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  1. Eels and Squig riders don’t have the Mount runemark because mounts are forbidden from interacting with certain terrain which contradicts with the Fly runemark they both have
  2. This Saturday can’t come soon enough, I’m dying to get into the game, so much so that I haven’t really wanted to play anything else while waiting for it. I somewhat expected the other Warbands to go up for preorder on release day, but that has now altered my purchasing plans. I only recently go into Kill Team and have missed out on all the Killzone boxes and cards as they’re now out of print. I’m going to be trying not to repeat that mistake, so any Ravaged Lands sets or cards are priority for me so I don’t miss out, but as they’re putting the Shattered Stormvault Ravaged Lands set up for preorder that’s pushed my plans to buy the other Warbands out by like a month in my group, at least initially, it looks like I’m going to be the one promoting the game, running people through games and trying to get people to play it. Only having the 2 starter set Warbands for a month if not longer I suspect might kill some of the interest. I should clarify that there are some in my group will who play pretty much anything but they won’t buy it if it’s not for their main game, so things like Warcry I have to be able to supply everything for people to play it
  3. Preordered the Starter Set. First pay after release is going towards some paints and the Cypher Lords, followed by the Ravaged Lands graveyard set
  4. Of the AoS factions, DOK is the most complete warband as aside from heroes, the whole army is available to choose from. for me, I think I’m going to have to buy some Witches as I bet Melusai and Khinerai will be too expensive in points to run only those models
  5. In the 18ish years I’ve been a part of this hobby, there have only been 3 items I’ve ever preordered: Space Hulk 3rd edition (2009), 40k Dark Imperium (2017) and Warcry! with Kill Team, I got into it too late and most of the Killzone boxes and cards are now out of print. I won’t be making that mistake with Warcry. For me personally, all the ‘side games’ and board games are the better GW products, I get much more enjoyment out of them vs AoS or 40k the graveyard Ravaged Lands box people have been complaining about, I can’t wait to get it. I’ve always liked that kit but as I’m unable to host games myself terrain has always been a ‘no point in buying’ product. All the warbands so far look awesome, there’s one or two that definitely aren’t my favourites but I’ll be getting them all. I plan on getting some warbands for the AoS factions too. complaints about customisation don’t bother me. Monopose models always look better anyway, and I’m not competitive or WAAC so the ‘optimal’ warband builds don’t concern me. However I probably will buy 2 of each warband to get all the options (I especially want multiples of the Untamed Beasts for the Rocktusk Prowler and maybe a few of the Iron Golems for more Ogors and Duradin) i like that the game is simple and quick to play. I’d much rather be able to get in 2-3 games than one 2-3 hour game
  6. People saying ‘warscrolls override core rules’ are missing a very key part of these terrain rules. This is in ADDITION to the warscrolls restrictions for setting up people panicking about Sylvaneth woods being unusable obviously haven’t seen the new rules from the Battletome that has been posted all over the place after Apple accidentally released the digital version for a few hours. The sylvaneth woods basically copy the same rules as in the GHB (the free allegiance woods must be 6” away from other terrain and objectives, but summoned woods have lesser restrictions)
  7. AoS core rules are fine, it’s all the extra stuff in the Battletomes like allegiance abilities and even warscrolls where it breaks down. For a start, I think the return of Universal Special Rules is needed but print the rule on warscrolls, stop all these random new abilities that only a single unit has and because it works differently to anything similar it ends up unbalanced as the points are off (Evocators mortal wound ability for example, happens immediately after they’ve attacked, any similar abilities happen at the end of the combat phase. How do you point an ability like that?) regarding Open, Narrative and Matched. I strongly disagree with the notion of structuring the rules around Match Play as default. Open Play should be structured as default, with the Narrative and Matched sections as the add-ons and altering things (like the old Rules of One etc). Regardless of what happens in your local area, Matched Play actually isn’t the ‘most used’ fact is the game was made for Open/Narrative (as proven by the first edition aos rules. Matched Play is an afterthought and go throwing you competitive/tournament players a bone and an attempt to quiet the constant complaining. AoS was better before the generals handbook in my opinion, however in saying that, I do think points or something like 40ks power levels was needed as balancing armies by number of wounds just doesn’t work
  8. Each GHB does NOT replace the previous one, generally only the points change (maybe some tweaks to the allegiance abilities). Each GHB adds new stuff
  9. The problem with Flesh-Eaters isn’t one that points can solve (just like Daughters of Khaine). The issue is one of the Courts has an ability thats a bit too strong, but if they raise the points of the unit that benefits from it the most (Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheight) you’re just handicapping the lists that aren’t Gristlegore Court, you’d basically force every Flesh-Eaters list to be Gristlegore court as the Terrorgheist would be overcosted in any other Court.
  10. Morathi unlocking battleline Melusai, my thoughts on this are that it makes sense narratively however I feel that it’s a balance issue
  11. Right so I’m wanting to do a cavalry army and that leads me to look at Deepkin again (I stopped working on the army due to how op the eels+volturnos combo is) so I want to exclusively stick to Akhelian units (with the exception of Tidecasters) -is there a way to make an Akhelian King a wizard through artefacts or something? -I want to use both types of eels, the king, sharks and turtle but I just can’t seem to fit everything in and make a list I like. I’ve run the turtle and sharks before and I don’t share the usual opinion of them being bad or overcosted, I found them to be quite good. Heroes are a problem as 2 kings takes away so much from the list but only one isn’t good enough
  12. i think its an error based on how the webstore processes stock levels. stock is probably low and there wont be any more made for quite some time
  13. i think its an error based on how the webstore processes stock levels. stock is probably low and there wont be any more made for quite some time
  14. what do you all expect to happen in the GHB19?
  15. played my first game using Sylvaneth vs a shooting Stormcast list,mission was Blood and Glory, i lost turn 4. here was my list Allegiance: Sylvaneth Mortal Realm: Ghyran Leaders Spirit of Durthu (380) - General - Artefact: Glamourweave Branchwych (80) - Deepwood Spell: Verdant Blessing Arch-Revenant (100) Akhelian King (240) - Allies Battleline 10 x Tree-Revenants (160) 5 x Tree-Revenants (80) 10 x Dryads (100) Units 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200) - Greatswords 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200) - Greatswords 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200) - Greatswords 3 x Akhelian Ishlaen Guard (140) - Allies Battalions Free Spirits (120) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 380 / 400 Wounds: 111 a few notes -i didnt really bother with Command Traits and Artifacts due to the new book coming out, i havent fully looked at the current stuff -Verdant Blessing was a pointless spell as i only had access to 2 Woods anyway a few opinions/observations -Tree Revenants are overcosted. their ability to teleport has been given way too high of a premium. it is my opinion that pretty much ALL units that come as 5 per 80+ points should have 2 wounds each -Kurnoth Hunters rule about command abilities is great with the Arch Revenant -Durthu didnt get to do much unfortunately as hes too slow and i didnt have the trees to move him quickly -Sylvaneth it seems rely on the Wyldwoods way more than i had expected i was building my sylvaneth with a theme in mind, basically trees with swords (pretty much those are the models i like. i dont like Dryads and would rather not use them). Treelord Anicent and Kurnoths with bows are the exceptions. Spite Revenants ill be running a completely different theme. anyway, Durthu leading a horde of sword-weilding trees is something i would like to make work, Kurnoths not being battleline hurts (dont worry, i understand theyd be op if they were) and Tree Revenants seem too fragile and expensive
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