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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. With the interesting developments with the 2 upcoming battletomes and some fans preferring more singular faction tomes (not a jab at them honest! Just observations), I am curious what the community thinks the "maximum" (or "optimum" if you prefer) amount of Battletomes the AoS game can support. Wasn't one of the speculated reasons for the death of WFB was due to its number of Army Books? Not counting Forgeworld or the End Times expansions, at 8th edition there were 14 Army Books which was more as compared to 40k at the time if you dont count space marine variants (though ironically today 40k has far more codices with things like ad mech or genestealer cults) As a thought experiment, under the assumption the 2 newest books didn't happen and everyone was still separate, here is what the map of battletomes would look like. Order SCE Seraphon DoK IDK KO Fyreslayers Sylvaneth Free People United Dark Aelves (assumption NOT shadow aelves) United High Aelves (assumption NOT light aelves) Wanderers (since sylvaneth just updated, assumption not combined) Dispossessed Chaos Undivided (under assumption its everchosen+slaves to darkness+darkoath) Khorne Tzeentch Slaanesh Nurgle Skaven Beasts of Chaos Legion of Azgorh (a man can hope right?) Death Legions of Nagash Nighthaunt (assumption will not become Legion of Grief and inserted into LoN) FEC Soulblight (many do seem to want a separate SB army from LoB/nagash) Destruction Ironjawz Bonesplitterz BCR Gutbusters (under assumption they are very separate from BCR) Gloomspite Gitz So in total that would be a whopping 29 Battletomes (ok 28 if you take off chaos dwarfs) And of course this doesn't include any speculative new armies like shadow aelves, brand new AoS Destruction armies, etc. I am not saying "theres too many battletomes! Everyone needs to be Legion of Nagash'd!" But given how very wide GW has become, there surely is a limit on how many books they can reasonably support. Heck Bretonnia was the ugly duckling of their old process, and that was before where GW only had 3 game systems. Now they also have to support Adeptus Titanicus, Bloodbowl, Necromunda, Underworlds, and so on. Do you think theres a limit on the number of tomes before the game buckles? Or maybe if GW just got off their lazy bums, they could easily give everyone a book? And finally I can have a Fimir book!
  2. Guys is there a point of buying battletomes with arrival of AoS 2.0 ?? I mean Stormcast are getting new battletome so maybe i next months we will reacive more refreshed stuff. I'm mostly interested in Blades of Khorne & Seraphons battletomes. Also I'm planing, as a new player, to buy new core book. Do you recommend buying GHB 2018 as well. And finally - Maligin Portents, Path to Glory and RealmGate Wars ?
  3. Hey guys, on the thread I started about Nurgle army composition, it turns out that there are some different wordings between what's written in Grand Alliance Chaos and what's on the Plaguebearer warscroll in the app. I imagine that the Plaguebearers are not the only instance of this. As of right now I'm using the app exclusively as my FLGS works to get me a copy of the GAC book. My question is: which wording do we use? It sounds to me like the wording in GAC is actually much better for me, but @James McPherson was suggesting that the Plaguebearer warscroll as it appears on my app may be out of date. I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, and it's all up to date. Who has the final word on which ruleset we use? Is this another thing that we should be discussing before play begins? Thanks for you help everyone!
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