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  1. To have a demon army that looks at least a little bit like a combined force. I get it, that the several demon factions each have their distinct colour scheme (Khorne red, etc.), however I think it woul look nice, if theer was a shared element in them all. What I have in mind is something like a combined demon force where every mini has an orange colour feature on it, no matter if it's a Nurgle Daemon, Slaanesh, etc.
  2. I am thinking of getting into LoCA/Legion of the Forst Prince, just for hobby reasons. Does anyone have a army with an interesting paint scheme? Especially one, that has a unifiying paint scheme for daemons of all sorts?
  3. I am ready as well! Would have loved to see a dedicated Wanderers Battletome, but I'm gonna make the best out of COS. My plan ist still to heavily focus on Wanderers (no Sylvaneth, no Stormcast, etc.) with some exceptions for Shadow Warriors and Dark Riders. Will use Glade Rider minis for the later
  4. I guess they mean the Warscroll cards are included, not the scenery itself
  5. Personal wishlisting: Skaven Skryre Wanderers ! Seraphon Everchosen 😛 To be honest, just because I want to see fancy minis for them, I stopped playing Underworlds
  6. ..what would be in it? Would it be a mixed force? Maybe a Skryre force? If thelatter..it could be Warlock Bombardier, Storm Fiends, Warp Lightning Cannon. Other possibilities: 20 Clanrats, 20 Stormvermin, 1 Clawlord. What do you think?
  7. It's more of a personal preference, I want to field my AOS armies on round bases, even If that means to build a new one. And who doesn't like to paint 200+ more minis of the same army!
  8. I have a decent sized (and fully painted) Skaven army, but all on square bases. And I have no intention to rebase them, because I still want to use them in T9A. But I still want to field my favorite army on round bases..therefore I am going to build an army on round ones 20 clanrats are already painted and further units at least put on round bases. It's good to have so many unpainted minis and units around, that you can start another army with them
  9. In the faction focus articles the Beastmen were already summarized as Beasts of Chaos. I bet Slaves to Darkness and Everchosen will therefore get a Battletome together, the same for all aelven factions of the World-that-was.
  10. Hi there! Is it possible to change the username? Either by myself or at least by the admins? Would be great Greetings S.
  11. Hi there manlings! I really hope, we get a new Skaven Battletome this year. The absence of Clan Verminus (as well as Clan Eshin) in the GHB2017 is a good indicator What we need (for Clan Verminus) is/are: new Heroes on foot: Maybe a standard bearer and a Verminus version of sorcerer, at least one more hero. Some mid-size units: e.g. Skaven riding wolf-rats (dual kit, with option for variant) another infantery unit (dual kit) May the Horned Rat be with us S
  12. Awesome paintjob! Looking forward to see a whole DoK army!
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