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  1. Most competitive players opinions summed up nicely 😂
  2. I think Fyreslayers are in a situation of a self-fulfilling prophecy sadly. Army isn’t popular, army doesn’t sell, army doesn’t sell because it’s too small and no verity. Because army doesn’t sell gw don’t release more (even though that’s what would increase sales). my strong opinion is this: if gw don’t want to release new fyreslayers then combine them with Dispossessed and Kharadron in a mixed Duardin book (like Orruk Warclans) so they at least have more options. Keep the separate allegiance abilities for each while adding a 4th combined faction allegiance too (like how Orruk Warclans still has Bonesplittas and Ironjawz separate with a 3rd combined allegiance). To the people complaining about Kharadron should remain its own book, you guys don’t have a lot of units to choose from either. The combined book wouldn’t take anything away from you and doesn’t prevent you getting new stuff later on either, it would simply provide all 3 Duardin factions with more choices. in regards to the fact we haven’t received a Battleforce box, I’m disappointed about that too but realistically what can they put in it? In nz they’re about $330ish, the start collecting is $195, Hearthguard are $85 and heroes are $60 (Vulkites are $115 but I can almost guarantee that if Vulkites are in the battleforce it’s because they’ve included a start collecting box anyway). So the question is what really can they do? They aren’t going to load the box with Hearthguard and a hero, so I reckon we’d be looking at a Start Collecting box, 2 boxes of Hearthguard (maybe, I think 1 is more likely) and a hero (Battlesmith or Auric Runemaster)
  3. So what are people’s thoughts on The Light Of Eltharian and Teclis these days? How exactly does the weird Battleline requirements work? If I make Stoneguard Battleline, would a unit of Wardens still allow me to take a unit of Dawnriders as Battleline as well?
  4. Damage isn’t the only factor in this equation, damage isn’t the only reason you take a monster (I wish it was though)
  5. Yeah sorry, what I meant was most had gone before they announced the list
  6. This is what I like about Ogors (Gutbusters anyway), they’re mostly independent of each other and don’t have things like ‘+1 to hit near this hero’ etc
  7. Part of that was gw said they’d announce any discontinued models before they’re discontinued so you’d still have a chance to pick them up. When gw announced the list, 90% were already ‘out of stock’
  8. I never bought the model because I hate metal and resin, but I’ll miss Vlad
  9. And covid had been going on in China (where the books, spells and cards are printed) since at least November
  10. Gonna get a lot of hate for this, but I think a lot of the lotr designs make similar Warhammer models look really bad 😂 pre Cities Of Sigmar, I’d take any of the lotr dwarfs over the Warhammer Warriors, Rangers etc. the High Elves/Galadrian are much better looking and Mirkwood puts Wood Elves/Wanderers to shame
  11. Yeah this. I doubt they intended to do 2 battletomes, but something went wrong and the first release ended up smaller than it should have been. They couldn’t hold Lumineth back any further due to how much they’d been hyping their release all year. They backed themselves into a corner due to their own hype, but also covid
  12. The other reason for lotr being smaller was a contractual obligation to make the models incompatible with Warhammer
  13. Well, in my mind, no, restricting Battleline If to a certain Lodge would just change the Lodge people use. Hearthguard were still spammed in the old rules too, but The 3x30 Vulkite list was also quite common then. The other issue is still the lore side, the rules currently allow you to take more than the lore would suggest you should, and that rubs me the wrong way because people aren’t spamming Hearthguard because they look cool, it’s because they’ve found some strong power combo. but yes that’s true, 2000pts isn’t the full battle but rather a small section of the battlefield. However, the problem I see with trying to use that to justify things like spamming Hearthguard is why do we even need Battleline at all? In this particular area of the battlefield maybe the Battleline have all died or moved to help out in a different area ultimately we need more units to choose from. Lack of options is probably the only reason gw allow Hearthguard spam and multiple Runefathers, the army is too small to restrict choices
  14. According to the Fyreslayers lore, like traditional dwarfs, females are very rare and as such are kept away from the battlefield to protect the reproductive capabilities of the Fyreslayers so they don’t all die out
  15. I understand your concern about Vulkites being the only Battleline, but sadly I believe Hearthguard need to lose Battleline If status to discourage people from spamming them, they aren’t supposed to be the core of your army
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