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  1. Adds CHAOS and CHAOS MORTAL tags, removes ORDER tags?
  2. Has anyone seen a CAD price floated? I know just running the conversion rate isn't always accurate.
  3. The image was even from the shot of the lineup of the protagonists. It's definitely the same.
  4. Blackstone Fortress. Too bad the expansions I wanted are out-of-print though! 3 Underworlds starter sets (giving me 3 boards, 6 teams) 1 last Underworlds warband (Grymwatch, to be precise).
  5. Malerion has changed so much, he could have become animalistic and growl-y in his new form?
  6. Come on guys I can't be the only one who can't keep my eyes off of the Keeper of Secret's alluring androgyny (also way sexier than the hyper-feminized off-brand knock-offs, fite me). Honourable mention to Katakros though. Literally chiselled statue-of-david sexiness combined with prominent "package" is a win.
  7. No it's Raging Heroes. New pirate line. Not sure they're vampires though, seems just general Fantasy Pirates?
  8. Aye, slapping some sort of shield and spear or sword on them would make them some decent Mortek Guard. As people noted above, there are some solid options for other minis; harvester, stalker. Szarekh when he comes out can be modified to be Katakros. Cryptek for Boneshaper. Lord for Soulreaper. That's 3 HQ, a whole pile of infantry, and two different elite options; enough to build an army. If you're VERY creative you could maybe build cavalry or a Crawler out of Necron bits too.
  9. One note: from the Shining Company rule, one would think that the best way to do this would be two straight rows, but then you can't take units off the edges: I think a cloud formation is safest. Then you can take a unit off the edge, and its neighbours are all still touching 2+ other models. For other armies, abilities that let YOU pick the model to remove are more valuable now.
  10. If it's a battallion, that's the added points cost for the battalion. That is to say, you pay points for the extra rules the battalion gives you (as well as the ability to take an extra artefact and have only one drop) on top of the cost for the units that constitute it.
  11. But is there stuff with tags and mechanics built for it that never becomes models? There's certainly stuff in the fiction that never gets models, but is there stuff that has a slot in the gameplay specifically and explicitly left open for it that has gotten completely dropped?
  12. A massive traditional sling (as opposed to a slingshot) that slings entire boulders would work because it could easily have a dual build with a javelin: both weapons would share a body and a stance, all they'd have to model is an alternative hand and the weapon itself!
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