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  1. I have a Khorne army, and was thinking about which battalions to use. I came across Tyrants of Blood and Charnel Host and want to use both. In order to do this, my Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury needs to be in both battalions. Is this possible/allowed?
  2. Hey guys! I build some chaos warriors, but after attaching weapons onto them I wasn’t too sure whether you were allowed to have a hand weapon and a halberd on the same model. I though that you could, because there are left and right handed halberds, but I would like it if someone could confirm this. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, a few things. One, it is a regular Chaos Chariot from Slaves to Darkness (the one with 2 horses), two the chaos lord on Mount is the one on the horse, and three, my bloodthirster has only died once out of 25 games against these armies, (And it is my main killing guy) and 4 the Chaos Warriors are a battleline for Slaves to Darkness, Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh and GA Chaos.
  4. Hey guys, I am entering a tournament this Sunday, and we are playing a 1k game. The prize is at least $100 NZD and I really need to win that cash. Below is the list of my miniatures, and if possible, I would really appreciate it if someone could help me make the most competitive army possible. (Below is also a list of who I will most likely verse) My army Bloodthirster of Fury Chaos Lord on Mount Chaos Sorcerer allied Skulltaker x10 Bloodletters x5 Chaos Warriors x5 Chaos Warriors x5 Chaos Knights x3 Bloodcrushers x1 Chariot x1 Skull Cannon Who I will most likely verse is... Stormcast Eternals (Without Judicators) Beastclaw Raiders Grand Alliance Skaven Daemons of Nurgle (With Exalted Great Unclean one) Khorne (Mortals, Regular Mortals) Grand Alliance Destruction (Beastclaw Raiders and Bonesplitters) Grand Alliance Order (Stormcast and Kharadron Overlords) Grand Alliance Order (Stormcast and Sylvaneth)
  5. Yes, as I put up there, I don’t have all 3 bloodthirsters yet, but it was an example of how even just one bloodthirster is bad enough, and 3 bloodthirsters that can attack all at once and possibly attack first in your opponents combat phase is scary. (But if the question was how I beat them, the answer is that I remember my stuff, or I have better 🎲)
  6. I don’t have all 3 bloodthirsters yet, but I am already coming up with great synergies. The 4+ attack first will be horrifying as you might get to attack with 3 bloodthirsters on your opponents turn, you see how that goes. More damage etc. I am playing my army 1.5k/1k with only one bloodthirster, and I constantly win against these people. (The only people in my play group) Beastclaw Raiders Stormcast Eternals (When will we see the end of them?) Skaven Daemons of Nurgle Kharadron Overlords Nighthaunt (ish) Sylvaneth Mortal Khorne (I play Daemons of Khorne and Slaves to Darkness. I cannot accept mortal khornians in my army) In 2k/2.5k, the trio will be so evil, I most likely will be banned from my playgroup.
