1. Dang maybe this whole game sucks when its fully optimised and WAAC 🤨
  2. Yeah idk If they’re op but they are not fun to play against. At all. Boring actually.
  3. Those first 2 paragraphs contradict eachother. First you say you dont care what colour the models skin is, second you say if GW make dwarves any colour other than white you would be annoyed? Hmm. Why is it that dwarves all have to be white to you? You can argue either that they're so similar to humans that they should also have various skin colours, or you could say that because they're not human that they shouldn't have to stick to human skin tones at all. It's amazing to see how much it means to some people when they see themselves represented in media. The only thing that feels forced to me is the people who are so resistant to the idea of whiteness being decentralised in their favourite piece of media. White isn't the default.
  4. Yeah but this goof brought up 'presidents' out of nowhere betwixt his laughable ranting against the evil 'SJWs'. Instantly I thought "Ah, he's one of those."
  5. I think ethereal amulet is wasted on a huskard instead of a frostlord. As awesome as a 2+ hitting stonehorn is, a 3+ hitting 3+ unreadable save stonehorn is better. If it were me, I'd put the Brand of the Svard onto the Huskard and the Ethereal Amulet onto the FLoSH.
  6. Did your manager coach you on what to say if they didn't just accept that weird jedi mind trick response? 😂
  7. Yo uh, dont tell my ogres but I want to get into slaves real bad. Any ideas for ****** I could buy in the mean time to tide me over until December?
  8. A very, very promising battle report from the Mighty Guts.
  9. Ogroid Thaumaturge's Cousin down below ******
  10. Except you can only take a maximum of 4 ironblasters/scraplaunchers because they're artillery. I respect what you're going for though. 😅
  11. Dont go off 1d4chan. 1 additional dice, not add 1 to dice rolls. Meatfist might have actually been worth taking if it was the latter.
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