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  1. the brutes just got sold, but yes the shaman and brutes where built and primed with white. The shaman is still available
  2. Star Wars Legion made by Fantasy Flight Games. I know it's a bit of heresy since it's not a GW game
  3. HI all, I'm unloading part of my collection that I don't believe I'll ever get around to. All models are either unprimed or primed in white, none are painted. All models are built/assembled unless noted otherwise. PM me if interested in any of the sets and we'll talk prices. I have for sale: General: - $25 each: 2 Core books, 1 still in shrink-wrap, and the other has been opened but in like-new condition. Each core book comes with The battle for Glymmsforge supplement book. Underworlds - $20: Skaven Shadespire underworlds expansion Warband (partially painted with all cards) - $20: Underworlds Expansion - Thundrik's Profiteers (Kharadron Overlords)(box is new. It has been opened but all models still on sprue and cards have not been touched) - $20: Mollog's Mob Underworlds Expansion (all models build but NOT primed and NOT painted). Comes with everything from the expansion
  4. boomr19


    Was there ever a release date announced for dreadfane? Or does anyone know when the last set of Barnes & Nobles were released in relation to the announcement from last year?
  5. I feel like they would look kind of like the new war cry snake war band. I got a very Idoneth / Greek feel from their models. I kind of feel that It would be cool if Idoneth had a heavy foot infantry in the form of Akhelians on foot with shield and spear. I guess the point of their faction is that they are more raiders and they prefer hit and run tactics. But I could see a narrative reason for them switching to more big block infantry tactics as they become more involved in the wars in the mortal realms and are fielding bigger armies
  6. Hey all, I've been thinking about upgrading my storage now that I've been getting more of the season 2 stuff and thinking about season 3 coming out. Let's say I want 2 types of storage. One for EVERYTHING, and one to take with me to the game store / tournament (like say I only want to take 2 -4 warbands or something). What are you all doing to store everything? And how do you plan to store season 1 - 3 ? I'm always curious to see what people come up to carry their models/cards around. Also, do you store the deck with the models of your war band so it's all in one convenient place? Or do you store all the models together, and then all the cards together? Photos appreciated.
  7. I have most of season 1 and am working on season 2, of which I have just over half. And now season 3 is going to come out! I think I better clear my hobby budget for only underworlds so I can get the ones I'm missing plus all of season 3 coming.
  8. Does Dreadfane have a release date? And I assume it's going to be sold in the bookstores like some of the other "entry" board games that GW has put out right? So like in Barnes & Noble in the US? So... what if..... the stormcast in the Dreadfane release count as the stormcast release for underworlds season 3? And open up space in underworlds for other war bands? Sounds great to me, even though I don't believe that's what would happen. I actually like stormcast as an army and I like playing/painting them. It's just that more variety and representation for all factions would be nice. Also, seriously how many stormcast warbands are running around shadespire until they just own the place and charge all of the other warbands rent for living there?
  9. Ok so I want to see everyone's predictions for the warban in season 3 underworlds. My list comes from the fact that all underworlds warban are taken from factions that have been given the full AOS treatment. So my 8 predictions are: Tyrion/teclis Light elves !!! (Most excited for) Slannesh warband Nurgle warband Idoneth Deepkin Beasts of chaos Flesh eater courts Obligatory stormcast Destruction (ogors or bonesplitterz) Other possibilities? Daughters of khaine Seraphon (super want but I don't think will happen)
  10. @Dirtnaps I agree that they could totally spring a new faction on us which would be amazing! I honestly am most excited for the light elves out of all of AOS (high elf fan here)
  11. While I think those warbands would be amazing, I think they are unfortunately unlikely. GW has released all warbands for factions they are supporting with the full AOS treatment and wood elves don't seem to fit in that category. Stormcast is always likely, but unfortunate given that they already have 3 warbands. The idea behind a light elves warband would be that we know from lore that the tyrion/teclis elves are probably coming in some form. Also as another note, the high elves had a bit of lion flavor with the white lions of chrace. If the light elves tie into the old high elves then maybe some lion theme could be brought back to the aelves that way.
  12. I am super stoked about an Underworlds season 3. Any thoughts on what Warband the Lion could be from? To me it seems pretty obvious it’s an order Warband. In my heart I really hope it’s a Warband for the new Hysh Light elves, but more likely I think it’s another stormcast warband. The SCE do have quite a bit of lion iconography on their armor, especially the shoulder pads. So my money is on a stormcast warband that has maybe 2 stormcast, a lion and maybe some other person who isn’t stormcast. My predictions is that they are going to be mixing up the Warband even more than they did for the Underworlds season 2
  13. Hmm good ideas so far, yeah the real way is to do some test games. My brother is thinking instead of a wizard he wants a Knight azyros since they are one of the cheaper SCE, but it has a once a game 8” d3 mortals ability for all enemy units (d6 for chaos) which in theory sounds crazy for skirmish. Of course there is risk in having to get close enough but he has to only last one round before nuking an enemy warband. I like the line of sight idea, which makes sense for a lot of abilities and spells thematically. Also Range reductions sound interesting .
  14. Hi all, I'm getting ready to run a small skirmish mini campaign that I'm writing with some family and friends, and I've put together 4 warbands (one for each grand alliance), and I want each warband to have a wizard as their leader for the purposes of the campaign. My question is how you would all house-rule some of the spells that target every enemy unit within a certain range? (Since all models are considered their own unit) For example for the fungoid cave shaman hits all enemy units for d3 mortals within a certain range. Do you all think that this needs to be house-ruled? Or does the range limitation make it work anyways? Or for example, the Knight Azyros Lantern effect, which is once per game, but hits all with in 8"? My feeling is that this would be too strong for skirmish games/ My original idea is that for a once a game effect, choose up to 3 models within range, and for spells that can do damage every turn within range, only choose one model? What do you all think?
  15. I think that “light aelves” could be a lot of other things besides angel aelves. They already have an angel vibe with the storm cast prosecutors and so I’m not sure they want to do a whole faction like that. I’m hoping for something as different as the Idoneth deepkin have been. I wonder though, since the deepkin are all supposed to be way scarred by their time in slaanesh, how would any other aelves come out that weren’t scarred? Or maybe they would be aelves that actually were able to be purified by magic like Teclis tried to do with the deepkin before they ran off? I think a dragon heavy theme could be cool, or even Phoenix. The idea of using fire to purify their souls is an interesting idea. Both dragons and phoenixes are super strong themes for the high aelves as well as the purifying fires of Asuryan. Now that I’m thinking about it, they could do an angel type thing with aelves with Phoenix wings.... but I hope they come up with something more original. Yeah I agree that the light aelves probably won’t come for a while. I think we have already heard about more death coming this year, and new stormcast picture leaked from a novel cover. Shaven have been receiving more story attention from deepkin battletome, malign portents story, etc. Order has had some love recently and it’s probably way past time for destruction to get some love, and of course slaanesh coming out within a year probably. I’m betting that the light aelves will come out after slaanesh as part of the big aelf/slaanesh story arc
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