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  1. Joseph Mackay

    The Rumour Thread

    i and the chapterhouse lawsuit, disagree with you that basically nothing in the model range is copyrightable. i dont fully understand how foreign laws work around copyrights/trademarks as its a bit different here, but i believe the way it works is that the models in isolation cant be protected but in the context of a miniatures game with the background etc, they can be. Fyreslayers as an example, is obvilously a very uninque theme that id never seen before (aside from the warhammer fantasy slayers that inspired them). fact is egyptian skeletons and plate armoured knights cant be protected, nor can aztec dinosaurs which is why lizardmen were changed in the story. and besides, Stormcast have basically taken over the plate armoured knights them of bretonia only instead of horses they have reptiles and bird creatures
  2. Joseph Mackay

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    ^ this i believe there is powercreep within the game but i want to believe it is not intentional, like the differince between the first round of battletomes vs the 1st few that introduced allegiance abilities vs aos 2.0 books. i believe its just that as time goes on they come up with new exciting ideas, the 'powercreep' comes from the fact that they then dont update the previous books to the new standard (although they are doing so now with Khorne and Flesh Eaters)
  3. Joseph Mackay

    The Rumour Thread

    look, we all get it. its unfortunate that Tomb Kings and Bretonia were discontinued, but the fact is they are NEVER coming back (at least not as you know them- cough Flesh-Eaters are Bretonia cough 😛 ) they were discontinued for 2 reasons. heres the main reason. you can blame people like Chapter House Studio or whatever they were called and all the the people who bought third party products instead of GWs. thanks to that lawsuit, gw changed their whole release plans, mainly if if doesnt yet have a model it doesnt get rules. this saw the 7th edition Dark Eldar and many other codex in 40k gutted of their named characters. effectively what happened is CHS decided they could make models gw made rules for but had not yet released the model for (tyranid creatures, named characters). after the lawsuit and that situation gw renamed anything that was 'too generic' to copyright (Imperial Guard became Astra Militarum etc), Tomb Kings and Bretonia were deemed too generic to be protected by trademark/copyright and thats why theyll never be back the second is most likely low sales. they wouldnt discontiue something that was selling very well
  4. Joseph Mackay

    Examining The Stormcast in Light of New and Pending Releases

    just a note on the Ballista that no one takes into consideration. it needs a points increase because its way undercosted compared to other war machines - +2 save in cover - counts as one model meaning you cant weaken its output by killing the weaker crew models (no other war machine has this rule and that alone is the reason its undercosted) -24 potential damage
  5. Joseph Mackay

    The Rumour Thread

    just fyi The Chosen Axes, Fyerslayers warband from Shadespire. the leader is a Auric Runefather while the other 3 are Vulkite Berzerkers, one of which has a 2-handed axes(fyresteel Greataxe? or something) which has no mention of exisiting in the battletome and isnt an option for normal Vulkite Berzerjers
  6. Joseph Mackay

    The Rumour Thread

    personally, i say update all the books whose allegience abilities are printed in the generals handbook first so they dont have to keep reprinting them every year and it frees up space for other content
  7. Joseph Mackay

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    is there a way to make an Ahkelian King a wizard? like one of the artefacts from malign sorcery or something? i would like to use magic but dont want to break my theme of Ahkelian units only
  8. Joseph Mackay

    The Rumour Thread

    i dont know where the rumor came from or how valid it is, however if we assume its true, i wouldnt expect any army that had alligence abilities printed in their battletome to get updated, with the exception of maybe khorne due to Wrath & Rapture (the changes from that will no doubt be applied to the other daemon units making the whole book near useless due to the amount of erratas). id expect the following battletomes to get updated: -Everchosen (rolled into Slaves To Darkness with the rumored Darkoath release) -Skaven Pestilens (rolled into a combined Skaven book like Beasts Of Chaos) -Fyreslayers -Ironjawz -Flesh Eater Courts -Seraphon (i expect a retcon of their background making them phyiscal living creatures once again and removing the daemon keyword) this is just speculation on my part, but it makes sense to update these before things like Sylvaneth, Beastclaw Raiders or Kharadron Overlords
  9. Joseph Mackay

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    i agree it would be weird for normal trees to block line of sight by wyldwood dont. however its a problem when sylvaneth can just spam them all over the board and block line of sight basically everywhere
  10. Joseph Mackay

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    thats really only a problem for Sylvaneth though, as no other allegiance ability terrain is obnoxiously annoying and able to spam them all over the board (on that note, i feel that the faq that gave Wyldwoods the line of sight blocking rules from normal trees was the wrong decision) as is, allegiance abilities are way too strong to allow up to 3 factions in the same army to get access to all their rules. as for weakening them, that would require a complete rewrite of every set of allegiance abilities and/or punish mono faction armies by weakening their abilities for no reason, at that point youd basically be forcing armies to take allies to be competetive as theyd be at a disadvantage without
  11. Joseph Mackay

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    forgeworld models are not fair comparisions (they may have got better at rules writing lately, but theyre generally either undercosted or overcosted)
  12. Joseph Mackay

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    instead of going heavy on Witch Elves, you could try the Medusai units, theyre still powerful but arent op
  13. Joseph Mackay

    Non-magical Armies in a Magic Heavy Game

    Khorne: any unit that has an ability to unbind a spell gets +1 to unbind rolls, additionally if a spell is unbound the wizard who cast it suffers D3 mortal wounds Duradin (Fyreslayers/Kharadon Overlords/Dispossessed): if targeted by a spell on a 5+ they ignore its effects these armies should not get access to magic themselves, but instead should have an easier time than anyone else in shutting magic down
  14. Joseph Mackay

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    battalions for free? i dont think so. Formations were one of many things that destroyed 7th edition 40k, lets not repeat the sins of 40k please. 7th edition 40k is exactly why you pay for battalions, they learnt from that mistake i do think they should be cheaper, but also should lose some of the bonuses (talking about things like the extra command point and artefacts) as they just inflate the cost. some battalions should also have different costs based on weather youve taken the minimum or maximum units allowed (Murderhost for example, is absolutely useless and overcosted if you arent running the full 8 units allowed),alternatively, battalions have a fixed composition and points cost but includes the cost of the units
  15. Joseph Mackay

    The Rumour Thread

    the steam tank is crewed by humans though?