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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys I so far have a Slaves to Darkness/Khorne army, and it looks like this. Khorne Daemons and Mortals Leaders 3/5 Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury 300 General with Command Trait Rage Unchained and Artefact Khartoth the Bloodhunger Chaos Sorcerer Lord 160 Allied Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne 80 Battlelines 3/2 x5 Chaos Warriors 90 x5 Chaos Warriors 90 x10 Bloodletters 110 Units/Artillery x5 Chaos Knights 160 x3 Bloodcrushers 140 x1 Skull Cannon 140 x1 Chaos Chariot 80 (And I am buying a Chaos Lord on Daemonic mount 140) 1490/1500 What order should I buy the stuff below next? (This is the army lists) (No opinions of what to buy next or army list e.t.c., but the order to buy stuff) (The only boxes sets I will buy next is a second daemons of khorne start collecting and the slaves Battleforce) Khorne Daemons Leaders 6/8 Skarbrand 400 Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury 300 with Khartoth the Bloodhunger Bloodthirster of Insanate Rage 280 with A’grath the King of Blades Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne 120 General with Rage Unchanged Herald of Khorne on Blood Throne 120 Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne 80 Battlelines 4/4 x30 Bloodletters 300 x6 Bloodcrushers 280 x5 Flesh Hounds 100 x5 Flesh Hounds 100 Units/Artillery (Artillery 1/5) x2 Skull Cannons 280 Battalions Tyrants of Blood 140 All three Bloodthirsters attack at once 2500/2500 Slaves to Darkness Leaders 6/8 Chaos Lord on Manticore 250 with Helm of the Oppressors Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Steed 160 Chaos Sorcerer Lord 160 Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount 140 General with Master of Deception Exalted Hero of Chaos 80 Battlelines 10/4 x10 Chaos Knights 320 Enscrolled Weapon x10 Marauder Horsemen 160 Javelins x5 Chaos Knights 160 Chaos Glave x20 Chaos Marauders 120 Flails and Shields x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Axe and Sword x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Two Swords x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Two Axes x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Axe and Shield x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Sword and Shield x1 Chaos Chariot 80 Greatblade x1 Chaos Chariot 80 Flail Units x1 Chaos Warshrine 160 x5 Chaos Chosen 140 Endless spells Soulsnare Shackles 40 (Chaos Sorcerer Lord without Steed) 2500/2500
  2. Despite the simple core rules, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is a deep and complex wargame, with most of the complexity found in the unit rules, or ‘warscrolls’. Metagame-defining combos are still being discovered, hidden in plain sight within (and between) the hundreds (and hundreds) of warscrolls available. Here in the land of Tron we have access to the ‘Rain Man’ of the Age of Sigmar, a mysterious figure known only as ‘Jim’. Jim has a sixth sense at finding combos, and I wanted to start a series to go over some of his list-tech. These will be lists that we haven’t yet seen much (if at all) in the international tournament scene. I suppose I should qualify that by saying that it is quite possible some of these lists have been discovered, and even used competitively, but our focus is on their lack of prominence for the purpose of this series. Without further pre-amble, I give you the first of the Undiscovered Power Lists - Order Draconis. Carrying on ancient traditions from a world long-lost, the Order Draconis range across the Eight Realms, searching for other enclaves, and assisting the forces of light against the Mad Gods. Order Draconis Aelf lists are not heavily favoured in the competitive metagame at present. We think this list is an exception, as it can be built to perform as one of the most effective alpha-strike lists out there. In Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, games often come down to one crucial turn. This list takes advantage of this dynamic, pumping up the effectiveness of all models and enabling them to take maximum advantage of it for that one turn. The List Dragonlord Host (Battalion) - 80 Dragonlord (General) - 400 Dragon Lance Aelven War Horn Reckless (Re-Roll Runs and Charge within 10”) Quicksilver Potion (attacks before other models) Dragon Blades (x5) - 160 Dragon Blades (x5) - 160 Dragonlord Host (Battalion) - 80 Dragonlord - 400 Dragon Lance Aelven War Horn Quicksilver Potion (attacks before other models) Dragon Blades (x5) - 160 Dragon Blades (x5) - 160 Dragonlord - 400 Dragon Lance Aelven War Horn Quicksilver Potion (attacks before other models) Leaders: 3 Battleline: 4 Behemoths: 3 Number of models: 23 TOTAL POINTS: 2,000 The Combos Deployment Three deployment drops - one Dragonlord, and the two battalions. This means you will almost certainly get the first turn. And if you don’t, it’s not the end of the world, just hand back and set up for the charge in a following turn. While this makes for a spectacular first turn charge, this army works just as well saving up for a decisive big turn later in the game if required. When deploying, a key consideration is making sure that your units are within 10” of the general at key moments - that will be the main skill of the list. Speed First up, the basic Move profiles are very fast; 14” for the Dragonlords and 12” for the Dragon Blades. Add to this the battalion ability, which allows each unit to make a full move in the hero phase. If they are close enough to charge, after this bonus move, they can do so on a 4+. However, what we are aiming for is a turn one charge, so you will be starting at least 24” away from your