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  1. You are correct, the game is very new and has a lot of potential to grow. The biggest issue with GW games outside of proper AoS and proper 40K is staying power. I think the real question should be, is GW going to add enough depth and stabilize the rules a little more before people get tired of it and abandon it? If GW releases some additional rules/depth out within the next month or so, it has a chance to stay around. If they wait to see how well it sells before they start to care about it, it'll be too late... people will already have moved on. Just my $0.02 based on my local meta SG
  2. Considering that AoS really doesn’t have a current functioning Skirmish game, if AoS gamers want a Skirmish game, it’ll take off. Yes, AoS Skirmish exists as well as Underworlds. But neither offer gameplay and/or decent balance like Warcry might (and hopefully will). Plus, you can use all your own models in Warcry if you want to play Order, Destruction, or Death. That’s a big positive for me. I’m really hoping that they allow other Chaos armies to be played in the near future. While Chaos is represented by the Warcry warbands, I can’t think of any reason (narrative or gameplay) why current chaos factions couldn’t be included as well. SG
  3. There are some reviewers out there that have the game from GW for review/hype purposes. All of the stores should have a demo copy set up and ready to play. But, at least here in the US, the game doesn't actually come out until 8/3 (this Saturday). I have a feeling we'll know a lot more about the game in about 10 to 20 days or so when many people have had time to paint up a Warband of their choice as well as the Terrain. And, after that, had plenty of time to play the game (Matched, Open, and Narrative play). While there will be some on this forum that will be able to answer your question now, I have a feeling that it'll be a while yet before you get several true gamers' thoughts on the game. SG EDIT: Necromunda is the same way at my local GW. There seems to literally be no interest in it at all. They have the core game at the store, but they have ZERO of the additional gangs. My FLGS down the road a bit has the core game and all of the additional gangs.
  4. From what I can tell, it's essentially an AoS version of Necromunda 2017 with the ability to use many more models from outside the Warbands that are made for use with the game. A lot of people seem to be comparing it to Kill Team, but I'm honestly not seeing the similarities unless it's in game length. SG
  5. Awesome!! Thanks! SG
  6. Very good topic! Would love to see a dedicated Warcry forum. SG
  7. Does it stay within the lore to have Clanrats in a unit with different colored fur, robes, and armor? Or are they all very similar to each other for each army? Thanks SG
  8. I've been considering this idea for a while. Spire of Dawn (speaking of Skaven specifically) came with both Square and Round bases. I'm not sure which ones to use. If I want to play T9A, I have a feeling that Square is the only way to go. But, on the plus side, with the new Armageddon coming out soon, GW is releasing brand new round movement trays for 25mm, 32mm, and 40mm bases. SG
  9. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me get to a good, solid 1000 points of Skaven. I'm not looking for a 1000 point tournament or TAC list. I'm just looking for a list that will definitely hold its own, but it won't be one of those that no one at my GW or FLGS wants to play against because it's very difficult to beat. Here is what I currently have (all from Spire of Dawn and Silver Tower): HQ 1 Skaven Warlord/Clawlord 2 Deathrunners (no longer exists since Battletome Vermintide - maybe be used as Deathmaster instead) 1 Warlock Engineer Battleline 2 units of 20 Clanrats Other Units 2 Rat Ogors 1 Packmaster (only exists in units of 3 since Battletome Vermintide) 1 Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team (no longer exists since Battletome Vermintide) 1 Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team I don't mind getting new models as needed. My guess is that I'm going to need at least 40 more clanrats even for a 1000 point army. Would it be worth investing in a Verminlord? If so, which would be best for the units I have above? While I think they were meant to be run as Clan Moulder for Spire of Dawn, I'm painting mine as Clan Skryre. Thanks in advance! SG
  10. Here's the thing, I see it possible to do 2K in an hour if you know your army well as knowing the scenario and placement well. And, I don't have any problems with a full day of playing as long as there are breaks. I don't currently have the option (no table, no specific area) to have friends over... nor do I know many people who play Warhammer that I would like to invite into my house. Please don't get me wrong, I don't mind playing against them at my local GW or FLGS but not my house with my wife and stepson around. If I had a chance to break to get something to eat, something to snack on, bathroom breaks, just chill and clear my mind breaks every 60 to 90 minutes or so, I think I'd honestly enjoy a full day of gaming... even if it was just one game. But, while my local GW doesn't mind food or drink in the store at all, it's not really easy to get to, the hobbyists get access to the chairs first (as they should), and there's really no easy way to take a break as either your opponent may not want to break the flow of the game or others may be waiting to use the table. SG
  11. Thank you. It's actually kinda sad, but I don't know all of the AoS abbreviations. SG
  12. I enjoy the game, but overall, in really any board game, war game, card game, etc., I start to lose interest after about 90 minutes. I know in 40K, 2000 point games can take anywhere from 2 hours 30 minutes to up to 4 hours easily. Is AoS similar? Seems like it would take longer because of the way the AoS is played (it's not strictly "You go, I go"). If it does take a very long time to play, do you have any ideas on how to keep a game down to about 90 minutes? Am I'm going to most likely going to need to stay at 1000 point mark or below? Limit turns? Thanks in advance! SG
  13. Considering expanding my Kharadron force. This is what I currently have. It used to add up to 1000 points until, I believe, GHB18. Now, it's at 900. First of all, what's your recommendation to get to 1000 points. Secondly, what would your recommendation(s) be to get to 2000 points? Arkanaut Admiral Endrinmaster 2 x 10 Arkanaut Company 1 x Arkanaut Ironclad Thanks in advance! SG
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