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  1. My frustration with the long wait for Seraphon is the Bloodbowl plastics. If Saurus aren’t getting updated models then I’ll just convert the Bloodbowl ones, but until I know what’s coming I can’t do anything. Same with Chameleon Skinks, I’ll convert the Bloodbowl ones seraphon need updated models for Saurus, Saurus Guard and Saurus Knights to match the newer Saurus Oldblood from the carnosaur kit and the bloodbowl team. Skinks I think are fine as is but wouldn’t complain about an update to match the Bloodbowl ones (this kinda causes issues with some of the newer big dinosaur kits though). Slann/Lord Kroak just need to be plastic, same with the Kroxigor, Saurus Sunblood and Saurus Enternity Wardan. I personally don’t like the Saurus Astrolith Bearer so I’d like a new one but I think he’s a newer model (part of the 2013 releases I believe) so don’t expect that. Salamanders/Razordons need to be completely new sculpts in plastic. The Cold Ones for the Saurus Knights need to be completely redone too, I’ve always hated the fat cartoony look when every other dinosaur looks somewhat realistic and the Dark Elves having their awesome Cold Ones was always a bit insulting. Scale down the Carnosur and give it a different head would be awesome. I think the army could use some more ‘medium’ sized dinosaurs, not big enough to be Behemoths but also not necessarily having riders, something a bit bigger than the Salamander/Razordon. id like to see the allegiance abilities changed a bit too. Give them sub factions. One could be as they are now (celestial daemons who get summoned etc) and then you’d also have the somewhat feral and aggressive physical beings, they can’t summon or teleport or anything like that but instead they hit a lot harder and are harder to kill
  2. Cities Of Sigmar - bad. Units overcosted, condensed rules across the book taking away the ‘flavour’ of some units, no synergy or benefit to mixing factions even though that’s how they want you to play them. These factions really needed their own books. Ossiarch Bonereapers - bad. Petrifex Elite is a Hag-Narr situation where it’s bonuses are just so much better than the others. The whole Hekatos system is cool and all but if that doesn’t get rolled out to all the other factions then they should probably cost a lot more points (I’m talking about the fact the unit leaders act like heroes for the purposes of using command abilities and death saves). Morghasts and Stalkers are not pointed appropriately. Stormcast Eternals - bad. Sacrosanct Chamber units are so much better than the older stuff and points don’t reflect this (Retributors and Evocators are too close in points but so far away from each other in what they do). The army has a few game breaking negative play experiences, Gavriels command ability stacking allowing you a guaranteed charge from reserves, Longstrikes and Hurricane Raptors counting as stationary after using Scions, the Comet is way too good-for a start it’s range allows you to cast it outside of dispell range and still hit a ton of units. Idoneth Deepkin - bad. I don’t agree with the majority that everything but eels is bad, however eels are just so good that nothing else is really worth taking. Volturnos + eels is a negative play experience. Flesh-Eater Courts - unsure. I kind of think the old book was better and just needed some tweaks. I dislike how all the battalions lost the good rules and kept the bad ones (Ghoul Patrol adding models to units, Royal Family summoning Ghoul Kings). Feeding Frenzy went too far, before it was bad and hardly ever went off and now it’s too good, Savage Strike was fine but combined with Feeding Frenzy it was too good. The endless spells I think are a bit too expensive (the Corpsemere Stampede at least), the throne is basically pointless after using your summon. Mixed lists (ie Ghouls, Horrors and Flayers) are difficult to make due to needing Courtiers of the right type to babysit them. Archregent is too expensive, change his summon from 20 to 10 Ghouls and drop his points to 200. The internal balance between units is good I think, but the army needs more units. Slaanesh - bad. All I can really say is it’s always a negative play experience facing them. Nighthaunt - unsure. I think Ethereal and Fly were given too much value when they pointed these units. Aside from that I can’t say much as they generally don’t get played around here. Legions Of Nagash being allowed to use most of the army was a bad decision which they seem to have learned from with Bonereapers. Fyreslayers - bad. Points costs are all wrong. It feels to me like they changed the points costs based on what was happening before the book and changed the rules afterwards resulting in units now costing more than they should (Battlesmith stood out as the first noticeable issue). Hearthguard and Vulkites are too similar in points creating a situation where Hearthguard are being taken instead. I like that the Grimwrath and Doomseeker no longer count as Leaders. I dislike the nerfs to Magmadroths (reduced range on fire breath, volcanic blood nerf etc), extra wounds was appreciated though.