opponent’s models, meaning this charge will require a roll of 10+ for the Dragonlords and a 12 for the Blades. We will opt to save this ability for the Dragonfire instead - more on that later. The army now makes its regular move. By now, the Dragonlords have moved 28”, and the Dragon Blades 24”. They should be within easy reach of key targets. Because Dragonlords can fly, you can even get over the chaff or terrain if needed. Then you get to do your charge, on average another 7”, but you also have the General’s Reckless ability to reroll your charge rolls within 10” of him if you have positioned carefully. The first turn charge is a big deal, but as mentioned, you can also save the big charge for later in the game - in which case charging in the hero phase might be a useful option. The upshot is, this army can move across the table for the turn one charge more reliably than Destruction armies using Rampaging Destroyer, and almost as well as the Lightning Strike Stormcast. Shooting A requirement of decent alpha strike armies is the ability to clear 'chaff'. Chaff are the annoying sacrificial units the enemy will throw in your way to slow you down, or ‘bubble-wrap’ more important units. To help deal with this, Dragonlords each have a ranged ability called Dragonfire. Remember how we passed up the opportunity of charging in the hero phase using that battalion ability? Instead, on a 4+, the Dragonlords can use Dragonfire in the hero phase, each potentially causing D6 mortal wounds. They can then do this again in the shooting phase. Pretty decent. Combat This is the meat-and-potatoes part of the list. Let’s assume you’ve managed to charge at least one dragon into key targets, which is quite likely. How much damage can you actually do? Each Dragonlord has an Aelven War Horn. When blown once per game, all units within 10” gain +1 attack with each melee weapon. The wording is important. If all three blow them in the hero phase, and are within 10” of each other, that is +3 attacks with each melee weapon. Suddenly, each Dragonlord attacks with: Dragon Lance: 6 Attacks, 3+ to Hit, 2+ to Wound, -1 Rend, 3 Damage Dragon’s Claws: 9 Attacks, 4+ to Hit, 3+ to Wound, -1 Rend, 2 Damage Fearsome Jaws: 6 Attacks, 4+ to Hit, 2+ to Wound, -2 Rend, D6 Damage And each unit of 5 Dragon Blades unit attacks with: Drake Lance: 25 Attacks, 3+ to Hit, 3+ to Wound, 0 Rend, 2 Damage Steed: 25 Attacks, 4+ to Hit, 4+ to Wound, 0 Rend, 1 Damage. Fearsome Jaws is the important one, but imagine a unit of 5 Knights doing 50 attacks! And half of them do two damage each! Now for the fun part. The General’s Command Ability, Lord of Dragons, allows every unit within 10” to reroll all failed Hit rolls for its combat attacks. OK I lied, THIS is the fun part; all Dragonlords have Quicksilver Potions. This is because you have two battalions in use, so you get an extra two artefacts. Most events allow duplicate artefacts (nothing against it in the GHB anyway). So you can attack with all three Dragonlords before the enemy gets to strike back. And as this is also your turn, you can even get in a unit of Dragon Blades. And that’s pretty much it. As an alpha strike army, you are getting the charge, doing an almighty ton of damage, and hoping there is not enough left to swing back. Army Cost The Dragonlord Hosts as a competitive 2,000 point army is one of the least expensive to collect. RRP directly from GW it is £177.50 - less if you purchase via online retailers. That’s a pretty good deal! Additionally, there are only 23 models to prepare, making it a good one for a beginner to get stuck into. Weaknesses There are some downsides that a canny opponent can take advantage of. The key one is that this army does its thing in one turn, while the Aelven War Horns, Potions, and charge bonuses are in effect. The Hit roll of the most important attacks (such as the Dragon’s) are only 4+, so anything that reduces the hit roll is going to throw a big spanner in the works. During turns in which these guys do not charge, the lance attacks lose +1 to Wound and 1 damage. Also, there is a lack of rend for a lot of these attacks. Objective play is a strength of the army, with a high threat range and speed. But the army needs to throw everything at you in one go, and then go back for the objectives once they’re done. Perhaps keeping one or two units of Dragon Blades in reserve. So if you can keep out of their reach you might be able to score enough to take the game away from them. Easier said than done though. And lastly, just outlasting them if you can. Enough chaff ‘bubble-wrap’, a few missed charges from the Dragons, and things will start looking up. On the Table Jim and I had two games play testing the Dragonlord Host. My army consisted of: Nagash - 900 4 x Morghast Archai - 480 2 x Morchast Harbinger - 240 2 x Morghast Harbinger - 240 The Draconis force has been censored here due to unsightly proxies. Just use your imagination! I had been yet to lose Nagash in a matched play game so far, spanning three tournaments and a bunch of test games, so I was counting on Hand of Dust doing some good work. In the first game, Jim had the first turn, and by the end of that same turn I had lost Nagash and four Morghast Archai without striking back. In the second game, I took the first turn, got all my buffs off, and then tried to bubble-wrap Nagash a bit better. I moved the Harbingers to take some side objectives. This time Jim charged in the second turn, and again I lost Nagash and most of everything else in one round. Absolutely brutal! I would be keen to hear from anyone who has tried this! Please let me know your thoughts in the posts below. Can you think of any other counters? Would you be keen on giving the army a try?
