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  1. overread this chaos stuff.. looks legit! ty
  2. Mark of Chaos: When you set up this model, you can declare that it has the mark of Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh or Tzeentch. The model has that keyword and gains the relevant ability from the following list: [..] You can't give him a Khorne artefact nor a Khorne command trait
  3. Command Abilities are not used by Heroes. Players spend Command Points to use Command Abilities. There are Command Abilities that are only accessable if a specific model is your general.
  4. for Matched Play it's (all!) done before.. Generals Handbook Page 49 ARMY ROSTER Once you have picked your army, record the details on a piece of paper (your army roster), and show it to your opponent before setting up your army at the start of the battle. The roster must include a list of the units, warscroll battalions and endless spells included in your army, what size the units are, details of weapons and equipment they have, the army’s allegiance, which units are allies, the number of command points you have, and which model is the army’s general. In a Pitched Battle, your general must be a Leader, and may not be an ally. If your general is slain in a Pitched Battle game, do not select a new one. If your army includes any units that are given keywords when they are set up, such as units with a Mark of Chaos, then these must be written down when the unit is added to the roster. You must also record the allegiance abilities you have chosen for your army, the spells that are known by the wizards in your army, any artefacts or other items wielded by heroes in your army, and what command trait you have chosen for your general.
  5. but there is no existent rule only Heroes can use Command Abilities!? Core Rules Page 3 COMMAND ABILITIES If you have any Heroes in your army, you can use command abilities. [..] In order to use any command ability you must spend 1 command point. [..] "any Heroes in your army" doesn't even need to have them on the battlefield..
  6. if the whole unit is slain in one go the last of the 10 models should be able to attack twice I guess a key question could be, if slain models during Relentless Fury Ability are handled seperate one by one, model per model, or does the Core Rule (Page 1 - Units) "Models fight as units." still apply to them. Wich would allow them to make a pile-in and attack with their unit before they are removed. It doesn't state this model can immediately pile-in and attack..
  7. I guess there might be a problem with b) because Leave None Alive states "after that unit has fought", this won't be fulfilled if only one (or more) slain models of that unit has attacked in case of Relentless Fury. Another point of view could be as long as it doesn't state "after the whole unit has fought".. I don't know..
  8. Core Rules Page 3 COMMAND ABILITIES If you have any Heroes in your army, you can use command abilities. [..] "Heroes in your army" does not state only Heroes can use Command Abilities. Most Command Abilities are usable by Heroes only, because it's stated in the Ability itself.
  9. I ❤️ Flayers .. I still ❤️ Deathwatch Battalion.. most players prefer Horrors, I guess..
  10. What happens if a Khorne player uses Relentless Fury in the Hero Phase and Leave None Alive at the start of the Combat Phase if a) a Reapers of Vengeance Daemon Hero is picked. The Hero is slain in the Combat Phase, makes a pile-in and attack via Relentless Fury before he is removed from play. Does he make a second attack via Leave None Alive? b) a Reapers of Vengeance Daemon unit is picked. 7 of 10 models of that unit are slain in the Combat Phase, make a pile-in and attack (one by one or all together?) via Relentless Fury before they are removed from play. Do those 7 models get a second attack via Leave None Alive?
  11. I'm a little bit confused by the wording of the Command Ability Leave None Alive. Doesn't any model of the REAPERS OF VENGEANCE DAEMON unit count towards wholly within 8" of a friendly DAEMON model ? **the intention could have been Daemon Hero or Hero.. or Reapers of Vengeance unit within Daemon or Hero.. !?..** What's the meaning of "DEAMON model with this command ability" ? Since all Reaper of Vengeance DEAMON models should have this ability!? or not?
  12. in case of Deathless Courtiers, your unit has to be wholly within 12" of a Hero - no overlapping be sure to remove models outside 12" first, as soon as the remaining models (of that unit) are wholly within 12" Deathless Courtiers kicks in again
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