  3. I have the following, but with access to my friends army also then I pretty much have everything you could possibly want Abhorrent Archregent 3x Abhorrent Ghoul King 2x Crypt Ghast Courtier 2x Crypt Haunter Courtier Crypt Infernal Courtier Duke Crakmarrow The Grymwatch 60x Crypt Ghouls 6x Crypt Horrors 6x Crypt Flayers Zombie Dragon Terrorgheight i eventually plan to add the following 9x Crypt Flayers 9x Crypt Horrors Vargulf Courtier Zombie Dragon Terrorghiest 20x Crypt Ghouls (made out of 4 sets of the Grymwatch models)
  4. I’m looking for some help/advice with list building these days firstly some background: pre 2019 battletome, I occasionally borrowed a friend’s army and really enjoyed playing them. With the 2019 battletome release and Carrion Empire I finally bought my own. I only played a few games before abandoning them. Every game I played my opponents complained about them after the game which really sucked all the fun out of it and made any victory feel worthless. Additionally the changes to their summoning and battalions changed some of the things I enjoyed (pre-2019, I liked running Ghoul Patrol and Royal Family-summoning Ghoul Kings who then got to summon other units was pretty fun, and adding models to the Ghouls via Ghoul Patrol was cool). now I’ve decided I want to stay focused on Flesh-Eaters but I’m having some problems building lists Battalions Flesh-Eaters rely heavily on command points so you sort of have to run at least one Battalion and preferably take an Extra Command Point too. -Ghoul Patrol I feel isn’t worth it. It stayed at 180pts but took away the adding models to units. -Royal Family also isn’t worth it anymore, it’s old rules were better. i don’t really have opinions on the others. Deadwatch is my favourite but I don’t currently have the models to build around it Units i find it difficult to fit varieties into lists as points seem to disappear quickly, it seems you kinda have to focus on one of the 3 units and build around them, this also causes problems with the Grand Courts as each one is focused on a specific unit. Additionally each unit sort of needs a Courtier to babysit them for healing and the 6++ save. Not running monsters (mounted or not) is something that seems like a bad idea as they create a “I need to kill that ASAP” moment for opponents, and it’s always hilarious when a Stormcast Gav-Bomb of 10 Evocators fails and gets eaten by a Terrorghiest. im not looking for specific lists, but rather tips and advice for building a Flesh-Eaters list. I play in a mostly casual environment with a few Competitive minded people bringing netlists. I occasionally play in tournaments also but more so just for the chance of playing more games
  5. That was due to the Sylvaneth delay though. They confirmed in twitch streams that they worked on Looncurse at the same time as Gloomspite battletome
  6. One thing to keep in mind is that so far (except for Blightwar) each battlebox has been accompanied by a new Battletome for both armies
  7. Unit sizes are tied to how many come in a box
  8. I’m just doubtful that both would be revealed at LVO and I’m expecting Seraphon first
  9. So are we all thinking the new Aelves will come out before Seraphon?
  10. @Gwendar I’m not sure on the Morghasts to be honest, I’ve been running them mostly because that’s what I have. sometimes they do quite a bit of damage and other times they just get murdered
  11. I’ve played a couple of games with the following Katakros + Arkhan lists (once each so far) Allegiance: Ossiarch Bonereapers- Legion: Petrifex EliteLeadersKatakros, Mortarch of the Necropolis (500)- GeneralArkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament (360)Battleline20 x Mortek Guard (260)- Nadirite Blade and Shield20 x Mortek Guard (260)- Nadirite Blade and Shield5 x Kavalos Deathriders (180)- Nadirite Blade and ShieldUnits2 x Morghast Harbingers (210)- Spirit Swords2 x Morghast Harbingers (210)- Spirit SwordsEndless Spells / Terrain / CPsSuffocating Gravetide (20)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 110 I played vs Slaanesh with this list. Gift From The Heavens, it didn’t go well for me. The Locus making you fight last plus their ability to fight multiple times hurts a lot. Allegiance: Ossiarch Bonereapers- Legion: Petrifex EliteLeadersKatakros, Mortarch of the Necropolis (500)- GeneralArkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament (360)Battleline20 x Mortek Guard (260)- Nadirite Blade and Shield20 x Mortek Guard (260)- Nadirite Blade and Shield10 x Kavalos Deathriders (360)- Nadirite Blade and ShieldUnits2 x Morghast Harbingers (210)- Spirit SwordsEndless Spells / Terrain / CPsNightmare Predator (40)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 113 I played this vs Stormcast in Places Of Arcane Power. It was technically a draw when we called it but I would have automatically won in the next turn as I’d killed all his heroes. I probably could have tabled him too. I did make some rules mistakes though (gave Katakros the Petrifex Elite -1 rend command ability, Deathriders probably weren’t wholly within 6” of the Hekatos for command abilities)
  12. My issue with the Seraphon lore is mainly in regards to the transition from Fantasy to Age Of Sigmar. They escaped the End Times in their temples which turned out to actually be spaceships left behind from the Old Ones. However somewhere between leaving the World-That-Was and arriving in the Mortal Realms, all but the Slann no longer exist. Instead the Slann imagine the Seraphon into being. there has been some lore since then that suggests the Seraphon still live but are on the spaceships and the Slann magic them into battle, and other stories of them becoming physical beings when in battle for so long and going feral
  13. Physical permanent Seraphon are boring? I disagree, Seraphon that don’t physically exist and are just the Slanns imaginary friends are boring
  14. Still waiting on the 40k one to hit New Zealand a few months ago gw announced it was coming to Australia (the 40k one) but it’s not available for nz yet
  15. How are people using Tree Revenants? I was playing around with a ‘theme’ of trees with swords (ie every model in the list had a sword, so Durthu, Kurnoths and Tree Revenants) but I found the Revenants disappointing. They have bad saves, 1 wound, not much damage, and have elite unit pricing (points and money)
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