  3. The North Island Convention, or NICon, was held this year in Napier, New Zealand. For many players NICon was the last tournament they would play in using the General's Handbook 2017 edition, and with the tournament organizer looking for a good narrative theme with unconventional battleplans most players took lists very different to what they would normally run. The battleplans were constructed by using the Open War cards Games Workshop produced earlier in the year, and they made for some very interesting matches with armies usually not favorable in the matchup prevailing over their opponents. Results 1st Place - Fraser, Maggotkin of Nurgle 2nd Place - Matt B, Legion of Blood 3rd Place - Jesse, Clan Skryre Best Painted - Matt W, Destruction Grand Alliance Most Kill Points - Matt B, Legion of Blood Best Sportsmanship - Lee, Sylvaneth Fraser came out ahead with his Maggotkin of Nurgle list, winning 5 out of 5 games. Matt came in close behind with his extremely elite death army (only 19 models) after killing almost every enemy army he faced completely, and Jesse following up in third with Clan Skryre and the iconic Gautfyre Skorch list. Best Painted was won by Matt W, recieving every single available vote except his own, a class act. Lee topped the Sportsmanship votes, while still managing to finish in the top half of the field defying the best sports pattern. The tournament was considered an overwhelming success for the community, particularly because while it was situated in Napier (3 hours drive from the capital city) and not a single Age of Sigmar player was based there, we still had a solid field with everyone that could making the trip. Everyone put in and got a place to say in nearby Havelock North so we had the whole field of players drinking till around 2am on the Saturday night of the weekend which made for an awesome tournament. The majrity of the players who competed in this event will be attending the Call to Arms tournament in the first weekend of August so it will be interesting to see how things go and where everyone finishes up. Full Tournament Results 1st - Fraser, Maggotkin of Nurgle 2nd - Matt B, Legion of Blood 3rd - Jesse, Clan Skryre 4th - Lee, Sylvaneth 5th - Aiden, Clan Pestilens 6th - Shaun T - Khorne 7th - Brendan, Sylvaneth 8th - Cameron, Seraphon 9th - Shaun B, Stormcast Eternals 10th - Nick, Ironjawz 11th - Matt W, Destruction Grand Alliance 12th - Seth, Destruction Grand Alliance Aiden - Clan Pestilens.pdf Brendan - Sylvaneth.pdf Cameron - Seraphon.pdf Fraser - Nurgle.pdf Jesse - Clan Skryre.pdf Lee - Sylvaneth.pdf Shaun T - Khorne.pdf Shaun B - Stormcast Eternals.pdf Matt W - Destruction.pdf Nick - Ironjawz.pdf Seth - Destruction.pdf Matt B - Legion of Blood.pdf
  4. So, as some of you might know, I'm starting a Grot army and, even though I've got everything pretty much sorted out, I'm still quite new to AoS and I'm doubtful between this two 2000 points lists: LIST 1 Destruction allegiance: rampaging destroyers Great Moonclan 80 Grot Warboss on Giant Cave Squig 80 - Battle Brew Grot Shaman 80 - Collar of Domination 3x20 Moonclan Grots 120 - 3 nets - Slittas and shields 5 Squig Hoppers 80 3x2 Grot Fanatics 60 Skarsnik 100 General Mangler Squigs 240 Colossal Squig 300 2x Spear Chukka 120 2x Rock Lobber 100 2x1 Grot Fanatics 30 LIST 2 Destruction allegiance: rampaging destroyers Great Moonclan 80 Grot Warboss on Giant Cave Squig 80 - Battle Brew Grot Shaman 80 - Collar of Domination 3x20 Moonclan Grots 120 - 3 nets - Slittas and shields 5 Squig Hoppers 80 3x2 Grot Fanatics 60 Mangler Squigs 240 Colossal Squig 300 - General: ravager Grot Shaman (gitmob) 80 2x Spear Chukka 120 2x Rock Lobber 100 2x1 Grot Fanatics 30 So, as you can see, they're pretty similar, but they also have their differences. First, the general changes, in List 1 the leader is Skarsnik using his awesome command trait, while in List 2 it is the Colossal Squig with the also good Ravager trait, bringing more durability, punch and mobility to the general (and an awesome conversion opportunity of making a Grot Warboss mounted on him) and another rampaging destroyers aura, but it also may draw more attention to a model which is already a usual target. Also in the second list, thanks to the removal of Skarsnik, I can add a Gitmob Shaman to buff the war machines (+1 wound and -1 rend to a Spear Chukka could be pretty brutal)... While I loose the ability to deal mortal wounds when retreating (I've already lost the command trait due to the colossal squig being the general) and some damage potential I think that having a second caster with such a good spell for my artillery might compensate, specially when taking into account that I've reached my 4 artillery cap. What do you think? Do you see this as a playable list? As said before, I'm still new to AoS, and so I'm open to any other ideas regarding the army... How do you guys usually play Moonclan? I'm interested on every comment regarding them, so don't doubt to share your thoughts!
