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  1. Squig Hoppers are an even more recent example. My general hope is thst the kit will be able to function as at least two different artillery units, if not three or four. Let the players figure out how to use the extra bits, just give us a lot of options in the box.
  2. Considering the updates they've given us to older models, an updated Doom Diver would probably be the kit of the year.
  3. Could have been an issue with the molds then. If the mold gets too worm they retire them after all.
  4. So all the stuff that failed to make it into plastic. Gotcha. Hopefully it'll see a return in the next update since this one was Squig and Troggoth focused and they only have so much budget for models in each book release.
  5. @PlasticCraic Was there anything in Gitmbob that isn't in Moonclan in terms of models?
  6. @PlasticCraic remind me what armies after Brets and Tomb Kings that got the boot? I'm not sure what advice other than patience ome can really give. Do you want us to tell people to go play something else instead? AoS 2.0 was the jumping off point into a stronger effort to actually get things on the table in ways that make them playable outside of the Grand Alliance lists and microfaction format. This shift means they basically reset the clock on how long you'll be waiting for a real update (still waiting on a Free Peoples book myself). We have word the goal is to have everyone done by the end of 2020 with it looking like more will be coming soon.
  7. Episode 2 they both talk about how they left Malifaux due to the "gotcha" moments the rules create. I think people need to listen to the Stormcast podcast and hear how the designers approach the game. Plenty of interesting insight into the process there.
  8. Slaves to Darkness don't have a Battletome and you're complaining they don't stand on par with Battletome armies? Are you trolling? We saw a shift in design from AoS 1.0 to 2.0. Some things that may have been started could have gone back for massive fireworks or left on the side as the army lacks the model support needed to finish updating it (Endless Spells and a terrain peice for everyone seems standard these days after all). Just because they didn't rewrite a sttuggling army from the ground up in this GHB doesn't mean they don't know what they're doing. You're assuming the worst of other people with no evidence of your claims. Chill out, have a cup of tea and ease off the attitude. Just because we don't agree with you doesn't mean we forgive what GW does to armies. I'm pretty salty about Allherd and Gor (much less the points changes to Gor that didn't take enough off the top end) but accusing GW of incompetence and lashing out because I didn't get what -I- wanted is a bridge too far.
  9. From what I've seen from the internet, GW is more competent at writing this game than the average player is. There are a few possibilities for the reason for no update that don't start throwing mud on the rules team: waiting for models to expand the army, waiting for playtesting to nail the right feel for the army, waiting for enough space in the release cycle to fit things in. Or they are waiting on stuff stuck in China (which I assume is the issue with Warcry right now).
  10. So I felt like I should share my thoughts as a rattlecan zenithal enthusiast: So Mechanicus Standard Grey is the darkest color seems to be you can put it over and still get the intended effect. So use that instead of black, swap in Grey Seer as your mid tone and use Wraithbone or Corax White as the final bright (I used Corax White on my test models). To compensate for heavier nature of the other primers I then varnished the models with Munitoroum Varnish. In short it worked perfectly. I'll likely be a bit more proactive with the prep work following the varnish to get details to pop a bit more (wash and drybrush of Pallud Wych Flesh), but this opens some more options on priming models for those of use using rattlecans.
  11. While not Orcs proper these two lads where done using a zenithal prime of mechanicus standard grey, Grey Seer and Corax White followed by munitorium varnish before giving the a coat of Ork Flesh.
  12. My prediction is that we'll be seeing the rolled with Everchosen into one book and from there the army will see the love it needs to at least be playable again.
  13. STD is in a place where points alone can't fix their issues. They need a proper book with updated rules.
  14. The problem I have is if someone is passionate about an army outright telling them to not start said army can equally backfire. My advice is to never tell the person no, but instead try to explain the strengths and weaknesses of the faction they like. If that ends up helping them find a new army, them they made the choices themselves instead of feeling forced to do so. Heck, I've had people try to tell me "no" over the Bonesplitterz only for me to point out that I'm building both a 40k and a AoS army with the same models (conversions inbound for the stuff I can't run "count as" on). Basically all my building for a legal Bonesplitterz force is to let me get more put of my hobby dollar, but if I listened to people telling me "no" then the cool Feral Ork army I've wanted for years (basically since I saw my first Savage Orc, followed by reading Imperial Glory which reinforced how cool Feral Orks are). And losing thay kind of project can really kill someone's motivation. I won't pretend we don't have bad armies in the game right now, but the choice on if someone wants to collect them or not should be on the collector, all we can do is help them make an informed choice.
  15. It's not seen at top tables but something is losing games in a game meta that largely lacks meaningful shooting.
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