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  1. This is part of the very reason they stopped doing it, writers like Matt Ward were receiving death threats and all sorts of nonsense
  2. Awesome, now they can fix the balance by raising Eels points by only 5 every six-twelve months instead of 10! 🙄 note the sarcasm, and very strong bitterness in my comment lol
  3. Unless Mannfreds warscroll massively changes, he’s a 11 wound 4+ save hero that costs 340pts, I think it’s fine (based on his current rules at least). He’s very weak and fragile considering he’s the only Mortarch that wants to fight you, the others are all support pieces that want to stay far away from combat as possible (Katakros being the exception)
  4. If you look around online at least, new Necromunda isn’t very popular (almost everyone complains about how they’ve released and then released the gang stats 3 or 4 times since 2017, a lot of stuff changed from previous editions people aren’t happy about etc). I don’t know how correct that view is however. Our regular group of about 10 people all like necromunda, and aside from AoS it’s the only gw game we all like. Hive War is also the main ‘starter set’ for necromunda, a game that will live on for as long as sales allow it to. The other issue is Escher have been released in so many boxes
  5. The issue with the Brexit tariff theory is GW use regional pricing. The tariffs only affect imports to the EU so they’d just up the price in the EU. It wouldn’t affect the rest of the world, or ir the tariffs raised the price too much they just wouldn’t sell it in the EU but again wouldn’t affect the rest of the world
  6. Case in point: multiple Auric Runefathers or Abhorrent Archregents in the same list, when the lore outright states there’s only ever 1 at a time
  7. Generic battalions fix the biggest issue with battalions currently - they create a war between the haves and the have-nots. Factions are not currently given battalions in an fair, equal or balanced way. Some armies have lots of choices-anything in the book can be included in some battalions, others have 1-drop battalions, and others have extremely limited choices for battalions
  8. 100% guaranteed at this point. The new sizes in 40K are specifically the size you get by adding multiple Kill Team/Warcry etc boards together. Also it’s the same size as the Hallowheart/Moon Base board+terrain sets
  9. Ah I see, I stand corrected. My apologies
  10. Not true, they’re confirmed for a ‘future’ Broken Realms book but they didn’t actually say which one unless they updated the articles
  11. So much discussion about ‘competitive’ or ‘tournaments’ let’s not forget the fact gw openly admits that AoS (and 40K for that matter) are NOT competitive games, are not designed for that type of environment and are not really appropriate for tournaments. However, they acknowledge that a lot of people play that way so throw you a bone with the ‘tournament guidelines’ stuff in the GHB tournaments and competitive environments skew the ‘balance’ of the game as basically everyone only takes the armies considered the most ‘op’ and more often than not run ‘netlists’. GW supposedly use a ‘paper s
  12. Fyreslayers, Flesh-Eaters and Bonereapers would like a word with you
  13. Additionally, the ones that narratively make sense to have a ward save, usually don’t get one *shrugs* (all Fyreslayers for example, the lore says this comes from the Ur-Gold runes, yet only Hearthguard get this save. Daemons should all have one really etc)
  14. Yes, special weapons that don’t hurt you in a normal way (breath weapons etc) should be the only exceptions
  15. Softbacks are printed in the UK I believe, so would be unaffected
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