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  1. Cinncinnatus

    Army Transporting - show/detail yours

    No use the battlefoam 720 back with the magna racks. I can easily fit 2k of DoK in there. I could fit even more of my SCE. I used to have a toolbox but I retired that once I got the magna racks. I don't use foam anymore, magnets are just better. Don't have the pics on me at the moment.
  2. Cinncinnatus

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    Quick question regarding our Bloodwrack Shrines and Cauldrons: Do they benefit from Look Out, Sir? It seems wrong that they do, but as written I can't find anything to suggest they don't. My opponent wasn't super thrilled when I told him I think the Shrine technically does (didn't come up in the game though) but going through the FAQ's and errata we couldn't find anything that said Behemoths were disqualified from Look Out, Sir
  3. Cinncinnatus

    Stormcast Stormhosts

    I'm a fan of the Tempest Lord stuff, but full disclosure, my Stormcast are painted as Tempest Lords already.
  4. Cinncinnatus

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Link to Stormcast review from GMG Scions of the Storm is great now. Can't wait!!!
  5. Cinncinnatus

    Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    You actually can' use the Lord Ordinators CA from both models as it reads if this model is your general in the description. But the redundancy and ability to spread out the +1 to hit would still be worth it. Plus if your general died you could just pick the other Ordinator tonight be your general so your opponent would have to munch through 10 wounds to get rid of that CA.
  6. Cinncinnatus

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    Does anyone else think it's possible that the sequitors will come in boxes with 4 models instead of 5?
  7. Cinncinnatus

    Hardest kit you've built?

    I don't know why, but the first Cauldron of Blood I built gave me so many problems. I'd like to think it was all to pokes my fingers took from the spikey bits that threw me off. Also, 6th edition plastic clanrats if only for their tails. I had to have them in an exact order in order for them to rank up properly because of those tails. Want to reform to surround an opponent after winning combat? Can you remember the order they need to go in to properly rank up if you do?!
  8. Cinncinnatus

    The Rumour Thread

    I think it's related to Moonclan grots. Image could very well be spores releasing from some kind of mushroom. Fungus is a heavy motif on the Fungoid Cave Shaman after all.
  9. Cinncinnatus

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Hey all, long time lurker in this thread! So a few weeks ago I brought the DoK to a small 1K tournament at the FLGS. They did amazing! Managed two Major wins and a Major loss which got me the second place spot. The wins were against KO and Maggotkin (Blight Lords heavy) and loss was to Sylvaneth. List was as follows Allegiance: Daughters Of Khaine- Temple: Hagg NarLeadersHag Queen (60)- Prayer: Catechism of MurderBloodwrack Shrine (220)- General- Trait: Devoted Desciples - Artefact: Thousand and One Dark Blessings - Lore of Shadows: MindrazorBattleline30 x Witch Aelves (270)- Pairs of Sacrificial Knives10 x Blood Sisters (280)Units5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (80)5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (80)Total: 990 / 1000Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 78 Couple of observations. Full units of Witch Aelves are crazy good for board control. Their ability to run and charge was crucial in all of the games I played. They often took heavy casualties but were always a pain for my opponents to deal with, especially when they were fully buffed. Blood Sisters are wonderful but I need to do a better job of giving them buffs as well. Often times I justified putting all the buffs onto the witch aelves just because the Blood Sisters have the better overall stat line. While this is true to an extent, they would be even better with even minimal buffing. Heartrenders won me both of my wins. The versatility of these ladies cannot be overstated. Against the KO in Starstrike they let me cap all three objectives immediately and put my opponent in a deep hole he couldn't quite dig out of. Against the Maggotkin they were able to use their 6" move to just creep within range of my opponents backline objective, letting me capture all four objectives for 9 points. In fact, the only game I didn't win was because my opponent smartly zoned them out and gave them zero good targets. We were playing Three Places of Power from the original GHB, I should have held them up longer and waited for hims to present a better target, but I jumped the gun in retrospect. Hag Queen. So useful. So squishy. Bloodwrack Shrine, Didn't do much to be honest. Would have preferred the Cauldron of Blood but didn't want to sacrifice a unit of Heartrenders. Hagg Nar Temple. Really good at the beginning of each match but found it didn't do much as games went on and had to start committing forces to certain objectives. That 7" bubble only extends so far. A Cauldron with this Temple would be better, as you get the +1 save as well. Not sure, but Khailebron might be the better one overall, as it's just a native -1 to hit in shooting for all the units. But I also always forgot about the Daughters of the First Temple bonus, so I will need to play some more games before I give up on Hagg Nar. Finally, moving 30 Witch Aelves in a timely fashion is hard! I was thinking of getting some kind of movement trays to help mitigate this. Anyone else have some solutions for this?
  10. Cinncinnatus

    The Rumour Thread

    So with the new starter set coming out, what does everyone think will happen to the Lord-Relictor? That model hasn't been re-released in a clam pack yet, so possible new release, or just flat out discontinued?
  11. Cinncinnatus

    The Rumour Thread

    Could the image be undead of some kind? You can see through the jaw opening, suggesting this model isn't built completely or it is skeletal in some way.
  12. Cinncinnatus

    Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    Had a game last week with a Storm ast list using the Lord-Ordinator with a Reaper Bolt Thrower ally. Combo simply evaporated everything it glanced at. It was scary good!
  13. Cinncinnatus

    The Rumour Thread

    Anyone else think that the Necroquake that has been teased will be a narrative way to explain more older models being removed from the range? I could see the story going "The Necroquake was unleashed, and now all the Lion Rangers are dead!!!" Would certainly be a pretty good excuse in my opinion.
  14. Cinncinnatus

    Help an old WHFB use is old High Elf collection

    You have enough to make a fun list there. I' suggest running a dragonhost battalion as a core. Requires a dragonlord and two squads of dragon blades ( run them in min unit size of 5). Gives you incredible mobility and let' you hit the enemy lines with your dragonlord pretty much whenever you want. Bring the loremaster to cast hand of glory in the dragonlord, I've had a lot of success with this combo. The bolt thrower too is awesome with the loremaster, so bring that because once that dragon gets moving your loremaster won' be able to keep up so good to have another target for his spell. Reavers as battle ine are awesome, great mobility makes them an awesome harrasser, I've had a lot of success using them in this way. Use the spear elves to fulfill you battle ine and then load up with the other stuff, white lions or swordmasters are pretty good. General idea is to get your dragonhost up in your opponents face so they have to deal with it early rounds and position the rest of your army while that is going on. Is this hypercompetitive? No, but also don't think you will feel underpowered either.