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  1. Unless we’re talking about Robin Crudance. how the hell he still has a job there, let alone got promoted to head rules writer for 40K, after the abomination that was his 5th edition Tyranids codex, I will never understand (context: in a White Dwarf article, I don’t remember which one nowadays, he expressed hatred against Tyranids killing his Imperial Guard in games. He wrote the 5th edition codex with a bias against them)
  2. I don’t like this narrative because it’s a self fulfilling prophecy that GW caused themselves. Space Marines, and Imperium in general, receive a much larger share of releases throughout the year than all Xenos and Chaos releases combined, so of course they’re going to have higher sales. People get sick of waiting and leave, or go and play one of the few factions GW actually seem to care about supporting. Blood Of The Phoenix is very concerning because GW don’t seem to do any sort of market research into why something sold badly, all they care about is that it didn’t sell very well. I fear GW will turn that into a “the fans don’t want new plastic aspect warriors” narrative, when the truth was that box was way above the price point of every other dual army box at that point ($350nz vs $495nz), and it was a terrible box for exiting players as most Eldar players would already have the older stuff. The pairing of Eldar vs Dark Eldar was a poor choice in my opinion too, as most Eldar fans tend to like one and not the other, and due to the older models in the box it was harder to sell the half you didn’t want
  3. I fear this is why Seraphon haven’t been updated properly. Stuff like the Lost Kingdom miniatures puts the GW stuff (pre-2013 at least) to shame, and someone decided “well, so many people bought their stuff already so we just won’t bother”
  4. Bloodreavers and Kariac Acolytes are on 32mm and they’re basically god marked Marauders. I think expecting updated Marauders to remain on 25mm is just setting yourself up for disappointment and hoping for something you KNOW isn’t happening. If the Warcry stuff didn’t replace Marauders then I’m 100% sure any updated ones will be on 32mm
  5. In regards to all those advocating piracy and obtaining rules by means other than paying for them: YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO THE RULES UNLESS YOU PAY FOR THEM. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT OR ENTITLEMENTS TO PLAY A GAME IF YOU HAVEN’T PAID FOR THE RULES. I don’t agree with some of the GW business decisions or prices, but as someone who also makes content where copyright, theft and/or piracy is a potential issue, well yeah i hate piracy more than I hate the prices. removing free warscrolls, and digital books, is short sighted and bad for the growth of the game. It speaks more of old, out of touch with the world, dinosaurs, running a company. Removing digital books and going exclusively with apps, just like video games, every time a company tries to protect its content via DRM methods, they’re only harming legitimate customers and effectively being anti-consumer
  6. Morrsarr Guard spent so long being undercosted, I think it’s only fair they stay overcosted for a while
  7. I feel like part of the problem is at least half the factions weren’t represented in the game, so if you were one of the unlucky factions then there was nothing to draw you in ( I was purely a Lizardmen player back in those days, and although I liked the game, without lizardmen I had no reason to buy it)
  8. So here’s my thoughts: the rumoured Gloomspite Gitz vs Beasts Of Chaos box, I very much doubt because of how ‘recent’ the current Bullgors are and I just don’t see them getting updated. However, the plastic Doombull? Yes I could see that. Additionally, I think the Jabbersythe makes no sense in the context of that box
  9. Locally, everyone who wanted the army only wanted eels and sharks etc. they spread out the release and people got sick of waiting and moved on to something else. 99% of the players I’ve seen with them have been hyper competitive tournament players
  10. I think it would be hilariously ironic if this Warcry thing gave us Chaos spiders as ‘payback’ for Destruction stealing Kragnos 😂 all joking aside, if it really has anything to do with spiders then it should be Spiderfang Grots. Factions stealing stuff from others is getting a bit tiresome personally
  11. One thing that bothers me about the new app, didn’t they explicitly say that they built the new app because Path To Glory wasn’t compatible with the old app? And yet the new app doesn’t currently support Path To Glory either, and the 40K app still doesn’t support Crusade. they should have maintained the old app until Path To Glory was supported by the new app and THEN replaced it. there are things I like and prefer about each app, but I think overall the old one was better. the issues I have with the new app are: -tablet screens not supported, so you end up with black bars around the edges and only half the screen is used -list builder doesn’t incorporate weapon options -list builder by default has all possible ally units listed when you go to add units to your list, you can filter them out, but I think personally it should have been the other way round. -it has nothing like the My Battle feature of the old app. You can access the warscrolls in the list builder, but it requires an extra step that My Battle didn’t. -when you exit out of a warscroll, it takes you back to the top of the list of warscrolls (a massive pain for Stormcast who have 50 heroes to scroll through before you get to the other units) -like the old app, the model image for the Warden King is a very old metal one rather than the current plastic model (not a