  5. I really love it when an event comes around for a game I have been buzzing about, particularly one like Age of Sigmar when I know I am going to see some beautiful armies on the table too! This event saw 13 players descend on JustPlay and we couldn't help but welcome all the returning players and few new ones, with people travelling all the way from Leeds and Sheffield. We were extremely excited to see these armies in play, but mostly because we had finished some new fantastic boards and terrain I wanted to see in action! Our new Iceage/Realm of Monsters board! Around now I would normally post lost of pics of standings and army lists but you can check these all out over on the event page hosted by Tabletop Tournaments. This is in my opinion the best resource out there for TO's right now and I worked with Dennis over the last week to get the perfect setup to support AOS for this event and hopefully more going forward. Check out my upcoming Video Blog with why I think this software is essential and should be adopted by all AOS events, along with a guide on it's features and how to use it. But lest we ramble on into the extraneous we have to give a massive congratulations to Paul Whitehead for winning the event with his Mixed Destruction list of Savage Orcs with a Rukk and Beastclaw Raiders. Paul took on Craig Carlton in Grudge to start out the day with a very cagey game going to time as they fought over the 3 Places of Power it took along to commit forces fully to the battle. A game well played by both saw a bloody pile of bodies but the final Initiative roll sealed it for Paul, taking a Major Victory and 1980 Warscroll points; arguably a major factor in a one day event. Paul vs Craig in Round 1 His second opponent was Dan Cooper and his lethal Clan Skryre force. Unhappy to face this match, Paul did not seem confident but ultimately his worries did not come to fruition as this was Dan's new army (after a badly timed selling of his Fyreslayers!) and his inexperience in target selection based on his damage output let Paul take a comfortable win in a battle for the Gifts from the heavens. A major win with 2000 points in Paul's favour and a strong boost to his morale. The Skaven are coming! Just a glorious pic on our new terrain Now on the other tables Matt Robertson of Team Wales for the 40K ETC (that some say should have stocks and shares in JustPlay with all the Store credit he has won) was firmly fixed on table two and in game 2 saw a a brutal game, ending in a minor win by JP Stevens. This upset meant the title of Champion would be out if his hands for this event thanks to Matt Carltons two Major wins of his own with another Savage Orc Beastclaw list! A typical Thundertusk stand off was on the cards in this face off with a flurry of measuring threat ranges and keeping each other at bay, particularly as I had rolled Take and Hold. There was some big list differences between the two generals however, Paul fielding two Thundertusks and a solitary Stonehorn and Matt on the reverse but with an additional three Bolt Throwers and no Rukk. Paul and Matt face of on table 1 in round 3 a Major win will take the title for either of them. The Bolt Throwers certainly paid off here with brutal ranged volleys, killing a Thundertusk turn 1 and blowing the match right open. Matt started moving his two Stonehorns up his extreme left flank to swoop in on his opponents objective, avoiding fire from Paul's Rukk and remaining Thundertusk. This was Paul's chance! With the center of the battlefield now left open and Matt's objective only loosely held by 10 Savage Orcs it was time for the Rukk to do its thing, maximizing movement to cross the table and sneak onto Matt's objective, securing the turn 3 win for holding both and it paid off! A devastating moment for Matt but a great read of the game by Paul, taking his third Major win with just 100 warscroll points killed. The final move by Paul to take the Justice Series II championship! He was not finished there though, Paul brought the full package to this event with an incredibly impressive landslide win in the best painting votes for his army also. Our champion Paul Whitehead Thank you to everyone who came to the event, I had a great day running it all and meeting some new faces and I will leave you with some pics from the day. Remember to follow us on facebook for updates on our next event and more upcoming tournament reports. Team JustPlay Original Post
  6. Welcome to the second part of our list-tech series, wherein I explore the dark apertures of a mind so insidious, even the Lords of Chaos can’t come up with lists as broken as his. I refer of course to the mystical augur we know only as ‘Jim’. Jim comes up with thematic, non-legacy lists that we haven’t yet seen from the international tournament scene, or at least are not as prominent as we feel they could be. Last time we looked at a badass, Dragon-Riding ‘A(e)lfa Strike’ list. You can check out that post here. This week, Jim gives us something far more sinister. Kneel, mortals, before Archaon Rotbringer. The Destroyer of Worlds is blessed by all the Dark Gods, often taking on their different aspects - including Nurgle. Archaon Rotbringer Archaon has been seen on the tournament circuit, but seldom, if ever, gets to a podium. Despite his intimidating stats, he is quite unwieldy, and can get taken out more often than is appropriate for a Destroyer of Worlds. This list will work probably better with small Archaon, but our goal is to find ways to make non-legacy warscroll lists viable. We think this is a great way to get value out of big Archaon. The basis for this combo is Archaon’s ability to trigger the Command Abilities for all Chaos Heroes nearby, and the fact that the effects of abilities can stack. It should be noted here that some tournaments add a house rule that stops abilities from stacking, so if you are looking at running this list, check the Player's Pack well beforehand! The List Archaon - 700 Festus the Leechlord - 120 Harbinger of Decay - 140 Harbinger of Decay - 140 Harbinger of Decay - 140 Harbinger of Decay - 140 Chaos Marauders (x10) - 60 Mark of Nurgle Putrid Blightkings (x5) - 180 Chaos Warriors (x10) - 180 Mark of Nurgle Chaos Warshrine - 200 Leaders: 6 Battleline: 3 Behemoths: 2 Number of models: 32 TOTAL POINTS: 2,000 The Combos