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  1. For some reason the Mistweaver Siah, along with her lore fits the Cypher Lords. I thought of using her as an extra luminate
  2. Yeah so Combining abilities is going to be nasty with Corvus. Using the leaders ability with Shrike Talons ability, can potentialy lead to 3 attck actions with 6 attacks each with 2/4damage. Nasty
  3. Also I am hearing some people talk about horde warbands. I am a firm believer in this game u should not go all horde nor all elite but a mixture of each. I played against a horde LoN, and I wiped out three skellies in one turn. Much like you suggested he tried to keep his elite back but I started getting objectives and he could not keep up. Also one thing that kind of goes against the horde advantage is the dagger shield and hammer placement. Yes it can work, but the horde players I played and watch are not doing to well in my store, but on the flip side neither are the all elite warbands.
  4. I thought match play does use battleplan cards just the ones that are symmetrical. Also, I play the objective. To many people I play against have been trying to go for kills and not playbthe objective. When I sense it I just dictate the battle and take obj. ( I play cypher lords) now 4-0 with them..lol
  5. The movement and 4 attacks 2/4 for 80pts is not bad. Yeah they may only be str 3, but they can hurt if they crit.
  6. I see your point, I think they are great against higher strengths. Maybe they should have had a 2inch range to make them a little better
  7. Honestly, I played a horde guy who tried that very same strategy, and I beat him fairly easily. I did play as the cypher lords. I would not go full elite though because this is an objective game. Plan your movements and make use of your abilities. Most models that make up the hordes are easily taken out. For example, the skeletons only have 8 wounds. When I played them, against a known power gamer at my store. He listen to the video reviews/batrep..and decided to horde with LoN. My luminate wipe out three skellies in one turn. With the quad ability. All because he tried to tie me up...lol. I ended up winning the battle qnd it was very one side.
  8. I don't know man, I watched a game at my store those str 5 toughness 5 brutes were pretty nasty. I get the mathhammer, I like the higher toughness and stregnth.
  9. Acrobatic leap is nice. But usually I use my wild dice on a double to make a triple. Teleport and -1 to attack is just more valuable..lol. But the are good. The melee rage of 2 is a big deal especially when using the somersault quad ability with the luminate..I move bonus move to opp staying at 2inches. Bonus attack 5 dice and if I am luck to get two crits that is 10 damage off that back. Now I can either secure the kill or move 5 inch away. Too good. I did this a couple of times today.
  10. The Cypher Lords are the real deal. I am now 2 and 0 with them. I love the play style. Hit and run. Pros: Great movement, Great damage potential, 2inch on some mele attacks, Outstanding Quad and triple abilities. Cons: Very Squishy, require serious tactics. (Old wood elf, and beastmen players will love them), The double abilities not so good.
  11. So they appear to be a tricksy style warband. They move quick. They hit you then get teleported out. I see them being great at capturing objectives. I like their abilities, and the leaders ability to subtract 1 from every fighter attack within six inches is going to be brutal. So my thoughts is this warband is going to want to try to dictate where fights are going to happen. They are not a a get up in your face a duke it out. They seem to be more hit and run.
  12. They added the teleport etc in the cost. As a Sylvaneth player hate the cost for some of our units but I understand it.
  13. It is not useless...instead of place up three woods at a time you place one per ability not per a turn. There is still multiple way to get more that one out per a turn. We always played like this at my shop, I knew this was coming. I knre this would come sooner or later. I would keep playing the way you are used to until somethinh official comes out.
  14. So after going to a GW store and speaking with an employee, I was told my intepretation seems to be correct one. I am not saying it is set in stone, but I was shown the passage in the GHB that stats min max refer to the model count. The Sylvaneth Wyldwood is considered to be up to three citadal forest (Models). Therefore, the min max is one model for pitch battles. Do not shoot the messenger..lol.
  15. Well until GW Faq I just suggest people go with the house rules...no harm no foul. We all have our own interpretations.
  16. Ok you guys is you look warscrolls at some of the models it says something like this unit of dryads has 5 or more models...but the min is 10 in the GHB. It is a similar situation. My shop goes with the min and max of 1 wood not up to 3. if that was the case why bother to put a min or max on it?
  17. Yeah so match play does supercede. The point cost, in my opinion, was added to limit the mix and match armies from getting free woods. I had a guy who ran SE with an ancient just to place woods.
  18. That is how I have alway been playing any how. Because reading is fundamental and I am to dumb to read the description that says "up to three". I have only been placing one. Yeah so the match play profile did not affect me at all. That is why I also take verdent's blessing for my Wych so I can get a forest out from her along with my Ancients forest.
  19. Actually a Sylvaneth Wyldwood is up to 3 citadel woods according to the profile. However with the points added to it. The min is 1 and the max is 1. So instead of placing up to three I think it is one now. I may be wrong. It may be based on how the dice is working for you, but I say atleast take 3.
  20. I agree I would 5 revenants 20 dryads and 10 dryads...20 dryads give you +1 armor save and if you are by a forest you will be a tarpit. I really anly use the revanents for objective capturing, and to to divert the enemy. They are needed fornthe gnarlroot.
  21. Also let me clarify..lol. I got the alpha strike off with Durthu only but the Kurnoths Scyhthes rolled a 1 to navigate the realmroots..lol. I pumped 6 wounds into Arkhan. The thing that really happened that hurt death was, Durthu had the oakenarmour with mystic shield, with the ancients command ability. Basically he was a 2+ rerolling 1's tarpit...lol. He did get Cursed of years down to 1 wound, but before he died he took out Arkhan and the army general. The Scythes almost destroyed unit of 20 skeletons in one turn. The eventually died too. But the end result was a Major victory for the trees on the Gift from Heavens scenarios.
  22. The unit of Revenants will be needed for the Gnarlroot
  23. I like the first list as well, I actually ran something very similar here was my list Branchwych 100 Treelord Ancient 300 Spirith of Durthu 400 20 Dryads 240 10 dryads 120 5 tree revenants 100 kurnoth hunters (bow) 180 kurnoth hunter (bow) 180 Kurnoth hunter Scythe 180 Household 20 Gnarlroot 80 Freespirit 40 Total 1940.. I wanted the Alpha strike and it worked against a Death army
  24. Same problem here. I love this list and would like to try it. However, at a 2000pt limit it is 60pts over. Any suggestions? I would think that making that large unit of 20 dryads to one unit of ten might be useful. Also, can some please give me advice on how would you set up the alpha strike?
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