big deal, just something that’s always bothered me and they carried it forward to the new app as well) -you need a constant internet connection (wifi or mobile data) to use the app, as it’s programmed to check your subscription status upon opening the app (although the app is currently free, the function of checking subscription status is built into the app, so without internet it will give you an error message and you can’t do anything) things I like about the new app: -unlike the 40K one, you can rotate it into landscape rather than locked to portrait -unlike the 40K one, when updates apply to a battletome via another book (eg Broken Realms), those changes are reflected in the battletome section as well, proved the update replaced something (eg a new warscroll) -unlike Azyr, the list builder seems to be mostly correct and functions as intended (I gave up on Azyr and just used Warscroll Builder because there were too many errors and slow to update it) -I think the presentation is a bit better, and the warscrolls are a big improvement over the old app -this app feels like more effort has gone into it, despite the few issues it has, which should be a good sign for the future
  12. If each GHB doesn’t move to a different realm and we’re stuck with Ghur for all of AoS3 that would be a massive disappointment and missed opportunity. Each GHB should cover a different realm
  13. Yes, but not in the same turn it was removed, same as endless spells
  14. Nope allies don’t get anything except what’s on their warscroll
  15. Not true, I can view the stats of any unit I haven’t bought the codex for (Orks, Grey Knights etc), however the abilities are locked
  16. It most certainly is not, half the screen is unused (black bars on either side) on tablets, as is the 40K app over a year later
  17. Factionless scenery has no warscrolls in AoS3? most people weren’t using them previously which I suspect is why they dropped them now
  18. Abilities not included meaning stuff like the Evocators lightning rule is locked (at least this is how the 40K app does things) 40k, you could subscribe without Warhammer+ unsure if that’s still an option and unsure for the AoS app
  19. Just to clarify for those who aren’t aware, this app appears to be built off the 40K app (layout and functionality appear almost identical) the way the 40K app is ‘paywalled’ is as follows, and I expect AoS to be the same: -free access to datasheets/warscrolls to see their stats (abilities however are locked). -subscription to the app/Warhammer+ gives you access to all the rules for the existing books, points costs and the list builder. -as a new book is released, the old one is removed. You can access the datasheets to see their stats (abilities however are locked) but need the code from a physical book to unlock the rules content (allegiance abilities, spells, full datasheets etc). You do NOT need a subscription to access the rules content for any books you have a code for, but will not be able to use the list builder without one.
  20. Apparently with 40K 2nd or 3rd edition, gw released rules only codexes. According to my local store manager, they were the worst selling codexes ever made. If this is the case, then gw will be reluctant to separate the rules and lore
  21. Unsure of Nurgle, but previously posted rumours said the following -Ogor Mawtribes: new Start Collecting box with new Gluttons, new Leadelchers and new Butcher (like the Slaves To Darkness start collecting, these models were said to be exclusive with the old kits remaining on sale) -Beasts Of Chaos/Gloomspite Gitz: dual army box consisting of new Bullgors, new Doombull, new Jabberscythe, Spiderriders, Araknarock, new spider boss
  22. I care not what my opponent does with their models*. I would prefer painted but I don’t care. public events, like tournaments however, I 100% agree with having painting standards. I don’t want to pay $50nz for a 2-day 5 game event and face all the top netlists unpainted. I’ll openly admit I have a huge bias against waac or hyper competitive players and people who only run netlists, so I support painting standards at events. You’re not going to ruin my fun with that kind of play while having unpainted models. (Note that I attend tournaments not to try and win, but just as an opportunity to play more games. Sadly, the hyper competitive players make the events less enjoyable. There used to be a time where if you lost your first game, you’d spend the rest of the tournament in the middle or bottom tables playing the fun armies like Gloomspite Gitz etc. but nowadays, it’s more common to bounce up and down the tables, so unless you purposely lose every game, you can’t avoid playing the hyper competitive players anymore 😥 ) *conversions are sometimes an issue. As long as I can tell what it is without having to ask every time I want to attack something what it is then it’s usually fine. One example of something I don’t like, someone had converted a dead syvaneth army as Legions Of Nagash and I couldn’t tell what anything was supposed to be. It looked great, but I couldn’t tell what anything was supposed to be and that is a problem
  23. Based on the 9th edition 40K codexes which also saw a price increase from 8th edition to 9th, the increase is paying for the digital content unlocked in the app and recovering a bit of the lost revenue from having no digital sales
  24. I’m guessing the app will release on a Wednesday at the same time new content is added to Warhammer+ so that doesn’t nescessirly rule out the battletome preorders, however I personally think it’ll be wave 2 of 40K orks first
  25. How many of those saying it’s overcosted now or unusable, play Tzeentch or Lumineth I wonder..
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