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  1. Tom from Warhammer Weekly agrees with me according to their latest episode. Wanderers will still be able to be played, but when the Sisters of the Thorn and Wyldwood Rangers are updated in the cities book , and are without the Keyword Wanderers then they will not be able to be used in the Wanderers army. That could cripple armies while 'technically' still be able to be played.
  2. I doubt the updated Warscrolls in Cities of Sigmar will have the Wanderers Keyword - really hoping I am wrong however.
  3. I would not be surprised at all to see a later down the line seperate books on Dispossessed, Free People’s, Wanderers & Darkling Covens. They each have a decent sized model range coupled with Allegiance Abilities in the Handbook. It would only stand to reason that they will redo Seraphon later this year and keep the others for next year (allowing them to ‘finish’ all the races by the end of next year.) It will also remove the need for the Grand Alliance Books. My prediction for release order this year; Orruk Warclans Book Free Cities Book Ogur Book Deathrattle/Soulblight Book (either would be cool, I’d prefer Deathrattle) Everchosen-STD-Darkoath Soup/Seraphon Book (either one first, then the other) Next year I’ll be guessing in no particular order; Dispossessed, Wanderers, Free People’s, Kharadron Overlords, Disciples of Tzeentch, Light Elves (which could add in the old High Elf range & Shadow Elves (which could add in the old Dark Elf Range)
  4. What needs to be remembered are a few things. With Warscrolls being freely available and on an app makes armies more manageable as coupled with a yearly Generals Handbook release (and associated FAQ) they can do wholesale changes to a book (Kharadrons in 2017, summoning in 2018 for some examples.) The Free Cities also likely to be ‘get you by’ lists - much better than Grand Alliance, but perhaps not as in-depth as specific allegiances. I can see a Wanderers, Dispossessed, Darking Covens or Empire book further down the line. Cities of Sigmar seems to me to be a kick the can further down the road for me. Cities of Sigmar effectively replaces the Order Grand Alliance book. With Greenskinz going to Legends, Gitmob Grots being squatted, Ogres being merged. Destruction & Order Grand Alliance books get added to the Death book where it is completely outdated. With Furies being added to Slaves to Darkness - iirc only the Soulgrinder & Belakor are without a home once Slaves to Darkness gets its book (unless they are ported in to the book which is possible. Belakor leading/worshipped by Warriors of Chaos (assuming he doesn’t get dropped entirely) and a Soul Grinder a replacement for the Hellcannon of the old world. So in summary, while the battletomes are effectively replacing the Grand Alliance Books; the app and yearly Errata with the GHB (as traditionally the mid cycle updates just apply minor changes) allows easy access to the rules and can apply changes to the Warscrolls and do point changes to keep (in theory) most things relatively balanced. There is no real limit to the books that they can release, however I’d imagine they will want to keep them manageable if only for Stock Inventory & Logistics.
  5. There is definitely more; the mortals give away that there will be more coming.
  6. Yay for being spelt out (assumes it was the case however :))
  7. It means if you have a mortal (ie non-Daemon) model then it won’t be able to use that Command Ability (implying that only Hero’s can activate Command Abilities - unsure if that is spelt out somewhere in the rules.)
  8. However, according to the Honest Wargamer, he had more than a week to prepare and practice with it like the rest of us. That said, it’s a similar list to what is been throwing around so it’s nice to see I’m in the right track
  9. Once the Grot book comes out with Scuttlings; then everything will pretty much have been done for that set; what better time to do a new one?
  10. Getting the free Flesh hounds is harder than it sounds. As the prey you choose after deployment has to be within 8” of Karanak at the start of his Hero phase, they usually have a chance to run away (which to be fair fits with the theme of the rule)
  11. In events I’ve attended that I’ve liked how the sports score was implemented, this is how its been done. Players are assumed to get full sports (5/5); if however they feel it’s worth giving s low score; the aggrieved player must tell the TO and the TO may refuse behind the scenes (ie the Sports score was not warranted.) This score is incorporated into the final result (as everyone gets full points for this component; only the ones sanctioned by the TO get a hit - the TO is encouraged to speak to the player who got dinged for sports to ensure that they change their behaviour.) At the end of the tournament; players are asked to nominate up to 3 opponents for best player. This is seperate to the scoring for the event. One of my favourite events that encourages a softer approach actually has the Sports trophy bigger than the first place. Sports has a place, but needs care to ensure it does what it’s supposed to do. As for someone giving a 1and their opponent a 5; there could be three reasons of it. One is a player who thought their opponent was a pain so scored them a one, and their opponent a scored the other a five as they thought from their perspective the game was fine. Another is known as Chipmunking, the guy who scored a 1 for his opponent as he really wanted to win and deny the opportunity for his opponent to get a decent score. The final reason; the guy scored a 1 because he lost the game and felt hard done by.) In all cases; it’s up to the TO to ensure that all scores given are appropriate (and in the bigger picture, it’s very rare that there is a feel bad experience in regards to Sports scoring.)
  12. I was kind of hoping that the new Generals Handbook will have all of the previous allegiance abilities (updated for the new rules) as well as a few others for the larger range still with models (Gutbusters, death rattle, Swifthawk Agents, Verminus, etc) Sadly it doesn’t seem to be (maybe for 2019?) Im curious what other stuff we will get in the books; Skirmish? Path to Glory? Legendary Battles? (Apocalypse)
  13. Many people have missed the fact that a new Stormcasts book is coming with Vanguard Wing being removed. Id expect Staunch Defender to be reworked/removed and Warding Lanterns to not stack so that won’t be an issue at least for Stormcast.
  14. I suspect Vanguard Wing will be no more; I noticed earlier today on the AoS App that the Warscroll for that Battalion and a few others were listed as unavailable (Drakesworn Temple, Extremis Chamber, Lightning Echelon, Thunderstrike Brotherhood, Thunderwave Echelon, and Wardens of the Realmgate were the others.)
  15. Alarielle's once per game summoning has to be done wholly within 9" of her and outside 9" of enemy models - so you could stop her summoning if you got close enough to her. Also bear in mind; alot of these summoning abilities *dont* have the "If you cant place down a model then it is slain" section alot of other stuff has; which mean that if you cant fit the whole unit down due to terrain like buildings or enemys; then you cant put down any models of the unit. Defeating summoning is going to be all about identifying the models that can summon; then using model placement to deny them the ability. Its like tactics
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