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  1. Does anyone know what the list was that came 6th at heat 1? Can't seem to find the heat 1 lists anywhere
  2. That's correct, might as well put it on the shelf until the next book
  3. Nope that's how i read it as well, left wondering why anyone would ever pay points for this?
  4. No mixed weps on varanguard No mixed weps on chaos warriors Archaon 2x 6s each attack Nurgle daemon prince nerfed into basically being useless, expected but a shame And am i reading correctly that the overlords of chaos doesn't give you double circles just lets you re-pick for a huge point cost? Did a mid teir book really need to be further stomped on?
  5. I was reading it that you would get two circles? Is that incorrect?
  6. Bit annoying archaon, gaunt, 3x 3 varanguard and batallion is 20 points too much
  7. From what I understand talking to my local manager (based on their product brief) The new warriors are monopose and the old set + resin weapons(yuck) are staying as range items. Very weird way of doing it and id rather buy more expensvie start collecting 10 mans and convert some 2h weps According to the most recent brief there isnt going to be one, however, we all know the store managers aren't told a lot so I'm hoping its still out there
  8. Is this really such a big issue, this really makes a game sound like more of a chore against you than anything else tbh
  9. Im hoping they replace the marauder kit with a darkoath style marauders
  10. Is anyone able to snap a few pics of the irondrakes build instructions and upload them if they have it lying around? New start collecting only had ironbreakers guide for some reason and google search has not been fruitful
  11. Is there any solid math on which of the keeper weapons to build? I went with shield for the looks on my first but unsure if theres a best for my second.
  12. Thanks that what i thought, Khorne has some stuff allowing bloodthirsters to attack first and multiple times itr seems
  13. Does the turn sequence changes on warhammer community affect us ? It seems like that now the gristlegore general will go first only on our turn when against idoneth and the new khorne stuff or have i read it incorrectly?
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