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  1. demonlizardfromouterspace


  2. demonlizardfromouterspace

    The Rumour Thread

    In the faction focus articles the Beastmen were already summarized as Beasts of Chaos. I bet Slaves to Darkness and Everchosen will therefore get a Battletome together, the same for all aelven factions of the World-that-was.
  3. demonlizardfromouterspace

    Possibility of editing own username

    Hi there! Is it possible to change the username? Either by myself or at least by the admins? Would be great Greetings S.
  4. demonlizardfromouterspace

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    Hi there manlings! I really hope, we get a new Skaven Battletome this year. The absence of Clan Verminus (as well as Clan Eshin) in the GHB2017 is a good indicator What we need (for Clan Verminus) is/are: new Heroes on foot: Maybe a standard bearer and a Verminus version of sorcerer, at least one more hero. Some mid-size units: e.g. Skaven riding wolf-rats (dual kit, with option for variant) another infantery unit (dual kit) May the Horned Rat be with us S
  5. demonlizardfromouterspace

    Daughters of Khaine Test Model

    Awesome paintjob! Looking forward to see a whole DoK army!
  6. demonlizardfromouterspace

    Daughters of Khaine Test Model

    The link is not even clickable. It looks like its an image with a part of the URL was inserted..
  7. demonlizardfromouterspace

    Jezzails (kitbashed)

  8. demonlizardfromouterspace

    Jezzail (old model)

  9. demonlizardfromouterspace

    Creating subfolders for the gallery

    Hey there, is it possible to add a folder in the gallery for a new category? For example, there is no "Clan Eshin" Category in the "Chaos" section of the gallery. Is this possible or resticted to the admins? Thanks! S
  10. demonlizardfromouterspace


  11. demonlizardfromouterspace


    Yes, the gun is damaged
  12. demonlizardfromouterspace

    Warplightning Canon

  13. demonlizardfromouterspace


  14. demonlizardfromouterspace

    Doom Flayer Weapon Team

  15. demonlizardfromouterspace

    Ratling Guns