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  1. "Widgets" is too techy sounding. What is this, 40k?
  2. Umlauts make it more fantasy related though.
  3. I'll be honest, I did more skimming than reading to catch back up, but regarding the DoK I feel GW might be trying to work out how to change them without breaking the army, or looking at figuring out how to make other armies like them without breaking the game. That sort of testing and rewriting takes time and might not have been ready with their work on new products likely taking precedence. And I agree, more artifacts of a higher level would have been a nice (especially since about half of them seem to be the same thing copy and pasted across multiple realms with a name change being the only new thing about them), but they don't all need to be the original Doppelganger Cloak levels of strong. Any artefact that makes a unit untargetable is too strong. Now if it originally gave an extra 4+ save against wounds and mortal wounds (to represent the 50% shot at hitting the wrong target) then I think we wouldn't be seeing as many problems with it. It'd be good, but it wouldn't break the game since you'd still have a chance of hurting the bearer. I still stand by that I feel like the Realms should have been a way to give extra spell access to armies by giving you spells based on the realm your from instead of the one you're fighting in. Basically treat it like another lore your wizard has access to and let them draw spells from it like they do any other lore they have access to meaning to use them requires more commitment as it can result in not taking certain spells from your army's lore or force you to give up artifacts to take that one spell you want or need.
  4. I'm a little saddened they didn't just go "sure" on the whole Black Coach thing. If you're running Legion of Nagash and want to run a Black Coach you either need to own one from yonks ago, need to hunt one down from the used model market or ally one in from the Nighthaunt (which is silly unless your running a ghost heavy LoN army). It just feels like a shame to me honestly. I feel no loss over the Doppelgänger Cloak though. It was an auto-include to the point where having two models with one on getting stuck in combat unable to fight each other (as long as no one pushes another unit into there to break the stalemate) was a little too common for a while now. It might have gone too far the other way but it's still better to see it adjusted down because it was too strong to not take in most armies. Not that it matters to me since I'm working on Shyish based Skaven right now (when my motivation returns (I blame work for burning me out more than the painting honestly), I've been taking a break and playing Legend of Dragoon instead of painting like the bum I am).
  5. While true that it's more list building than the army itself, due to how seriously squishy everything we have is (I mean, even a Verminlord is still a rat in the end and squishes easier than most army's big monster characters) it's something I feel like we should take note of more than other players have to.
  6. Stuff like that is why the biggest advice I have is never have relics, wizards and generals be the same model in any combination. That just ups were the model is on the priority list.
  7. It's all good, no one can truly be expected to know everything in the game (despite what some competitive players claim online).
  8. Grand Alliance: Skaven Admittidly this is less a proper Grand Alliance style army option (like Legions of Nagash or Beasts of Chaos) and more the use of the greater GA: Chaos but schemantics are for lesser beings. Beings whose bones are perfect for gnawing your teeth down with when your not scheming to gain power, bring down the fall of the other races and generally stabbing someone in the back with something that is probably made of warp stone and prone to exploding. Basically until GW gets around to giving us a proper book in a life time from now (or a couple of years or so if you're not measuring this in the lifetime of the average Skaven) this is the way you'll be able to around to playing a proper Skaven army...without skaven relics, command traits, battalions or spells that aren't locked into unit rules. Guess everyone else needed a leg up to make the game more fair for them so we'll have to wait to get those tasty tasty extras. That's enough about the things we don't have though, what do we have? Battle Trait Just a single rule here, but not a bad one. Friendly CHAOS models in 12" of your general or in 3" of a friendly HERO can get +1 to hit if you roll a 6+ on a die when you pick that unit to fight. It's nothing game breaking, just a nice bonus that most people (us included) will forget about. Consider having a reminder somewhere on the table so you remember to roll for it now any then. Command Traits For when you don't want to make a special character your general you have options! Dark Avenger: Basically only consider this if your general is intended