Deployment As a unit-heavy list, you have 10 deployments, and are unlikely to get the choice of first turn. This leaves you vulnerable to turn one alpha strikes, so deploy cautiously when up against alpha-strike lists by bubble-wrapping your heroes with the Marauders. Command Abilities Let’s crack straight into Command Abilities. Archaon’s Warlord Without Equal ability allows all other units in the army to immediately use their own command abilities. In order: Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6. A second Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model to within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6. A third Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6. A fourth Harbinger of Decay uses Morbid Vigour, allowing each model within 7” to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a roll of a 5 or 6. Let us pause here to explain how this works. In AOS, there is no such thing as a ‘Ward Save’. Listed above are four separate abilities, each of which lets each model within range ignore all wounds suffered (after saves) on a 5 or 6. For example; Archaon is within 7” of all four Harbingers. Say he gets hit by an arrow, and fails his 2+ armour save (he has Mystic Shield on of course). Now he has four more chances to ignore the wound on a roll of 5 or 6 - once for each Morbid Vigour ability in affect. This means that after Archaon fails an armour save, 19%, or roughly one-in-five wounds are actually going through. Effectively you would have to inflict 100 wounds to him to take him down. If you do factor in his save, which even up against -2 rend is a 4+ with Mystic Shield - that is 200 wounds he can statistically absorb. Plus he gets the extra save against mortal wounds thanks to the Chaos Runeshield. The rotten cherry on top of this disease-ridden combo is the Chaos Warshrine, adding an extra save on a six thanks to Protection of the Dark Gods. The Chaos Warshrine could then activate, allowing all units within 16" to re-roll failed Wound rolls with the Favour of Nurgle. Festus can then heal D3 wounds on one of your models with his Delightful Brews, Splendid Restoratives. The Putrid Blightkings can also heal nearby units D3 wounds with their Virulent Discharge. Magic Spells If you need to make Archaon invulnerable, Mystic Shield goes on him. Festus' Curse of the Leper is a nice debuff that can make key heavily armoured opposing units softer and softer. This combos very well with the Putrid Blightkings, who need the extra help with their lack of rend. Movement If you want to make the most of the protection combos, you need to keep your units pretty tightly grouped within range of the Harbingers. This is a disadvantage for when you have to divide your force for objective play, so you could divide the Harbingers between a few smaller pods if required. Marauders are a fantastic ‘chaff unit as they have Move 6, and can be very fast on the retreat, allowing you to block charges and then move on to contest objectives. As mentioned, they will not die in a hurry. Shooting None to speak of! Combat There isn’t much to say here. The synergy of the list is that the Nurgle units will not die. All units benefit from the combat buff from the Warshrine, but again it's the protective synergies that are taking you the distance. Army Cost This is a bit more of an expensive army to put together using the correct models. Archaon is the single most expensive model in the game at the moment (though if you can obtain the small version that might be an option), and the Harbingers are Finecast direct order only models. You can get around this by maybe converting some Chaos Knights. As is, however, the RRP is £321.50, and you will have 10 Marauders and 6 Chaos Warriors left over from their boxes. Unit Substitution This list could work well with a variety of Nurgle units. Epidemius is a great choice - hide him in your backlines somewhere. You could drop a few Harbingers for some more mobile troops like Plague Drones if the confined nature of deployment is too restricting. The Glottkin could be useful to double the amount of wounds the Marauder chaff can take to 100. You can even run the small Archaon if you want to be even cheesier than Jim - as long as he can trigger the Harbingers, you’re golden. Or at least a sickly shade of green (it’s Nurgle after all). The list would scale very well up to Warhost sized games. Weaknesses Once the heroes start dying, your synergies fall apart. The good news is, this is very hard to achieve. Tactical flexibility is a big issue. To maximse the synergy, your units must all be in close proximity, relinquishing a lot of battlefield control. One way around this is to split your army into two pods, sending two Harbingers with each. A well-timed Hand of Dust or Curse of Years will also bring tears to your eyes. On the Table Jim and I had a game play-testing this list. My army consisted of: Nagash - 900 Wight King with Black Axe - 120 5 Black Knights x 120 20 Skeleton Warriors with Sword and Shield - 160 20 Skeleton Warriors with Spear and Shield - 160 20 Skeleton Warriors with Spear and Shield - 160 20 Grave Guard with Great Blades - 320 Legion of Death Battalion - 60 We played the Blood and Glory battleplan. It ended up being a poor example of how the Rotbringer army could play. Jim moved Archaon too far out of reach of the buffs. He charged some skeletons and fluffed all his dice rolls. I retreated my skeletons onto his objective, and charged him with my Grave Guard. Over the next few turns I was able to take him down, as he did not have the benefit of the Harbinger buffs. Plus his dice luck failed. I almost won the game, but missed a run roll with Nagash which would have allowed me to claim all four objectives. As a result, Nagash wasn’t involved in the game at all. Jim stayed in the game somehow, using his marauders and Harbingers to sneak through my army lines with canny use of retreats and piling in, and was able to snatch all four objectives by turn 5. An incredibly exciting and tactical game, which I’m still buzzing about, but not one that shows off the main synergies of Archaon Rotbringer! I am always keen to hear from anyone who has tried this! Please let me know your thoughts in the posts below. Can you think of any other counters? Would you be keen on giving the army a try?
