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  1. Cinncinnatus

    Endless Spells and Special Deployments

    Hi all, When playing a BoC army, units in ambush must be set up 9" away from enemy models. Does this include Endless Spells, predatory or otherwise, as well? This question would also apply to NH, SCE, or any unit with special set up rules. Thanks in advance!
  2. I've been binge painting for a narrative campaign I'm setting up for some friends. Even when I know I should go to sleep I'm so jacked up by the progress I'm making I know I won't be able to sleep anyway.
  3. Cinncinnatus

    Feels sooooo.......Liberating ;)

  4. If @Dead Scribes store banned Forge World to encourage people to buy primarily through the store I could understand that. After all, if that store can't sell forge world products then any dollar your regulars spend on forge world is a dollar they aren't spending in shop. But forge world is so niche that I doubt the pull is that much to justify such a policy. Knowing the distribution of 40k to AoS in the store would help here, as this policy could have been more aimed at 40k and AoS got caught in the crossfire. Because forge world AoS products are in no way OP and don't add complexity in any way to the system. All the rules are free, just like every other armies. Hell, Legion and Tamurkhan allegiance abilities are even easier to access than some GW armies that you need to buy the GHB to access. I don't think the same can be said for 40k.
  5. Cinncinnatus

    Tell me something awesome

    My awesome story involves my Dragon Lord surviving a barrage from my opponents KO. Bit of background, my opponent had been winless for some time against this Dragon Lord and he was hell-bent on killing it in a game, objectives be damned! He finally got an opportunity, as I misplayed his position badly hoping for a double. Before he started rolling all his dice, I looked my opponent in the eye, and said the Dragon Lord would survive with two wounds. My opponent just shook his head and said no way. He started rolling his dice, and I started rolling my dice, and sure enough he survived with two wounds!!! My opponent couldn't believe it. I ended up getting the double next turn, so I still managed to get into his lines with the Dragon Lord and do some serious damage. He did manage to bring it down eventually, but it lost him the game in the process.
  6. As a rule I agree on credit cards, but interest free is a whole different beast. You need to be disciplined, plan out how much you can afford each month, and stick to that plan. If you pay a cent of interest on promotions like this you are doing it wrong. I've paid for my wife's engagement ring, wedding band, honeymoon to Hawaii, TV's, computers, you name it. Didn't pay any interest, kept my cash levels high, and the payment periods were long enough the payments did not impact our monthly income in any way. But you have to be disciplined and looking at your money all the time like it is a resource management game and know exactly what you can realistically afford given unexpected things come up all the time. For me, that is just second nature even before taking about promotional interest free offers. But if you don't have that kind of discipline? Yeah, then stay away. Finance isn't for everyone.
  7. Last game I lost with DoK was against a Sylvaneth list @ 1000 points. My opponent did a good job of zoning out my Heartrenders so I couldn't take out his squishy heros. Instead of waiting for a better shot in later turns I still brought them down and threw them at inefficient targets. It was the only game I lost in that tournament, and it was the only game I didn't make the right play with my Heartrenders.
  8. On the plus side, you can now pay with PayPal Credit, which gives you 6 months interest free financing on orders over $100 USD. The lack of this option actually stopped me last year from purchasing a Legion army, as I like to buy models in bulk but also want to keep cash on hand. This change alone might have just ensured I buy a Legion army in 2019!
  9. Cinncinnatus

    Army Transporting - show/detail yours

    No use the battlefoam 720 back with the magna racks. I can easily fit 2k of DoK in there. I could fit even more of my SCE. I used to have a toolbox but I retired that once I got the magna racks. I don't use foam anymore, magnets are just better. Don't have the pics on me at the moment.
  10. Cinncinnatus

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    Quick question regarding our Bloodwrack Shrines and Cauldrons: Do they benefit from Look Out, Sir? It seems wrong that they do, but as written I can't find anything to suggest they don't. My opponent wasn't super thrilled when I told him I think the Shrine technically does (didn't come up in the game though) but going through the FAQ's and errata we couldn't find anything that said Behemoths were disqualified from Look Out, Sir
  11. Cinncinnatus

    Stormcast Stormhosts

    I'm a fan of the Tempest Lord stuff, but full disclosure, my Stormcast are painted as Tempest Lords already.
  12. Cinncinnatus

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Link to Stormcast review from GMG Scions of the Storm is great now. Can't wait!!!
  13. Cinncinnatus

    Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    You actually can' use the Lord Ordinators CA from both models as it reads if this model is your general in the description. But the redundancy and ability to spread out the +1 to hit would still be worth it. Plus if your general died you could just pick the other Ordinator tonight be your general so your opponent would have to munch through 10 wounds to get rid of that CA.
  14. Cinncinnatus

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    Does anyone else think it's possible that the sequitors will come in boxes with 4 models instead of 5?