  7. I am making a similar list that consists around the three bloodthirsters and only daemons, as I recently found some amazing combos, including Tyrants of Blood battalion (3 any bloodthirsters, and all attack at once) and 4+ attack first Artefact. I play daemons and my friend plays mortals, and so far daemons seem to be slightly better. Just remember, just because a list looks competitive doesn’t mean it is. I made a super competitive army on accident including the following. Bloodthirster of Fury Chaos Lord on Mount Chaos Sorcerer allied Skulltaker x10 Bloodletters x5 Chaos Warriors x5 Chaos Warriors x5 Chaos Knights x3 Bloodcrushers x1 Chariot x1 Skull Cannon (As you see, it is made of Daemon start collecting (Proxying a Skulltaker), Slaves start collecting, Bloodthirster, (Which I somehow bought it second handed for $10, and this is the newest version) and that chaos lord on Mount. Simple strategy. Calvary flank one side, Bloodthirster on the other causing a distraction, and the units getting objectives, and the heroes all around the battlefield, while the Cannon rains skulls. (Lol my Cannon is so inaccurate even in close combat against 20 rats)
  8. Hey guys I so far have a Slaves to Darkness/Khorne army, and it looks like this. Khorne Daemons and Mortals Leaders 3/5 Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury 300 General with Command Trait Rage Unchained and Artefact Khartoth the Bloodhunger Chaos Sorcerer Lord 160 Allied Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne 80 Battlelines 3/2 x5 Chaos Warriors 90 x5 Chaos Warriors 90 x10 Bloodletters 110 Units/Artillery x5 Chaos Knights 160 x3 Bloodcrushers 140 x1 Skull Cannon 140 x1 Chaos Chariot 80 (And I am buying a Chaos Lord on Daemonic mount 140) 1490/1500 What order should I buy the stuff below next? (This is the army lists) (No opinions of what to buy next or army list e.t.c., but the order to buy stuff) (The only boxes sets I will buy next is a second daemons of khorne start collecting and the slaves Battleforce) Khorne Daemons Leaders 6/8 Skarbrand 400 Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury 300 with Khartoth the Bloodhunger Bloodthirster of Insanate Rage 280 with A’grath the King of Blades Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne 120 General with Rage Unchanged Herald of Khorne on Blood Throne 120 Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne 80 Battlelines 4/4 x30 Bloodletters 300 x6 Bloodcrushers 280 x5 Flesh Hounds 100 x5 Flesh Hounds 100 Units/Artillery (Artillery 1/5) x2 Skull Cannons 280 Battalions Tyrants of Blood 140 All three Bloodthirsters attack at once 2500/2500 Slaves to Darkness Leaders 6/8 Chaos Lord on Manticore 250 with Helm of the Oppressors Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Steed 160 Chaos Sorcerer Lord 160 Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount 140 General with Master of Deception Exalted Hero of Chaos 80 Battlelines 10/4 x10 Chaos Knights 320 Enscrolled Weapon x10 Marauder Horsemen 160 Javelins x5 Chaos Knights 160 Chaos Glave x20 Chaos Marauders 120 Flails and Shields x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Axe and Sword x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Two Swords x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Two Axes x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Axe and Shield x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Sword and Shield x1 Chaos Chariot 80 Greatblade x1 Chaos Chariot 80 Flail Units x1 Chaos Warshrine 160 x5 Chaos Chosen 140 Endless spells Soulsnare Shackles 40 (Chaos Sorcerer Lord without Steed) 2500/2500
  9. Age of Sigmar: Realm Battles Practically regular warhammer except huge numbers, 45 minutes and they just deal certain points of damage, and you get any models.
  10. I verse Nurgle who practically has toughness, and I still beat him, but I HATE that. One thing to change about save though would be rolling a d3, but it would be 2+ or 3+. Also, I hate when they say 6+. HOW CAN YOU GET MORE THAN SIX ON A 6 SIDED DICE. That’s like saying, “I will roll a dice. Six sided. On a 1-6, I win. On a 7 I give you a million dollars.” (Add 6 to all rolls 😉)
  11. Daemons of Khorne (I hate mortals who aren’t Slaves {See below}) Ranging from small hell hounds and demons to demons on juggernauts and cannons, and even skyscraper demons, you just can’t go wrong, especially when you have a combo that could let 3 bloodthirsters fight all at once even in your opponents turn before they can do anything about it. I normally win my games (the only times I lose is when I play anywhere not at my club) and thrash my opponents to matter who or what. (Sometimes I throw my Slaves in with them) Slaves to Darkness You can’t go wrong with insane warriors who have been around since Fantasy who give their souls for eternal warfare and devotion to bloodthirsty Khorne, plague ridden Nurgle, see-the-future-where-I-win-eventually Tzeentch, or Slaanesh. (Queens of Sex) When you make an unbreakable wall, stop opponents while your heroes and what not steal objectives, and your opponents just want to try and beat you up in combat, same with my daemons, I stand yet unbeaten. (Again, counting only club games) Out of next armies, I would either choose Wanderers or Nighthaunt, and for top 3 least favourite armies, Nagash-Lose-To-My-Fist-In-Your-Face, The sexy Slaanesh superstars of nothing, or any Orruk army
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