to be stabbing things in the back while playing against ORDER armies since this doesn't work for anything else. Spiteful Duelist: A way to save a command point on re-rolling wounds, this still encourages you to be throwing your general into the fray, so keep that in mind if you're running more support based generals. Cunning Deceiver: The best choice for a support general (who benefits from hiding from enemy models for best effect and most appropiate lorewise) as our army definitely CP hungry as a means to assist with our notorious low bravery scores (and lack for a GA: Skaven army to get the same bravery buff you see in a couple of our clan specific army options). You will need to roll a 5+ to get the CP, but that means on average 1-2 CP on average every game and that never hurts to have! Lord of War: Another support general option, but more likely to be seen on a Warlord due to the desire to be within 3" of a unit that's in combat. At least it works until your next hero phase so even if your general dies (now how'd you go and do that instead of sacrificing the unit instead?) first. Terryfing Presence: Frankly not a fan. Basically bravery bombs only really work if you can go all in and then stack mortal wounds on top of the debuff. Basically it's not something we do well so I don't plan on using this for basically anything. Malicious Conqueror: Buffing the Unbridled Malice dice rolls so they go off on a 5+ if you're within 12" of your general? Sign me up! Seriously, if you're looking to buff your combat options in a wider range this is better than Lord of War since it works on your general and everyone else who is in 12" of you. Basically if you're not trying to get extra CP, then take this since it means you'll get extra attacks more often. Artefacts of Chaos This is a strangely empty section with only the Crown of Conquest existing. I mean, I'd like more options but strangely there is only that one. Thankfully it's a dang good options that basically every army should consider. May our eventual battletome keeps something as handy in it. Maybe with a range of 13" and some kind of name that gives homage to the Great Horned Rat.... Like a crown of horns or something. Heroes Every swarm needs a leader, and these guys are our options. I'm lumping all the available options together in the order they're found in the Chaos book for simplicity (and it scratches an itch of mine to make referencing this sort of thing easier). Grey Seer: Once a beast of a wizard now just a wizard who is a beast. For a hundred points he brings you 5 wounds, a chance of getting to re-roll your casting attempts (no rerolling your unbinding attempts though) which will help him get off his single spell be it a realm spell, an Endless spell or one of the ones he knows normally. Vermintide is a nice horde muncher with a 1 in 6 chance of doing a mortal wound to every model in the target unit. His command ability has nice range and can keep around half of the Skaven from running away, but it costs CP so consider free, always on options like the Crown of Command first. Thanquol and Boneripper: Priced just cheap enough to ally into a 2k list, this single based duo is a beastly option to bring to the table with 13 wounds and a decent 4+ save. He also heals a single wound every turn which is never a bad thing, but don't count on it to win you games on its own. Warpfire projectors are nice with their ability to do 2d6 mortal wounds but their limited range of 8" means that if you're using it then you're likely looking at combat if you don't screen him properly to protect him from charges. Screening is important though since he's not a MONSTER meaning he benefits from Look Out Sir! as well. I'd consider the Braizers instead of the projectors if they could at least do Mortal Wounds on 6s but since they can't, I'd say to take the projectors since they can fire into combat while your screening unit fights something else. His spell is less good at hitting hordes, but with a consistent 1d3 mortal wounds it's good for hitting enemy heroes right in the face. His command ability does allow for a 6+ save after a save though, which is good for just about anything you can buff with it, especially if it's a big unit as that roll gets a +1 if the unit has 13 or more models. Basically stick him in a unit and keep them alive while he shoots into combat and you'll do well. Lord Skreech Verminking: The price of only 3 Grey Seers means this big boy is surprisingly cheaper than Thanquol so that's a neat surprise. With a neat gimmick of swapping clan abilities every turn to make him have a lot of flexibility on the table. He's always the only source of our classic Dreaded Thirteenth spell which still turns our enemy into Clanrats. His command ability is rather short ranged and only buffs combat which isn't as useful for dealing with our glass cannon style army. It's not bad but we lack more in durability than we do stabbing people in the face back. Screaming Bell: A classic is back! Okay, so it never left, but it's an