  7. At JustPlay we recently held our first Age of Sigmar Tournament with 12 players showing up to do battle at the store. I was really excited for this as Age of Sigmar has had all my focus at the moment eating up any gaming time I have. The calm before the Battle Begins It was great day with some fantastic armies on display and a great mix with Sylvaneth having the biggest showing either as Sylvaneth Allegiance or in Order armies but I will go over most the top performing army lists later. Here are the final standings and you can see all the results on Tiebreak With 3 points for a win going into round 3 we had Matt Robertson (BeastClaw) and Alex Harrison (Order) on Table 1 both with 2 Major Wins and our own local store player Tom Best (Stormcast) also on two wins and 6 points but with only 1 Major Victory needed things to go in his favor on table 1, this round they were playing Three Places of Power. In Matt vs Alex, Matt decided to take the first turn as two of Alex's heroes were in range of his Thundertusks and another one could be reached through his Skink skirmish screen using the 2 inch reach on from the Stonehorns spear he also grabbed 2 of the objectives for himself. This all went to plan killing 2 Way Watchers with Thundertusks and a Battlemage in combat also wiping out 2 units of Skinks not at bad first turn! That said none of Alex's major units had been hurt at all and when they responded things really turned back in his favor especially when he took the double turn killing 2 Stonehorns and a Thundertusk, after that Alex still had enough heroes left to cap objectives and take the major victory. Papa Smurf and his friends Over to our local player Tom taking on Ben's Slyvaneth with his Stormcasts. Tom deployed in the heavens and went second with Ben advancing capping a few objectives and started racking up some early points but things quickly changed. Ben was introduced to a Azyros led Stormcast Eternal strike force and his ability to drop right into combat much to his surprise! Hammer time! Tom took down the Hurricanum in this exchange along with a few more of his heroes eventually leaving Ben with a Treeman sat in his Wildwood well defended who carried on capping points for most the game Ben sniped of couple of Tom's heroes to even things up. Fast forward to the end of turn 4 Tom is trying to shift this Treeman out of his woods and clear him off the objective this was unsuccessful and a final round of objective points were scored keeping him in the lead and eventually securing the game in his favor. Turn 5 was going to be crucial big initiative roll and final combats to resolve to see who got those last caps but time on the round had been called. The game might have been very different as Tom had put himself in a great position to go 3-0. Treelord hanging out The best painted army was also a really tight competition I asked 5 of my regular customers playing Guild Ball to cast a vote on who they thought should win. They really liked lots of what was on display Jack Maiden's Sylvaneth's color scheme was brilliant, some of Joe's Seraphon were mentioned to me also but it came down to Martin Hall's Death Army and Benjamin Savva's Sylvaneth. The runner up was Ben with his Slaanesh inspired army a number of his followers that had taken refuge deep in the forests as they hunted for their master (this and his next idea really inspired me to read some fluff as I do his back story no justice here). Some select snaps I took Martin's Undead won the vote 3-2 it was really close but it was a few of his converted characters and a technically perfect job that swung the votes his way - congratulations Martin who won a £10 Voucher for JustPlay The winning army All that's left to say is a big thank you to everyone else who came especially all your kind words about the venue, tables and those who said they would return means a lot and I look forward to welcoming you all back in January at our next event The 2017 Justice Series tickets are on sale now and is capped at 20 players should be great chance to get a final test in before the first Grand Tournament Heat see you all then! I leave you with a pic of myself with the winner Alex and Jack with his wooden spoon also the top performing army lists. Alex Harrison and Jack Maiden Alex Harrison 1st Place (Order) Leaders Waywatcher (100) Waywatcher (100) Waywatcher (100) Waywatcher (100) Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (320) Battlemage (100) Units Kurnoth Hunters x 6 (360) - Scythes Kurnoth Hunters x 6 (360) - Scythes Liberators x 5 (100) - Warhammers Liberators x 5 (100) - Warhammers Gryph-Hound x 1 (40) Gryph-Hound x 1 (40) Skinks x 10 (80) - Meteoric Javelins & Star bucklers Skinks x 10 (80) - Meteoric Javelins & Star bucklers Total: 1980/2000 Matt Robertson 2nd Place (Beastclaw) Leaders Frostlord on Stonehorn (460) Frostlord on Stonehorn (460) Huskard on Thundertusk (340) Huskard on Thundertusk (340) Icebrow Hunter (160) Frost Sabres (60) Frost Sabres (60) Frost Sabres (60) Skal (60) Total: 2000/2000 Nathan Foster 3rd Place (Chaos) List 1 Leaders Great Unclean One (240) Herald Of Nurgle (100) Verminlord Deceiver (320) Warlock Engineer (100) Units Plaguebearers Of Nurgle x 20 (200) Plaguebearers Of Nurgle x 10 (100) Plaguebearers Of Nurgle x 10 (100) Nurglings x 3 (80) Nurglings x 3 (80) Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team x 1 (60) Ratling Gun Weapon Team x 1 (80) Ratling Gun Weapon Team x 1 (80) War Machines Warp Lightning Cannon (180) Warp Lightning Cannon (180) Batallions Tallyband of Nurgle (100) Total: 2000/2000 List 2 Leaders Herald Of Nurgle (100) Great Unclean One (240) Verminlord Deceiver (320) Thanquol and Boneripper (500) - Warpfire Projectors Units Plaguebearers Of Nurgle x 20 (200) Plaguebearers Of Nurgle x 10 (100) Plaguebearers Of Nurgle x 10 (100) Nurglings x 3 (80) Nurglings x 3 (80) Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team x 1 (60) Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team x 1 (60) Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team x 1 (60) Batallions Tallyband of Nurgle (100) Total: 2000/2000 Joe Grimwade 4th Place (Order) List 1 Leaders Skink Starseer (160) Skink Priest (100) - Priestly Trappings Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (320) Units Saurus Warriors x 10 (100) - Club Saurus Warriors x 10 (100) - Club Saurus Warriors x 10 (100) - Club Chameleon Skinks x 5 (120) Gryph-Hound x 1 (40) Kurnoth Hunters x 3 (180) - Scythes Kurnoth Hunters x 3 (180) - Scythes Behemoths Bastiladon (300) Bastiladon (300) Total: 2000/2000 List 2 Leaders Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (320) Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One (100) Saurus Sunblood (120) Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur (320) Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur (260) Skink Starseer (160) Units Saurus Warriors x 10 (100) - Club Saurus Warriors x 10 (100) - Club Saurus Warriors x 10 (100) - Club Chameleon Skinks x 5 (120) Kurnoth Hunters x 3 (180) - Scythes Batallions Bloodclaw Starhost (100) Total: 1980/2000 Tom Best Finalist 2-0 into round 3 (Stormcast) List 1 Leaders Lord Celestant (100) Lord Castellant (100) Knight Azyros (100) Lord Relictor (80) Waywatcher (100) Waywatcher (100) Units Liberators x 10 (200) - Warhammers Liberators x 5 (100) - Warhammers Liberators x 5 (100) - Warhammers Judicators x 5 (160) - Skybolt Bows Judicators x 5 (160) - Skybolt Bows Paladin Retributors x 5 (220) Paladin Retributors x 5 (220) Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers x 3 (100) - Celestial Hammers Batallions Warrior Brotherhood (140) Total: 1980/2000 List 2 Leaders Lord Celestant (100) Lord Castellant (100) Knight Azyros (100) Lord Relictor (80) Lord Celestant On Dracoth (220) - Tempestos Hammer & Thundershield Waywatcher (100) Units Liberators x 5 (100) - Warhammers Liberators x 5 (100) - Warhammers Liberators x 5 (100) - Warhammers Judicators x 5 (160) - Skybolt Bows Judicators x 5 (160) - Skybolt Bows Paladin Retributors x 5 (220) Paladin Retributors x 5 (220) Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers x 3 (100) - Celestial Hammers Batallions Warrior Brotherhood (140) Total: 2000/2000
