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  1. Really cool conversion. Interesting that you used the gutgouger guy with the gutgouger for the conversion though. 🤔
  2. Smh you guys in here getting this hype stuff and complaining it's not enough while I'm over here licking the same ogor model from 2003 like:
  3. Just want GW to do another "Coming Soon: 2 battletomes at once" like with skaven/FEC. And both the tomes announced would be ogors like if u agree.
  4. Why should they compete? Other armies have more than one wizard unit, and they represent two vastly different types of magic. The firebelly looks far better visually too.
  5. Spiderfang and Moonclan are pretty different too I guess. You could say the necroquake changed the ever winter in such a way that the tribes are coming together again. Maybe it’s seeking all ogors now. Or conversely maybe the quake kills the everwinter. anyway I feel like the winter theme of BCR really shoehorns them into winter colour schemes, which I don’t think thundertusks and stonehorn had when they first came out in fantasy.
  6. Yikes I would hate to run grots in my gutbusters lists. They're for carrying weapons and meat.
  7. Never triggered DTTIG in my life fml I too like @Ajay29's ideas. I wonder if a 12 block of bulls counting as 48 models would be too good? Or is that what we deserve? 🤔 I know the BCR guys pretty commonly say they dont want us two to combine again, but I'm all for it, dunno bout you guys. Gloomspite lets you run troggoth or spiderfang lists pretty independently, an Ogors tome could do the same.
  8. I'd love some sort of alternative (and reliable) source of +1 to hit. 1/3 chance to get for a single unit from a cauldron isn't enough and I just roll ones on that thing all the time anyway. I dunno about the Ironguts thing. Seems OP, but man, we need some out of sequence attacking. Hero phase pile-in and attacks or attack twice command abilities would be so great for us. I'd personally love for leadbelchers to get buffed. Mine actually do a great job for me, they generally last the whole game because they're ignored for the big 12 block of bulls in combat and the 6 man ironguts. I'd love for their shooting to be changed to damage 2 at least, maybe Dd3. I wish they were longer range too, maybe 16" or something, I'm not expecting their range to be doubled or anything, but they're more like shotguns than cannons right now. I'd also like them to get d6 shots at half range instead of from standing still, because that rule just seems a bit weird to me.
  9. They should do a shadespire warband for ogors then. Maybe 3 man warband or something. Even 3 might be a bit much, but one of them could double as a hero model.
  10. Those marines are pretty samey though. Might as well be full books for Kharadron skyports or Stormhosts, if only for the grace of these chapters having established characters. They all play pretty similarly and can take near identical options. Armies like ironweld and dispossessed are completely different and ogors and bcr are pretty damn different too. I gotta put stock into something, pretty starved over here lol.
  11. Anyone else feel like our best chance to get updated rules is to be included in the inevitable Beastclaw Raiders Battletome update? Given that there’s rumours now abound that bonesplitterz might be next up, even before hedonites, they too much like beastclaw and Sylvaneth are among the first AoS 1.0 tomes to have gotten artefacts and allegiances. GW did it with Skaven and Gloomspite, but we could be up for consolidation with our snowy brethren, especially given that the GW survey had us, bcr and maneaters under one selection.
  12. Lol Greenskins listed but Gitmob not. RIP. Not only were Ogors listed under one choice (dunno if that implies an impending combination or just irrelevance and they wanted to save space) but Dispossessed and Ironweld were under one choice too.
  13. They should give DoK a terrain piece that's like a big statue of an avatar of khaine
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