iconic option that only runs the price of 2 Grey Seers and while the large base looks like a good way to run the Crown of Conquest, but against shooty armies he'll probably die turn 1 to cut off our protection against battleshock, even if you take advantage his ability to benefit from Look Out Sir!. The Peals are always good, as is surrounding him with a horde of rats. His spell only really works well against slower units since it's 2d6 minus the target's movement characteristic in mortal wounds. His command ability is pretty darn good though as it just requires SKAVEN units to have line of sight to get a buff to their bravery and movement by 1". Take him for his peals and his buff ability, take someone else for the crown to spread your targets around, or just run multiple bells just to bring a carol of bells to the table that can give you (potentially, if you roll a 12 on the peals) free Verminlords and spread out your targets. Verminlord Warpseer: Sixty points more than the Screaming Bell but forty less than Skreech. Comes standard with re-rollable saves unless you chuck his Scry-Orb (13" range, once per game) to do d6 mortal wounds (if the target has movement of 5 or less it just does 6). His personal spell is Howling Warpgale which gives you the ability to hit an enemy unit within 26" for d3 mortal wounds (3 mortal wounds instead if they have FLY so the bedsheets can fold faster to them) and then muck with their movement by preventing their ability to run or fly and halving their charge ranges. Oh, and the icing on top? He trades a command point for a unit of 3d6 Giant Rats. Need a charge screen, or something to go cap an objective for points? This guy has your back. Verminlord Warbringer: The first of the Clan Verminus heroes, he's the most choppy of the Verminlord with his two melee weapons (three if you count his tails), re-rolls to hits when he charges, he also brings the Death Frenzy spell (which only works on VERMINUS units) allowing dead models to pile in and fight when they die. The best news that under Grand Alliance: Chaos the only battleline unit you have access to is the Clanrat who has the VERMINUS, and is the most likely to be stuck in combat as you'll be bravely sacrificing them to screen the rest of your army. Solid synergy for the Grand Alliance but not the top of my list for Verminlord choices. Skaven Warlord: Costing the same as a Grey Seer, he swaps spell casting for other a combat ability. Strike and Scurry Away allows him a 50% chance of running away after he attacks giving him the ability to move as it is the movement phase. A nice way to get some extra movement by tagging a unit via the charge phase and then running away past them to cap an objective behind them. Warpforged Blade bites harder than than the Halberd, but the Halberd allows him to hit from behind a screen of other models (which is the best way to fight with him), and the Barbed Blades come in a pair that reroll failed hits of 1. All of these weapons allow you to take a shield which buffs you to a 3+ against 1 damage weapons. Gnaw Your Bones is the name of his command trait, and with it he can give extra attacks to VERMINUS units which allows for some nice buffing for Clan Rats (which you need anyways so always a valid choice) but applies to other VERMINUS units like Stormvermin. Arch-Warlock: Forty points over the cost of a Warlord or a Grey Seer you get a wizard with an auto- hitting shooting attack with an 8" range and does d3 mortal wounds. Unlike the Grey Seer though he comes with a good armour save, and even casts two spells a turn instead of one (also his spell can kill-smite up to three units for d3 mortal wounds). He also comes with a a halberd and piston claw to give him the same number of attacks as a Warlord, though one hits slightly orse but mashes for 3 damage. Basically he's a blend of the Grey Seer and the Warlord but his only fault is a lack of a command ability. Not a bad choice to stick the Crown of Conquest on as he's not a high priority target due to his lack of command ability to toss about, is pretty durable, and can toss around mortal wounds on anything that gets too close. Potentially good for sticking a command trait onto by making him the General since he doesn't have to give up his normal role and allows you to spread things around so you don't put too many eggs in one basket. If running the Crown of Conquest on him while also making him the General my opinion is to go with the Malicious Conqueror since both auras overlap and he'll potentially give out more attacks to units in range on a 5+. Otherwise run Cunning Deceiver since that means more command abilities to throw around for the rest of your army. Warlock Engineer: A varient spell caster with a gun who runs of the same price of as a Grey Seer and a magic spell that tosses out D3 mortal wounds on a 5+ to cast, but if you supercharge it (and manage to cast it) that jumps to d6 mortal wounds while failing to cast zaps the Warlock Engineer instead. A nice choice, but not high on my list