  8. The Wellington Warlord's annual gaming event Call To Arms is this weekend, and they were kind enough to let us run Warhammer as one of the events on offer. We ended up with 11 entrants (plus one ringer player), and it has been great to meet with all the new players (over the internet so far, but in person this weekend) and share in their enthusiasm in the build-up to this event. For some it will be their first tournament, and for others it will be their first games of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. However, there are a few seasoned campaigners among us. This will be the first event in New Zealand to use the General's Handbook matched play guidelines. CTA 2016 AOS Players Pack_v3.pdf See the TGA event page here. I have been working to finish the last of my Deathrattle Legion of Death, who will be overseen by the Supreme Lord of the Undead Himself: The first round draw has been made, so I will list those here along with the army lists, and talk a little bit about each. Table 1 VS Campbell's list has a mix of old and new, mixing Freeguild (along with some familiar faces from the World-That-Was) with some Stormcast Battleline units. I think it will rely on the General and Steam Tank to get the job done, while the Greatswords and Stormcast will be the objective holders. Gelt and Huss are not strong choices here, but I will be interested to see how they do perform over the weekend. James has a pretty hard list. He took Tomb Kings with great success at NICON, and has opted on two main combos at CTA; one that boosts the effectiveness of the Necropolis Knights, making them fast and very killy, and one that debuffs bravery via the Screaming Skull Catapults in order to make the Terrorgheist attacks more effective. The chariots have great regeneration, so he also has some objective holders. It's going to be a tough one to go against. The only weakness that I can see comes if we can somehow get Jimmy to kneel down during his games... Table 2 VS Nathan Smith Nathan is the ringer player, so we don't have his list. He is very kindly supplying a TON of awesome terrain, which we are all excited to play on. Thanks Nath! Nick's army focuses around a core of Scourge Privateers. The Warscroll Battalion will allow him some extra flexibility with bonus movement. Nick will be well served by a solid infantry list if he keeps his eye on the scenario objectives, but it remains to be seen how he will cope with larger monsters. The lone Grimwrath Berzerker (a prisoner, we assume) is a good dark horse choice, as they always do more damage and stay around longer than you might think. Table 3 VS A good old-fashioned Ogor-Off. Matthew is able to take the brand new Beastclaw Raiders allegiance, giving him the smallest army in the field at nine models. This army will be all about charging in and dealing mortal wounds up front. He may struggle with objectives, but that doesn't matter because this is one of those good old balls-to-the-wall table-or-be-tabled lists, and is going to be good fun to go up against. His opponent Fraser has a more traditional Gutbuster list, with a core of infantry along with some shooting from the Ironblaster. A solid, all-rounder that should do well if he focuses on objectives. Table 4 VS I'm kind of scared of Alistair's list. The Moonclan are popular with players in AOS, and this guy has all the Forge World toys - Troll Hag, Colossal Squig, and even old Skarsnik! There is so much potential damage output here, I am going to have to rely on Nagash pulling his weight from a distance if possible, as I don't trust Alistair to not take him out in one turn. A solid battleline with the insane (damage-wise as well as mental health-wise) Fanatics to think my ranks. Whatever happens, it will be a blast. With my list, I took the Legion of Death Warscroll Battalion and Nagash, giving me just two deployment drops, so I should be able to have the choice of the turn order in all my games. I should be able to weather most of what people throw at my battleline, which are no slouches in the damage department either (the Grave Guard are seriously dangerous), but Nagash himself can take out half an army if he needs to. I am somewhat conservative with him though, as I have lost him in one turn before, but if I can keep him alive and score the objectives, his point cost alone should allow me to win any tie-breaks. Table 5 VS Bo's list is going to be a good test to the notion that shooting-based armies are OP in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. The Ellyrian Reavers being battleline units is quite beneficial, as they have excellent manoeuvrability, and can pump out shooting attacks as well. Great for getting to and sittin on objectives. Three bolt throwers... my goodness. Again, nothing stopping Bo from dropping these on objectives. Swordmasters are going to do some damage in combat, but success against this list will be determined by other armies ability to get across the board and wipe units out. Easier for some than others! Brendan is taking the brand new Sylvaneth units, and I'm keen to see how they perform. The Warscroll Battalions add a bit more survivability to the Treelords, and allow some of the Dryads to recycle back onto the table, which will be great for objectives. Hopefully Brendan also has a heap of Sylvaneth Wyldwoods to cover the table with, as these will help create tactical advantages such as dangerous ground for his opponent, and unit teleportation for himself. A good chance at doing well against tough lists due to this flexibility. Table 6 VS Luke is sporting another Moonclan list, and this one is focused on covering the table in grots. The larges model count by far at 145 models, it also has some fantastic damage dealers in the Mangler Squigs and the Fanatics. Hopefully the weight of numbers will be enough to survive on the objectives. Shaun has a Freeguild list that I really like. No less than three wizard-wagons, and two more wizards on foot, supported by infantry for objectives. That could equate to some serious magical damage output. The wizards on foot allow Shaun to choose a different spell lore for each at the start of each game, giving him some flexibility against his opponents. As you can see there are some really interesting list out and about at Call To Arms, and I'm really looking forward to the aftermath. The entrants at this event will also be the first to be able to enter the national scoreboard, and more details will be forthcoming after the event. It is still not too late to enter the event as a last-minute entry, so please get in touch if you would like to participate. If not, and you are in the area, please come in and say hello!
