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  1. Anyone have info on the Path To Glory tables? I have a game on Saturday but won’t have the book until sunday
  2. Personally, I kinda think the Dispossessed Allegiance Abilities from the Generals Handbook are the best option for a pure Dispossessed army
  3. A couple of interesting points about the Warcry stuff Sylvaneth: why no Spite Revenants? They’re made from the same kit as Tree Revenants Sacroscant Stormcast: no Dracolines. Honestly I would be a little concerned about balance if Dracolines were in it (I disapprove of Deepkin eels already) but the fact that the mount Runemark is a Dracoline makes it curious that you can’t actually take dracolines. Seraphon: exactly what I expected, all the plastic kits that’s aren’t the big monsters. I do think this supports the likelihood that they aren’t getting any new models
  4. This. after they split Shadowspear into two Start Collecting boxes, I figured that’s how they’ll release the heroes later, by splitting the dual army boxes into Start Collecting boxes instead. -Gloomspite Gitz, Ogors and Bonereapers don’t have a start collecting. -Flesh Eater Courts & Sylvaneth I wouldn’t be surprised if gw wanted to take the monsters out of their current ones as the individual monsters probably aren’t selling anymore (that I suspect was also related to why they upped the price on all the start collecting boxes). -Skaven wouldn’t surprise me if they eventually had one for each clan.
  5. Finecasts biggest selling point (as hyped up by gw at the time) was that it was much cheaper than metal, however it was only ‘cheaper’ for gw as everything recast as finecast went up in price upon release..
  6. Pretty sure that’s a Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Ghoul
  7. Soul Hunters: if any enemy models were slain by wounds inflicted by this units attacks in the combat phase, add 1 to the attacks characteristic of this units melee weapons in the next combat phase. do the extra attacks only apply in the next combat phase, or do they apply for the rest of the game? My opponent and I had a debate about this tonight as I believe it only applies to the next combat phase whereas they believed it applied for the rest of the game and therefore were getting +4 attacks. A gw store manager was there and took his side in the debate also for what it’s worth. Their argument was basically it doesn’t say ‘until the end of the next combat phase’ so it keeps going. if you’re able to provide a source/link for your answer as I will need to show my opponent where the ruling comes from
  8. True, but they’re the only AoS faction other than Cities of Sigmar* who haven’t received ANY new models during The End Times or Age Of Sigmar. their last release was September 2013. For a faction that’s apparently very popular, that doesn’t bode well Beasts Of Chaos got the new Tzanngors stuff. Bonesplittaz also technically haven’t either, but as gw has now rolled them into Orruk Wartribes the Ironjawz models count
  9. My only real complaint is the adds that show up in between posts in threads. Additionally when changing the page within a thread I have to reload it as only the adds show up the first time. additionally, would it maybe be possible to control the subject matter of the adds and keep them somewhat relevant to our hobby?
  10. Stormcast won’t get a new book until another Chamber is opened
  11. I play almost every army in AoS, thanks to multiple Carrion Empire boxes for my Flesh-Eaters army, I ended up with a 2000pts Skaven army too 😂
  12. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the fact that (aside from Cities of Sigmar), Seraphon are the only army who didn’t receive any new models during The End Times or Age of Sigmar? Their last model release was September 2013
  13. On the contrary, they never talk about anything not yet announced so even if nothing else was coming that would be their response because so far only the book and terrain are announced
  14. I was going to convert them out of the Bloodbowl team, but I really need to know if they’re getting updated before I start on that project
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