for a Grand Alliance army. He definitely shines more in a Skyre army over his roll in a Grand Alliance one. Especially since he also doesn't have a command ability of his own. Packmaster: The lone MOULDER hero, he serves to buff MOULDER units (namely the Giant Rats, Rat Swarms, Rat Ogors,and the Hell Pit Abomination units) by giving them an additional +1" to run/charge and to-hit in the combat phase and double the bravery of those units. Basically if you take any of those units, look at taking at least one of these guys to support that unit. If you're summoning Giant Rats as well it can still be worth it to take one, but since his buffs are keyword specific based, leave him at home if you're not running any MOULDER units. Skaven Assassin: Another hundred point hero with no command ability, instead he brings the ability to be deployed off the table to pop out of any SKAVEN unit that has at least 5 models. And, no, he doesn't have to be deployed outside of the enemy but he does have to be within 1" of the unit he's from. Make sure he pops out by the last combat phase (your's or your opponent's) on turn 3 so he doesn't die. Taking the claws will allow you to re-roll 1s to hit, but taking the blades will let you re-roll all hits against HERO models. Basically always take the throwing stars as they don't replace either of the other two weapons and allow you a pair of shooting attacks for free. Verminlord Deceiver: AKA the great big ninja rat. Three Grey Seers worth of points for a big rat that is harder to shoot, comes with a decent shooting attack and a good support ability for ESHIN models, his greatest contribution is access to Skitterleap, which allows him, or another SKAVEN HERO to teleport anywhere more than 6" from enemy models at the cost of regular movement for the teleported model in their next movement phase. Great for capping objectives or escaping combat or setting up some clever ambushing. I wouldn't use it to kick any hero forward at the enemy without a good plan, but you could throw something at the enemy if you can put that to good use. Verminlord Corruptor: 220 points of poxy goodness gives us the first hero from the Pastilens book.With built in re-rolls to hit, a chance to give a mortal wound to anything that he wounds without killing and a command ability that hands out extra attacks to himself or another SKAVEN unit within 18" he definitely feels like the most choppy of the Verminlords. His spell, Plague, allows you to potentially sweep through castled up units, and the risk of that happening could cause opponents to break their castles apart just to limit how much damage you might be able to do. Plague Furnance: First thing is first: if you're taking this you need to take some NURGLE units to push it as using other units will result in them eating mortal wounds every turn. Since we're talking Skaven, that means bring Plague Monks or Plague Censer Bearers. That said, the furnance brings us a way to buff the bravery for PESTILENS units within 5" of the furnance (basically the units pushing it are buffed by it), it can drop its censer on a point within 3" to potentially do mortal wounds on enemy units (or your own), and the priest on the furnance can pray. On a 3+ you can make a PESTILENS unit have its casualties pile in and fight in the combat phase, or re-roll failed wound rolls with both prayers lasting until the start of your next hero phase. Another clan unit that feels like it works better in a PESTILENS detachment over a Grand Alliance army. Plague Priest: There are two versions of this guy, one with a bok and censer and the other with a staff. Both are the cheapest heroes you can bring at a pus-filled 80 points. Taking a staff carrying version lets you cause wizards (excluding NURGLE WIZARDS) within 6" to suffer -1 to their casting arolls, while the censer carrying one uses his book to re-roll wounds against an enemy unit until your next hero phase once per game. Both get access to the same prayers to either do mortal wounds while the other adds 1 to all your wound rolls against a unit in 13". Neither is bad, but I feel like the censer one is a bit better (and should have gotten the Plague-filled Censer rule the staff one has since he also has a censer which could have allowed him to run 100 points and generally worked well) since a turn of re-rolling wounds isn't really a bad thing, especially since other heroes can buff attacks, but not as many buff wound rolls. Warpgnaw Verminlord: One of two Forge World heroes, and the easier one to convert since he is a Verminlord. He doesn't have his points on his warscroll or in the Chaos book so I can't toss that in, but he is still the most popular of the Verminlords thanks to his protection against wounds/mortal wounds, ability to bring himself and another friendly SKAVEN unit into a gnawhole allowing them to pop out outside of 9" of enemy units (the unit that comes with the Verminlord has to be wholly within 6" of the Verminlord). He can also slay a model with his spell by rolling equal to or greater than the target's wounds. So yeah, he has a 1/6 chance of killing Morathi which is hilarious in its own right. Basically an all round good choice with decent melee as well (his glaive starts at 5 damage with four attacks meaning he can kill up to 20 models a turn in melee if given the chance). Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror: The second of the FW heroes and basically a VERMINUS hero who has some healing, gives +1 bravery to VERMINUS models in 13" of him, and currently doesn't prevent you from stacking his command ability on the same unit multiple times to give as many extra attacks to a unit as you have command points. I'd play him like a regular Warlord in that regard though just to avoid the potential future nerf. Basically pretty solid, though he loses the Halberd in this version so no dreams of Skaven calvary to realize here. Also arguable a lost chance to have a hero that could work for Mouldar as well due to the mount, but it seems at the time of the warscroll's writing the intent was to put certain heroes into certain clans regardless of utility in other clans. FINAL THOUGHTS ON SKAVEN HEROES AND THEIR OPTIONS: Save for heroes who key into the VERMINUS keyword (due to Clanrats being the only battleline option) clan heroes who center around supporting specific clans aren't that strong in a Grand Alliance set up unless you're running them to support those elements. That said, we do have a lot of good options and the two schools of thought I see being the best for a Grand Alliance army is to either take a couple of big heroes (Thanquol, the Screaming Bell, any of the Verminlords) and a cheaper support hero (like a Warlord or an Arch-warlock) to be either your general, your Crown caddy or both. The other option is to go ham on the cheaper heroes and run multiple cheap heroes and spreading them around as much as possible with the crown and your general being seperate models and neither of those being wizards just to ensure your opponent can't cripple your army too easilly with a single shooting phase. Generally though I'd never recommend just running a single big model, especially if you play in an area that loves to favor shooting, with 2-3 being more reasonable based on points. Don't get too caught up in cramming points into the hero section though as we have a lot of other toys worth looking at as well, and upwards to 360 points minimum needed to be set aside for Clanrats, but more on them later. I know I missed the Silver Tower hero, but it's one of the ones I don't have the rules for so I had to leave it out at the time of writing. Sorry. I'm looking forward to hearing the input of others one the state of Skaven Heroes in a mixed list and if here is anything I overlooked or forgot in this. Coming soon(?): everything else Skaven.
  9. I think @scrubyandwells touches on a good point there: different game types should approach those extra things differently. The rules are clearly just a tool box, but if all you do is grab a hammer out of it then everything is going to look like a nail in response...
  10. No, but bringing back an updated Tomb King army to give Death a shooting focused sub-faction would be good.
  11. I don't think the "from the realms" thing is completely to blame. There are people who aren't min maxing their realms (I'm mucking around with Shyish Skaven based on the old Clan Mordkin thing of wearing bones and skulls for example) so the tools are there for building thematic stuff, you just have to separate yourself from the urge to min max everything. That said, I feel like we'd probably see more thematic stuff if there was more about what different factions from the various realms look like. The more resources we have like that the more people can get inspired by the lore and less by the rules.
  12. I keep checking as well. If there were more active AoS podcasts I might not be so rampant in my refreshing but alas it's like a number of them dried up when AoS 2.0 launched.
  13. I'm not going to dredge up the whole "way we should determine cost" discussion again, but rather toss out a small thought of mine regarding value: players, at least the really good ones, will try and maximize every ability they have available to them from a given unit. Generally speaking this means that when you look at value it's fairly safe to look at it in the most optimal sense due to the way we naturally approach the game. It's actually the thing that turned me off of Namarti heavy Deepkin as an army concept: due to the entire army being built with small "wholey within" aura bubbles it hurt the value of the Namarti units because it was too hard to properly maximize their strengths. That said, I feel like cost and value should basically stay separate concepts, but that might be the fact I've gone through economics and bookkeeping courses before speaking.
  14. To quote the Painty Men: "Don't be a ****** and paint your ******!" It truly is the timeless wisdom of our generation.
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