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  1. Nice, I think I will make many sisters of slaughter now that they cost the same as the Witch Aelves and the Heartrenders also seem very fun to use. Thanks
  2. I'm looking at starting a DoK 1000 pts army of Draichi Ganeth for meeting engagements, what units would you recommend? I already have a unit of Bloodsisters and Doomfire Warlocks.
  3. So with the announcement a few months ago of an AoS video game being developed by ex-relic devs and published by Focus, most probably an RTS, I began to think what other games could fit nicely in the setting. The first idea that came to me was a Souls like Action RPG based on the Silver Tower board game, where you play a Stormcast (introducing the dead/revive mechanic and losing your humanity with every death) trying to escape a Silver Tower. Just imagine that being developed by FromSoft, I think the AoS universe could really support a grim narrative the Souls games have. Also a TW: AoS wouldn't be that insane of an idea after TW: Warhammer trilogy comes at an end. I'd prefer a TW:Middle Earth, but I don't think its going to happen any time soon with WB holding the rights to Middle Earth. Finally I'd love to see a digital version of the tabletop, I know its never going to happen, but it would be awesome. Maybe they could use the same business model as gwent, where there are random packs but its not impossible to get good stuff. What are your opinions?
  4. What would be good changes or units that could help my list? In the end the league was delayed for the release of meeting engagements. I was thinking of buying the SC! vanguard chamber for the units. Also with the point changes and battleline requirements of Meeting Engagements I'm dropping the liberators and I'm changing Gavriel with a Lord-Relictor So, my list now is: -Lord-Arcanum 160 same traits -Lord-Castellan 120 w/artifact -Lord-Relictor 100 -Sequitors x10 260 -Evocators x5 220 -Ballista 110 -Swords Spell 30 Total: 1000 pts
  5. So Im thinking about playing a 1000 pt AoS league in my local club with my Stormcast Eternals. I would love recommendations and feedback about the list: Faction: Hammers of Sigmar Heroes: -Lord-Arcanum 180 pts GENERAL /spell: Azyrite Halo / CT: We cannot fail -Lord-Castellant 100 pts / artifact: Godforged blade -Gavriel Sureheart 100 pts Battleline: -10 Sequitors 240 pts / 5 two handed hammers - 5 liberators 100 pts / 1 greathammer Units: - 5 Evocators 200 pts / 5 sword and staff / spell: celestial blades Endless Spell: -Soulsnare Shackles 20 pts Total: 940 pts (1 extra CP)
  6. Hi there, sorry if there are grammar mistakes not a native english speaker. They are valid, but I woundn't recommend the archers or silver helms at all! Just use 1 unit of 10 spearmen for blocking charges or holding backdoor objectives. Sadly elves (High, Dark and Wood) from original warhammer kinda suck right now, except for the monsters, they can really pack a punch specially the frostheart phoenix and the dragonlord. I would recomend to you, because elves count as order grand alliance, combining several units from other factions to reinforce yourself. Now units from the high elves that are pretty good: -Dragonlord (give him the Ethereal amulet from Shyish for a 4+ rerollable invulnerable save) -Dragon princes (only with the Dragonlord battallion) 750 points for first turn charges is pretty sweet -Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix -30 man squad of Phoenix Guard (paired with the frostheart phoenix becomes a really anoying tarpit that hits hard) -Reavers (great for grabing objectives) -Loremaster -Archmage on horse (extra mobility for the same points) -10 man unit of white lions are decent -10 man unit of spearmen Finally units that synergize very well with high elves: -Namarti Thralls (excellent battleline unit that packs a nasty punch, but be careful because they die super fast) -Glade Guard (battleline that can shoot decently and once per battle has a -3 rend attack) -Doomfire Warlocks (good objective grabbers with meh shooting and somewhat good melee, but has a nasty spell) -Evocators (Excellent anti blob units that hit really hard) -Sequitors (A unit that buffs itself with reroll to hit to save) -Knight Incantor (The auto dispell scroll is really nice) -Arkanaut company (only with light skyhooks, awesome weapons with great range that can make tons of damage) -Bastiladon (A living tank of doom) -Dark elves Sorceress on foot (has a great debuff spell) -Morathi (A half serpent demigod that can only suffer 3 wounds per turn, nuff said) -Treemen (Cheap monsters that hit hard) Thats what I can recommend. I would wait to see what happens to the high elves, becaues we don't even have General's Handbook Allaignance Abilities, but there's light in the horizon. Teclis has been referenced A LOT recently and with the release of Slaanesh I bet a true high elves or combined elf release is coming within a year or year and a half at most. Just hold in there
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