  9. NICON 2016, less than a week to go - final touches are being made to armies, rules packs are being printed, scenarios are being scrutinised. Tournament week can be intense times! We finalised our field for the Age of Sigmar event last week, with a total of 8 players. I am encouraged by this number, as I had about 16 express interest but unable to make if for the weekend. Some would have to have travelled quite far, and some couldn't commit to the two days. I think future events will take the form of single-day events in future, once the General's Handbook has been released. What's more is that many of those playing AOS were not part of the 7th or 8th edition tournament 'scene', so good on them for giving it a go. Below are the lists, with some brief thoughts. As a reminder, we can bring up to 120 points to the event, but we can deploy only 80 per game. The exception is summoning, where you can summon 2 points worth of troops for every point less than 80 that you deploy. Army Breakdown This is a fairly small field compared to the big oversees events, so the diversity of armies is somewhat limited, with no Destruction armies at all - though the composition of each is quite different. Army Lists I'll start with my list. I have the option to go infantry-heavy, but as mentioned in my previous post, my main competitive 'trick' is based around getting the Mourngul and Morghast summoned in the first turn in order to quickly cause carnage and contest objectives. Arkhan will extend his spells to buff, but if I need to play a defensive game, Krell will lead with his Lord of Bones to give units extra attacks. My potential Warscroll Battalion choice is the Legion of Death, giving my Deathrattle units and extra 4" move, and an extra body back each turn. The other Death army is mostly Tomb Kings, but with some of the newer units as well. Based around Settra's buffing ability, and that of the Priests, Necromancer and Tomb King, his aim is to turn the Necropolis Knights and the Tomb Guard into unstoppable forces. The smallest list, but probably the toughest nut to crack. This order list is making good use of the larger selection of units available to Grand Alliance: Order. Containing units of Free People, Duardin and Stormcast, the Warrior Lodge has a good mix of speed, shooting and armour. Potential battalion in the form of the Thunderstrike Brotherhood for the Stormcast would allow Tristan to 'deep strike' a large portion of his force, which could be handy for several of the objective-based scenarios. A pure-lizardmen list, led by none other than Lord Kroak himself, I'd say Carl will be making use of his summoning pool, with Kroak providing support from the rear lines. The area-of-effect damage potential is significant, and there are some excellent synergies to be had with his other heroes nearby his troops. Scary potential. I believe this list would allow him to take the Bloodclaw Starhost if he chose to. This Order list has also mixed it up, with Sylvaneth in a reluctant alliance with the Fyreslayers. Led by the damn-scary Durthu, Marlin will have to rely on the big tree damage, synergistic with the Sylvaneth Wildwood terrain features he is bringing with him and could potential summon with Durthu. Good use of that terrain could really mess with his opponents. A pure aelf exile list, replete with the one and only Malus Darkblade, returning to form post-End Times to bring the pain. Executioners are the stand-out unit, with Nicholas having the choice of deploying them as five separate units or as one host of suffering. It's got speed, magic, shooting, hitty-ness. How Nicholas works the force together will determine it's overall performance against lists with excellent individual units. Embracing the Blood God's own ethos, Byron has decided to field the best of what the Bloodhosts have to offer - no less than 13 heroes, including three unique 'special characters'. But with a cunning of Tzeentchian levels, there is also a ton of synergy here, with the Blood Reavers, Bloodsecrator, Wrathmongers, and Bloodstokers able to make his meat-shields dish out the hurt in their own right. Can't wait to see it on the table. Potential battalions include the Goreblade Warband, Gorechosen and Dark Feast. Another scary list, with a good mix of synergies and individual prowess. A myriad of potential summoning options, and the magical fire-power to make it work. Dan could flood the board with units, which will make of challenging games for his opponents, and the speed with which he can cross the board will serve him well with many of the scenarios. Another tough list to beat. So those are the lists. I will post some updates from the event on my Twitter feed and Facebook page if you'd like to follow along. The next post will probably be of the results, followed by a post-event write-up. I think I will be too busy to post anything before then.
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